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The Unending Minority+ Problem in India

Dt: 143/5/19

The Unending Minority+ Problem in India


Dr T H Chowdary * 


1.      The Unintegratable “Minority”:


The great Roman historian Pliny (b. AD 23   d. Aug 25, AD 79 ) observed in that India was “becoming “the sink of the world’s gold” meaning that the country trading with  India   were playing in gold  and India was thus  becoming  the  richest country ( in current economic parlance, India was having a current account surplus and so building up dollar reserves). India’s fabulous riches  invited not mere traders but over time,  looters,  invaders  and finally  the invader- rulers . The invaders before  the  10th century  settled down in India and were absorbed into  and  integrated with the Indian  society and became   indistinguishable in their social life and faith from the  natives.  But   the invaders   professing the  Islamic  faith dealt the most  cruel blow to  this land and   its people and its heritage and its culture and civilisation.  


B.R: Ambedkar: “The Muslim invaders were all united by one common objective and that was to destroy the Hindu faith. Slavery was the fate  of those Hindus captured in the holy war .


“… the invasions were accomplished by the  destruction of temples,  forced  conversion and slaughter . What wonder if   these memories have   ever remained green as the  source of pride to Muslims  and as  source of shame to Hindus.


“Islam is divisive . Islam divides humans into two groups  viz Muslims and non-Muslims. Islam is not universal  brotherhood of man .  It is brotherhood of Muslims for Muslims only, with hatred against non-Muslims.



+ The term, “Minority” is the  politically used and  accepted word for Muslims in India


“Islam is a close corporation and the  distinction  that  it makes  between Muslims and non-Muslims is a very real, very positive and very alienating distinction.


“Muslim invasions  were not undertaken merely out of lust for loot or conquest. There is no doubt that striking  a blow at idolatry and polytheism of Hindus and establishing Islam in India was also one of the aims .


Durant & Ambedkar : Here are some observations of the brightest intellectuals, Will Durant & Ambedkar :  


Will Durant in “The Story of Civilisations:   “ The Mohammedan conquest of India is  probably the bloodiest story in history.  It is a discouraging tale for its evident moral is that civilization is  a precious thing whose delicate complex of order and  liberty, culture and  peace may at any time be overthrown by barbarians invading from without r multiplying within..”


2.      Direct Action:  16 Aug 1946 :


2.1 Ramzan,  the most impressive festival of Muslims is celebrated this year  2019, in April by Muslims.    The “secular”   Hindu politicians  will put up thousands of hoardings  extending greetings to their Muslim brethren, notwithstanding that no Muslim ever puts  up any such hoarding  on the  occasion of   Ramnavami or Durga puja  or  Ganesh puja extending greetings  to their  Hindu neighbours in India .



2.2. Ramzan fell in Aug 1946  when   the Muslim League  led by Md Ali Jinnah   gave a call for Direct Action to realise their demand for the partition of India and  creation of Pakistan  as homeland   for Muslims of the Indian  sub -continent.   They chose 16th  of Aug  1946 and Calcutta city for launching the Direct Action. There was a Muslim League government led by Premier, H S Suhravardy in Bengal.  Direct Action was  against  those  who were opposing  partition of India to create  Pakistan; mainly Hindus   Calcutta city had a  Muslim  Mayor,  Mr. Usman . ( It is noteworthy that Chief Minister Mamata Benerji of West Bengal amended a law to make a Muslim, who is not an elected Corporator, Mayor of the  predominantly Hindu city Kolkota, obviously to court Muslim votes for her Trinamool Congress).  He wanted a million  Muslims to congregate in Calcutta’s   famous maidan and give evidence of their   united strength. The  program reminded the  Muslims of what stuff they were made”.  The pamphlet declared,  “Muslims must remember that it was in Ramzan that the Quran was revealed . It was in Ramzan that the  permission for jihad was granted by Allah.  It was in Ramzan the battle of Badr,  the first open conflict between Islam and  heathenism was fought and won  by 313 Muslims ; and again it was in Ramzan that  10,000 Muslims under the  holy  Prophet conquered Mecca and established the Kingdom of Heaven and the Commonwealth of Islam in Arabia . Muslim League is fortunate that it is starting its action in the  holy month”.(P51: Stern Reckoning by JS. G.D.Khosla)


