Memoranda for Submission to the Chief Ministers of the Two Telugu States.


AIMIM and Shedule Castes

Dt:  28/5/19


AIMIM  and Shedule Castes


Dr T.H.Chowdary*


Sri Asaduddin Oweisi  is unbeatable  MLA since 1964 and  Member of Parliament since 2009 from the Muslim majority old  city area of  Hyderabad .  Too often  he tweets criticising  Narendra Modi, the BJP , Swami Adityanath, Chief Minister of UP and of late, Ramdev  Baba holding all of them, in substance as   anti-Muslim and divisive . He has also  got  Sri Prakash Ambedkar,  a grandson of  Dr B R Ambedkar into alliance with his All India Majlis Ittehadul Muslameen (AIMIM).  His Muslim party claims to be  secular while  in Islam, as propounded by the holy Koran and expositioned    by many Hadis , secularism is anathema to Muslims ;   there cannot be a Muslim government  which can make laws at variance from sharia. Since the 1940s and even earlier, Muslim Leaguers and their parties  have been wanting  to befriend the SCs among Hindus .  In fact,  in the Nizam -ruled Hyderabad state,  thousands of SC people had been forcibly converted to Islam. That  the Muslims have no respect or consideration for the former “untouchables “ that is, SC Hindus is evident  from the  fact that  despite centuries of  Muslims ruling India in several parts, they did nothing  to uplift  the untouchables /SC /Harijans.  That they had a very poor opinion of them  bordering on contempt is evidenced by the pronouncement of no less a person than Liaqat Ali Khan, the number two leader  of the Muslims League  in India. 


2. After partition and  establishment of  Pakistan,  Liaqat Ali Khan  who hailed from UP migrated to Pakistan and  became its  first  Prime Minister .  The condition of the SC people in Pakistan was miserable.   They were being assaulted for forcible  conversion to Islam , their  women were abducted, raped and married off  to Muslims as the second to  fourth wife.  This situation  faced Dr Ambedkar’s wrath since the Pakistan   government was barring SCs from migrating to India  citing the maintenance of  essential  services in Pakistan as a reason.  Sri Prakasa, the first Indian  High Commissioner to Pakistan noted in his book, “Pakistan : Birth and  Early Days” (Meerut 1965 page 76)   (Ref: as reproduced   on page 476 of the book, “Creating a New Medina” by Sri Venkat Dhulipala) that  when he asked Liaqat why  these  people  were



being barred from going to India  for a month  to see their families , he responded, “who would  clean the streets and  latrines of Karachi if they did not  come back?”  Indeed, even today this is the position . One district  Tharparkar in  Sindh province of  Pakistan was 80% Hindus in 1947.  Today, that proportion is reduced to  52% and almost all of them are  the SC.   Every sort of difficulty  is created in their  effort to  migrate to India.   It is indeed a tragedy that while Punjab and  Bengal were divided on the basis of religion, so that the Hindu majority  districts would not be included in Pakistan, no Indian  political party demanded the partition of Sindh province so that  the Tharparker district with 80% Hindus could have been excluded from Pakistan and integrated with Gujarat /Rajasthan. The Sylhet district which was in Assam and had  Muslim majority had  referendum  in which  the Muslim majority voted  for its separation from Assam and inclusion in East Pakistan, now Bangladesh .  Why did not the Indian leaders ( Lal Krishna  Avdvani, the tall BJP leader is from Sindh and so was Acharya J B Kriplani,  a great Congress leader) demand a referendum in Tharparkr district of Sindh  province just as the Muslims demanded and got the referendum in Sylhet,  the Muslim majority district of  Assam so that it would    go  to Pakistan and not remain in India.


3. Sri Asaduddin Oweisi  and Prakash Ambedkar ought to remember the  fate of  Jogendranth Mondal, a leader of SC people in east Pakistan . He allied his SC Federation with the Muslim League . He was a minister  in the Muslima League’s Suhravardy’s cabinet /ministry in undivided Bengal in 1946 /47.  He was rewarded for his support to the Muslim League and for the  partition of India and creation  of Pakistan, with a cabinet rank  Minister for Law in the newly formed Pakistan state.  He went on representing  to Liaqat  Ali Khan, the  PM  about the fate of  Hindus in general and the SCf in particular in east Pakistan where   these were  subjected to inhuman treatment- looting, forced conversion, rape of women, abduction and marrying  them off  to Muslims . His repeated representations  with facts and figures to Liaqat Ali Khan got one simple answer that Islam does not  permit such things and what Mondal was writing  and saying  was all based on false information. Mondal  was so much humiliated that he fled from Pakistan , took refuge in Kolkata and died unwept, unsung and un-remembered.  (796 words)