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The Nehru Dynasty in the Congress

Dt:  29/5/19


The Nehru Dynasty in the Congress


Dr T H Chowdary*



One of the persistent  phenomenon in India’s politics is how the Nehru Dynasty has been  trying to keep itself in power and prominence by appropriating to itself all the  credit that the Indian National Congress under great patriots like  Balagangadhar Tilak, Aurobindo Ghosh , Subhash Chandra Bose,  Sardar Patel, Madan Mohan Malvya, Annie Besant and Gandhiji created for it during India’s freedom struggle .  First, let us recall what a few great people said about  the Congress itself .


Dr B.R. Ambedkar wrote to Sharada alias Laxmi Kabir who later became his wife, following Gandhiji’s assassination. In that letter, dated 8 February 1948, Dr B R Ambedkar said that Gandhiji should have not met his death at the  hand of a Maharashtrian.  Then he went  on:


"Mr. Gandhi had become a positive danger to his country.  He had choked all the thoughts.  He was holding together the Congress which is a combination of all the bad and self-seeking elements in society who agreed on no social or moral principle governing the life of society except the one of praising and  flattering Mr Gandhi.  Such a body is unfit to govern the country".  And the Bible says that something good comes  out of evil, so also I think that good will come out of the  death of Mr. Gandhi.  He will release  people from bondage to superman, It will make them think for themselves and it will compel them to stand on their own merits.  And to that, he added: “My real enemy has gone, thank goodness, the eclipse is over”

Source: A Reporter At Large ( page 238/239) by M V Kamat


Arabindo Ghosh :   The Congress ! What is it but a  fascist organisation ? Gandhi is the dictator like Stalin ….what Gandhi says they accept and even  the working committee follows him; then it goes to the  All India Congress Committee which adopts it, and then the Congress .  There is no scope for any difference of opinion.  (Source: Sri Arabindo : India’s  Rebirth ( page 213)


Gandhiji himself has ceased to be even a   four anna member of Congress in the late 1920s but the Congress submitted itself  ever more  readily to the  dictates of Gandhiji. After attaining freedom from British rule, Gandhiji advised the Congress to dissolve itself  as a  political party and transform  itself  as  an organisation devoted to  social  service.  He did not want whatever credit the Congress got  while  struggling for  freedom of India, should  belong to it only as the Congress was an umbrella organisation  for all Indians whose primary and overriding interest was not ideologies like socialism or communism or Hinduism but first and foremost, the freedom of   India from the British rule. 



Rajiv Gandhi at the centenary celebrations of the  INC in Bombay  in 1985  said the following:


“Brokers of power  on the backs of the Congress workers ride the brokers of power and influence who dispense patronage to convert a mass movement into a feudal oligarchy… They are  reducing the Congress organisation to a shell from which  the spirit of service and  sacrifice has been  emptied”. The noted civil servant  and gifted writer Sri S S Gill observed , “ .. it is a pity the system prevailed in the end . Rajiv  could not reform the Congress party” (  little did Rajiv foresee or imagine that his wife Sonia would aspire to claim Prime Ministership of India as he himself did after his mother’s death and that Rahul, his son would want to become an MP and Prime Minister and  that Priyanka, the daughter would not give up the  father’s legacy  and be  drafted as the Genera  Secretary of the Congress by her brother Rahul, the President of the  Congress)  .


2. That the Nehrus never were  popularly elected by Congress -men as the President is a fact not well publicised but deliberately hidden . In 1928 when Motilal Nehru  was to step down from the  Presidentship of the Congeries, Sardar Patel’s name was proposed by almost all the  Pradesh  Congress Committees to succeed him.  None proposed Nehru. But Motilal Nehru   pleaded with Mahatma Gandhi that his son Jawaharlal should be made the President. Gandhiji  ordered Patel  to withdraw .  So Jawaharlal was   nominated to the Presidentship but not elected by the  Congress.    Similarly, when the Pradesh Congress Committees   proposed Sardar Patel’s name, he had to withdraw in favour of Nehru at Gandhji’s behest . There was a direct clash between Nehru and  Sardar Patel  as regards the choice of the President of the  National Congress in the year  1950. Jawaharlal  Nehru  put up Acharya J.B. Kriplani , Sardar Patel  put up  Sri Purushottam Das Tandon. Nehru’s nominee was  decisively defeated, establishing that the Congress Party had more faith in Sardar Patel  than in Nehru.  By this time Gandhi was dead . So that he would not foist a Nehru nominee as a Congress president.


3. Jawaharlal  Nehru   got his daughter  Indira Gandhi as  president of Congress during his very life time. Actually,  Nijalingappa was chosen by a  consensus in the  Congress Working Committee.  Pt. Govind Vallabh Pant  told  Jawaharlal  Nehru  that   they were not  proposing Indira  for Presidentship as she was of poor health. Nehru shot back,  “her poor health is because she has not  enough work”. Thereby  he indicated that   his daughter should be made the  president.  And she became the  President  at Nerhu’s will  with the  consent of an obliging  Congress. That was in the  year 1959.


4. After the death of Sanjay Gandhi in June 1980,  Indira Gandhi  inducted her elder son Rajiv Gandhi as the General  Secretary of the  Congress.  When Indira Gandhi was assassinated   in 1984 Rajiv Gandhi simply assumed the Prime Ministership  to the disappointment of the  senior most cabinet minister Pranob Mukherji (Pranob Mukherji later left the  Congress, floated  a  regional party in West Bengal and eventually returned to the Congress when  Rajiv became unassailable) . Rajiv assumed the Prime Ministership and got it endorsed by an obliging congress parliamentary party.  


5. Sonia Gandhi  grabbed the  Presidentship of the Congress by pushing out  Sitaram Kesari in 1998 in a sort of office coup and since then  it is herself and her son  and now even  her

daughter who are in   control of the  Congress. The Congress party has thus lost  its character, namely national and has now become a property  of persons of foreign origin  strategically entered into the Nehru family. No Indian has ever held the  Congress Presidentship  for as long as Sonia .(1998-till -2018).