2.3. And another pamphlet titled  MUNAJAT for the jihad ( to be said at every mosque after the jumma prayer) read…”by the  grace of God  we are  ten crore in India but through bad luck we have become slaves of the Hindustan   and the  British. We are starting a jihad in Your  Name (Allah).  In this very month of Ramzan, we promise before  you that we entirely depend upon you. Pray make us  strong in body and mind, give your  helping hand in all our actions  -  make us victorious over the  kafirs  - enable us to establish the kingdom of Islam in India and make  proper sacrifices for the jihad  - by the grace of God may we build up in India the greatest Islamic  kingdom in the world….may God help us so that  Muslims of the world may be  able to  build up a very  strong  Islamic  kingdom in this world. (P51/52 ibid ibid)


2.4. To cut the narrative short,  -  for the first  two days 16th and 17th of Aug 1946, with the connivance of the Muslim League  government, with the Premier, H.S Suhravarady in the Police Control room,  Hindus’ shops were looted, gutted ; Hindus were  slaughtered, their  women were outraged ….the  streets were  littered with dead bodies .  No  military was called to control  the orgy . From the  third day,  the weight of the  numerical  majority of Hindus started weighing upon the Muslims and it was their turn  to be killed in larger  numbers. The fires of Hindu- Muslim riots  initiated  by the  Muslim League under the  auspices of  its  government in Bengal, Viceroy and Governor General spread  far and wide,  in many areas of north India and especially in East  Bengal  where     Hindus   forming a 30% minority were the  victims and in Bihar Muslims were the victims. This  was  civil war . The Congress was frightened.  Lord Louis Mountbatten came as Viceroy and Governor General in March 1947 as  Vice Roy,  replacing Lord Wavell . He soon understood that the differences between Muslim League and  the  Congress cannot be  bridged. He decided upon partition as demanded by the   Muslim League.  He first got the consent of the  strongest Congress -man Sardar Vallabh Bhai. Patel for the division of India.   Sardar Patel later told K.M. Munshi (founder of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan) why he agreed  for partition.  Sardar Ppatel said : “ the Muslim League is prepared for civil war and already started it on the  16th of Aug by way of  Direct Action in Calcutta.   Congress and Hindus are not prepared; they  will not be  allowed  to take on the   Muslims as long as Gandhiji is the leader of  Congress and  Hindus.  Ignoring him, if we accept the civil war we will suffer great losses in the beginning but will ultimately prevail. This is not acceptable to the Congress.  So I agreed for partition as a lesser evil  so that we can consolidate whatever remains to India, can be built up  into a very strong, united nation and country,” Gandhiji who so far said that the  partition will only be over his dead body,  not only accepted  partition but even  pleaded in the All India  Congress Committee meeting in June 1947 in Delhi against the dissenters lead by Congress socialists  like Ram Manohar Lohia and Jaya Prakash, that Congress must accept the partition though not the two- nation theory !. And the  Congress passed the resolution accepting Mountbatten’s plan  for division of India,  creation of  Pakistan   while pompously rejecting the two- nation theory that is, Hindus and Muslims constitute  two distinct warring nations in the Indian sub –continents  as propounded by  Md. Ali Jinnah and  the Muslim League. While  Congress had the   war cry, “quit India” , Muslim League’s war cry was  divide and quit”. The Muslims won; Congress lost; India was divided and  Pakistan  was created on the 14 of Aug and India   became free only thereafter, on the  15 of  Aug 1947. The Congress and  Mahatma  Gandhi had to eat their  words, while  Md Ali Jinnah and the Muslim League  celebrated their  victory.


3. Exchange of Minorities:


3.1. The communal carnage that was initiated on the  16 of Aug 1946 by the  Muslim’s League’s  Direct Action in Calcutta was followed by mutual slaughter of  Muslims and Hindus in other  areas.  As the  number of Muslim victims  in India was increasing and since Muslims are  in all the provinces of Hindu majority India and in the  princely states, when Pakistan  comes into being, what would be the  fate of these? Over 90% of Muslims as a separate Muslim electorate  in Hindu -majority Indian provinces voted  for the  Muslim League, demanding the partition of India and the creation of the Islamic state of  Pakistan,  in the general elections in 1946 to the Provincial Legislatures and the Central  Assembly.  The Muslim Leaders were  of course  determined to get rid of all non-Muslims  from what would be Pakistan .   What would be the  fate of  crores of Muslims scattered all over  in what would  be the Hindu majority India? As a separatist minority nation in Hindustan, Muslims feared for their life and property and honor.     


