Memoranda for Submission to the Chief Ministers of the Two Telugu States.


BJP and SCs & STs

Dt:  11/6/19

BJP and SCs & STs


Dr T H Chowdary*


Secular, progressive, liberal, modernity writers and  politicians accuse the BJP  that it is Brahminically Hindu and so against the STs and SCs . The fact however is the BJP has been winning more and more seats reserved for them.  Here are the figures . There are  131 reserved seats in the Lok Sabha for SCs 84 and  for STs  47 . The BJP’s  wins have been as follows:















2. In the irrational opposition to the  BJP,  Sri Prakash Ambekdar a grandson of the  great statesman  and patriot Dr B R Ambedkar is embracing  the Islamist  Asaduddin Owesis’s  All India Majlis Ittehadul Muslameen (AIMIM) . Indian communist parties  always club the SCs & STs along with “minorities”  that is,  Muslims as the  exploited and discriminated sections of our population.  During the  centuries  -long rule of Muslims in India,  nothing was done to uplift the SCs & STs by the Muslim rulers.   Muslims attitude to SCs  can be seen as to what it is and what it had been  from the following:


3. Sri Jogendranath Mandal  was leader of the SC Federation which was very strong  in East Bengal in the 1940s.   He struck an alliance with the Muslims League and was a minister in the  in Bengal’s  League cabinet headed by H.S.Suhravardy. After partition, he became the first  Law Minister of  Pakistan . To his horror , he found that Hindus in general  and  the SCs in particular in East Pakistan   were  being  forcibly  converted to Islam and their properties were was being  looted and confiscated and their  women  were being  raped and forcibly  converted and married off to Muslims  as the second to  fourth  wife. He  went on  drawing



the  attention of  Pakistan ’s first Prime Minister, Liaqat Ali Khan  but Liaqat Ali Khan dismissed all his  complaints  as false saying that Islam does not permit forced conversions or  rape of women etc.    Mondal was humiliated  in the cabinet . He fled Pakistan, took refuge in Calcutta and  died there unsung. 


4. Another fact was :  Sri Sriprakasa was India’s first High  Commissioner  to Pakistan  at its birth. He asked Prime Minister Liaqat Ali Khan why the Pakistan government was not allowing the SC Hindus in Pakistan to visit their relatives  in India. Liaqat Ali Khan’s reply was that “they (the SCs) might not come back and then who would clean the streets and latrines of Karachi” (and other  places)!


5. In Hyderabad’s old city there are  seven Muslim majority Assembly Constituencies.  The AIMIM which  always includes the SCs as exploited and discriminated  along with Muslims had never put up an SC Hindu  for election to A.Ps/ TS s Legislative Assembly.  In irrational  hatred of  Hinduism some SC spokesmen and politicians,  often invoking Dr Ambedkar’s name, align themselves with the Islamist Muslims,  conveniently ignoring the  fact  that Dr Ambedkar advised the SCs not to convert to Islam or Christianity but only to an indigenous religion Buddhism.  Our  SC community would be doing a great disservice to themselves  and the country if they align with  the Islamism parties in India.   The most important reason Dr Ambedkar gave for avoiding conversion to Islam or Christianity was his resolve to do any harm to India .  (534 words)