Memoranda for Submission to the Chief Ministers of the Two Telugu States.


Appeal to TDP rank and file; leaders; office holders and independent intellectuals wishing well of Andhra Pradesh


Dt:   26/5/20




Appeal to TDP rank and file; leaders; office holders and

 independent intellectuals wishing well of Andhra Pradesh


Dr  T H Chowdary*


·         In AP the present government is recklessly behaving, so reckless as to care little to high courts even.

·         The spending spree, the Navaratna personalized give-aways - kanukalu, deevenalu would soon bankrupt the state.

·         Government is partisan-brazenly, stridently, anti-certain religion, patronizing another and destroying another by exploiting its last support-Hindu temples, their wealth and income.

·         There is massive corruption by way of cuts in payments to contractors, suppliers, recipients of fee reimbursements, deevenalu, kanukalu etc.

·         An army of about Five lakhs party supporters  are deployed in villages as ward sevaks and panchayat secretariat officials.

·         The 34-year rule of CPM and the current rule of the regional proprieterized party in West Bengal are being out-done in AP.

·         Educational and culture are being stripped of nationalist, ethical, patriotic, and value and standard contents.


2.  All the above evils had their origins in the small but significant measure during the rule of Sri Chandrababu Naidu in the period 2014-19, especially after and since his breakup with BJP 2017-18.This moral slide is due to the supreme leaders proprietarisation after TDP, steps taken for inheritance by the son and glorification of his self by naming welfare schemes and give-aways i.e, kanukalu, pasupu kumkalu after himself  i.e Chandranna’s, although the money is not  from his personal wealth, but from taxes and debt sources of government. His successor is just out-doing him in this regard.


3.Sri Naidu made himself the National President  of the TDP and made his son the National Secretary. The mentality and intension behind this is  defiant deviation and disbandment of the ideology that prompted NTR to descend as an avatara into the political arena of Telugu land. TDP was founded

i) demolish the hereditary rule of the Nehru family which captured the Indian National  Congress and proprietised it and

ii) to help the garibs to quit poverty, gradually by self-endeavor, assisted by government and not making them beggars requesting for kanukalu from government, living in painless poverty, by government becoming their life support thro’ festival and marriage gifts, Seemantham celebrations by government, state- funded caste-wise welfare corporations, government -funding  of construction of churches ( grant increased from Rs. 3 lakhs to Rs. 5 lakhs);  Haj Houses ( Rs. 80cr in Vijayawada), Urdu Ghars,  Shadi Khanas, pilgrimages to Jerusalem ( increased from Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 50,000 & before 2019 elections to Rs. 75,000), salaries to Imams, Muezzins, grant(Rs. 10cr)  to Tablighi Jamat conference (Kurnool December 2018) .. and totally ignoring Hindus, lording over their temples but not over churches and mosques and stopping TTDs activities for preservation and promotion of Hindu Dharma with its own funds - Hindu devotees’ kaanukalu to their temples ( annual Dharmacharya Sadassus, Divya Darshan, Dharma Prabhodhaks in every Mandal, Ramalayas in Harijan and Girijan & Fisherman bastis etc).


 The president of the TDP tried to cultivate minority vote banks by alienating Hindus.  This is unlike NTR .


4. AP is getting destroyed  because of the  rivalry between Chandra Babu Naidu  and  Jagan Mohan Reddy  .  They are using the state’s resources    to promote divisive  interests based upon religion and caste. Some castes  are getting very badly hit.

The TDP should  retire  off its leader who has converted  the party as his personal property, and   is exerting to pass on the proprietorship to his progeny.  The TDP ranks and file should  request the present proprietor  to retire  and  make the TDP a truly people  -oriented  party as envisaged by its  founder  the  late great N T Rama Rao.  


5. If  the present proprietor does not voluntarily retire, then the  inevitable, should not be shunned. The party may be split and the majority  may rename the TDP as  TDP Progressive or TDP  (Nationalist)  or All  India TDP ( just like All India Anna DMK ) . A  young capable person like  Sri Ram Mohan Naidu, MP may be  chosen as its President and  a broad based  Executive Committee  and an intellectual  think tank as the Politburo maybe constituted . The new party TDP minus the present proprietor  should not engage  in any duels with the Union government but  act wisely,  representing the true interest of the population of AP.   It should not  try to  create  caste or religious vote banks by  distribution of states’ money  raised through taxes and  debt   as kanukalu  named after any  person.  It should tell the  BJP led  NDA government  at the Union level that it is not  the enemy  of  BJP but its  rival  trying to do good to the people of  AP.


  The new TDP should become very active  in addressing  the calamity that the present government  is inflicting  upon the state  through communalism, casteism and unwise and motivated misapplication of governments’ money in order to  promote personal and sectarian  interests.


6. Splitting of parties has become common in the political life of our country. The Congers was   split several times. The communist party has been split  into many splinters. The Janata Dal has  also been  split into  several,  like JDU, JDS and SP and so on.  The split may become necessary because those who have taken over the party and made it a family affair, are corrupting the part.


7.   AP can become prosperous  and advance socially,  morally only as   a vibrant,  striving, strong part  of the Union of India   Articles – 3, 352, 356 and 360 of the Constitution  endow the Union , the Republic with sufficient  power to preserve the Union. Let TDP rise to  the Glory of Devamsa  sambhodha , Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao; let no usurper  appropriate his instrument to found a dynasty with  a slogan like “Nara Hamara: TDP Hamara”.



8.  So, in this Mahanadu it behooves all those people sincerely believing it NTR’s  ideals,  to  get out of the clutches of the TDP’s  proprietor and  revitalize the party, through internal democracy  and commitment to the values of the founder of the TDP.