3.2. Earlier, Dr Ambedkar studied this problem and in his  seminal work, “ India  Divided or Pakistan” published  soon after the 1940 March, Pakistan  resolution passed by the  Muslim League at its  Lahore  session, conclusively established that  the final, final and lasting solution for the Muslim problem in the Indian subcontinent is  a very clean, total,  planned, peaceful  exchange of the minority populations; that is, all Muslims  in Hindustan (he called the Hindu majority   land as Hindustan,  just as the Muslim League always  called it)   should be  sent to Pakistan and all non -Muslims in the two wings of  Pakistan  should be brought to Hindustan. This  clean, organized, peaceful exchange  of minority populations, he said has a precedent in that  on the  dissolution of the  Ottoman Turkish  Empire at the conclusion of the  First  World War in 1919, Muslim & Christian minorities were exchanged between  Turkey and  it  Christian  possessions in Europe ( Albania, Macedonia,  Bulgaria & Romania mainly) . The  Muslim League leaders in India  without reference to Dr Ambedkar’s advocacy  independently pleaded  publicly  and demanded exchange of minority populations. 


3.3 The events ( slaughter of Muslims)  in Bihar compelled many Muslims to leave the province and  seek shelter in  Muslim majority Sindh and nearby East Bengal. The League leaders took up the  idea of exchange of minority populations and put it forward in all seriousness and with all the  vehemence at their command. They became more and more uncompromising on this issue and answered all criticisms by uttering  scarcely  veiled threats and  predicted a horrible doom of those who disagree with them(  for exchange of  minority populations) . On Nov 25,1946 Md Ali Jinnah addressing a press conference  at Karachi expressed the opinion that the authorities, both central and  provincial should take  immediately the question of exchange of populations. Many a Hindu and Sikh leaders, besides the Congers characterized  Jinnah’s proposal as absurd and one which can never be materialized. The Muslim League leaders on the  other hand expressed their  wholehearted approval of  this scheme   Khan Iftikhar Hussain Khan of  Mamdot declared , with great enthusiasm that “population exchange will wipe out the  most important argument against Pakistan which has been persistently fired from the  Congress armory”. He asserted, “the exchange of  (minority) populations offered a most practical solution of the  multifarious problems of Muslims. We are not going to ask Sardar Patel or Dr Khare  (Hindu Maha Sabha) but will get it by our own inherent  strength.  Peer Ilahi Bux, the Sindh leader said he welcomed an exchange of population for the  safety of minorities, as such an exchange would put an end to all communal disturbances. Sir Evan Jenkins, the Governor of the  Punjab observed that by advocating an exchange of population, the Muslim League was thinking of  forcibly driving away the  Hindus from the  Punjab .   Sir Feroze Khan  Noon, a prominent Muslim League leader  had already threatened to  reenact the murderous orgies of Changez Khan and Halaqu Khan if the non-Muslims took up a refractory attitude  ie, opposition to exchange of population.


3.4. Neither Dr B.R Ambedkar’s reasoned proposition for peaceful  exchange of minority populations  before partition nor the threat of Muslim League leaders that the exchange of minority population alone  can guarantee the  safety of minorities was heeded . The Congress and Gandhi with his  irrational and illusory belief in Hindu-Muslim unity and Nehru especially, stubbornly stuck to the “secular principle” that  division  ( on the basis of religion) is acceptable but the two- nation theory is not acceptable. Therefore, the Muslims in the  Hindu majority provinces of India who voted for the  division of India  but are in India  were encouraged not to go to  Pakistan. In fact, after partition, Jawaharlal Nehru,  the Prime Minister instructed India’s High Commissioner Sri Prakasa in Karachi (Pakistan)  to plead  with the  Muslims of  Bihar  and  UP who  migrated to  Pakistan,  to come back to India !  Ever since, Muslim residents of  India  became Congress voters ,  until the  rise of the  regional parties ( like DMK in Tamil Nadu, Samajwadi in UP, RJD in Bihar, TMC in Bengal and now  TRS in Telangana and  TDP in AP, JD(S) in Karnataka who are  out-bidding the Congress in conceding  Muslims’ communal  demands .


3.5. Lord Mountbatten came to the conclusion that India  had to be divided to create Pakistan.  The communal riots initiated by the Direct Action progarmme of the  Muslim League, launched during Ramzan Aug 1946 were taking a heavy toll of Hindus’ lives and  properties. Hindus in Bihar and east Punjab were raring to take revenge.  Gandhiji’s  advice to Hindus was:”Hindus should not harbor anger in their  hearts against Muslims even if the  latter wanted  to  destroy them.  Even if the Muslims want to kill us all we should  face death bravely.  If they established their rule after killing  Hindus, we should be ushering in a new world by sacrificing our lives.  Prayer meeting April 6, 1947 New Delhi CWMG Vol:94, page 249& P.20, quoted in Radha Rajan’s, “ The Shrinking Hindu  nation”.


4.“Minority” becomes a Nation on 14.8.47 & reverts to “Minority” on 15.8.47:


4.1 The problem of  Muslims   as a  separate “nation” within India is continuing   unresolved. Without publicly asserting  that they are  a separate nation, they are behaving as people different from the nation of Hindus and other non-Muslims.  The vote -hungry “secular” Congress and the casteist regional parties and of course, the communists and their fellow- travelling “intellectuals””left, liberals”  are ever patronizing to and  solicitous  of whatever Muslims are  demanding. As nowhere else in the world,  not even in Islamic countries. Prophet  Mohammed’s birthday  is declared as holiday. As nowhere in the world , not even in Muslim countries, the “secular”  government of India and some regional party   governments  in the states, spend government money for  construction of  Haj Houses, mosques,  Urdu Ghars,  Shadi Khanas and  subsidize  Muslim’s pilgrimage, Haj to Mecca. The resolution  for Haj   subsidy was moved   in the Parliament of India  by the utmost “secularist” and socialist, Jawaharlal Nehru  himself. Muslims  vigorously object to the rendering of  “Vandemataram” saying that it  offends their religion. Muslims and “secular” parties  concede demands for  carving Muslim Majority districts by dividing composite districts just as the country, India was  divided . Now, even districts  are  divided so that Muslim –majority,  Pakistan -like enclaves within  India  can arise.  Malappuram created by a communist government in Kerala and Mewat created  by a Congress government in Haryana are such examples. Not only the country , not only the  states, not only the  districts  but even a city  is divided by the  government of a “secular” party as in Hyderabad where   the Muslim -majority  old city is given a separate Quli Qutubshah   Development Authority. All Hindus and Sikhs had to flee the Muslim majority  Kashmir valley, repeatedly asserted to be  part of India.  They are living as  refugees since 1991 in their own mother -land! No government, including those headed by BJP, tried to rehabilitate  them in a  safe area  carved out of  Kashmir. Separate educational institutions called Urdu  Universities   and Minority (i.e Muslim) Gurukulas are  created.  Separate state-owned Finance Corporations, separate coaching centers ( for IAS, IPS, IFS) separate Residential schools separate welfare schemes and budgets (recall UPA government’s 2004-’14 Muslim First  (not S.C or ST First) Development programs) –all emphasizing Muslims’ separateness, are competitively  implemented.  Some state governments are  shamelessly paying salaries from government funds to Imams  and Muezzins, thus promoting Islam. These very governments don’t pay a paisa as salaries to Archakas in Hindu temples, even as they, like  in Southern states are, controlled and administrated by governments.  All these appeasement-for-votes measures  are the defining characteristics of  Nehruvian-left-democratic “secularism” in India. 


4.2 The shameless attempts of “secularists” to ingratiate themselves with Muslims for their votes came out clearly when Prime Minister Indira Gandhi sent her Muslim cabinet Minister Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed  in 1969 to Rabat (Morocco) to the founding conference of the  Organisation of Islamic Co-operation (OIC) seeking “secular” India’s admission to the OIC.  The OIC rejected Indiraji’s request saying India was not (yet) an Islamic country. The OIC routinely passes every year a resolution denouncing India’s denial  of human rights to Muslims (jihadis & terrorists) in Kashmir. ( In the 2019 meeting of the  OIC in Abu Dhabi (UAE), India’s foreign Minister, Sushma Swaraj was invited  and she attended as an observer!).


4.3. A Muslim brother’s evolution of Gandhiji:


About  Gandhiji, who was advising Hindus to submit to butchery by their Muslim “brothers”, Maulana Mohammed Ali, Gandhiji’s “brother-in-arms” during  the khilafat movement (1919-‘21), speaking   at Aligarh and Ajmir (1924) said “however pure Mr Gandhi’s character may be he must appear from the  point of view of religion, inferior to any Musalaman, even though he be without  character  When, while he was later speaking at Aminabad Park in Lucknow, he was asked whether the  sentiments attributed  to him were true, Mohammed Ali without any hesitation replied, “yes, according to my religion and creed I do hold an adulterous and  a fallen Mussalman to be better than Mr.Gandhi”. Kasim Razvi of Razakars during Nizams rule in the  Deccan (until 17 Sept 1948)  and the  present day Oweisis  of Hyderabad hold the same view about Hindus( the latter not so openly as Maulana Md Ali  and Razvi in the  past ).

Gandhiji offered the  whole of India to  Jinnah as  Pakistan:


Gandhiji,  in conversation with the  last Vice-Roy Lord Louis Mountbatten”…reiterated what he had said often before that he did not  mind  Jinnah the Muslim League turning the  whole of India  into Pakistan….invite Jinnah to form a government of his choice at the centre…the Congress could give its  whole –hearted support to the  Jinnah government…”  (Vol 94 P209 -10)


Gandhiji said that he involved the  Congress’ in India’s ( and no other Muslim or non-Muslim country in the world) Muslims’ khilafat movement  to secure Muslims’ giving up cow slaughter!


Cow slaughter is held to be the religious right of Moslems before an d after  khilafat and since then!


Gandhiji’s sacrifice of Hindus’ interests to secure Hindu-Muslim unity, brother-hood an d indivisibility of India  were all rebuffed by the  Muslim kawm (nation) in India   with  utter disregard and  contempt for him.


Gandhi on Rama Rajya:


“Let  no one commit the  mistake of  thinking that Rama Rajya means a rule of the Hindus .  My Rama is another  name for  Khuda or God.  I want Khuda Raj which is the  same thing as the  Kingdom of God on earth.  The rule of  the  first four  Caliph was somewhat comparable to it (Vol 94, P76: Collected works of  Mahatma Gandhi) ( 1 to please /message Muslims 2. To cultivate Christians  3. The  first  four Caliphs are held to be “properly guided” by Prophet Mohammed.  They waged wars of conquest in Arabia. Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt to Morocco and  converted Christians and  pagans ( nature worshippers like Hindus) to Islam by force and  threat an d Islam means peace-enforce by conquest and  conversion ?)

Gandhi on Bhagawadgita:


Gandhiji  refutes the  view of scholars and  philosophers  that the  Gita exhorts the warrior (kshatriya) Arjuna to resort to  violence say the adharmis, to restore dharma.  He wrote, “…. The Bhagawad Gita is not a historical work.  It is a great religious book, summing up the  teaching all religions (1) (Christianity, Islam)!


The  poet (Vyasa) has seized the  occasion of  the war..  .. for drawing attention to the  war going on in our  bodies  between the  forces of good and  the forces  of evil” ( Vol 17, P 25-26 CWMG)


( (1) That means according to Gandhi, somebody interpolated  into Vyasa’s Mahabharata in the  7th century AD or thereafter !



5. Muslim Backwardness:


Muslims conquered, looted, desecrated and ruled Hindu  India in parts and  almost the whole country since the  12th century until  mid-18th  century.  Their Nizam ruled the  Hyderabad  State till 17 Sept 1948.  Were they backward when they ruled?  When 9% got 90% government jobs as under Nizams rule?  They claim  to be backward now; when they are  no longer rulers.  Why do they now say there are  castes  among them?  Why do they demand reservations?  They were forward, most civilized, educationally (Persian and Urdu and culturally and ciilisationally because of  Islam gave them overlordship of Hindu India “when they were  rulers and now are backward when they can no longer  exploit and deprive the majority Hindus; When a foreign language,  Persian  until and   later Urdu ( in Nizam’s Nawabi until 1948 Sept) were the  official language (s),they were “forward” ! And on Aug 1947, they became “backward”!  Are not high fertility rate, furious population growth (9.8% in 1951,now more than  16% excluding Bangladehsi Muslim and  Rohingya  illegals), preference for Madrasa education and Urdu medium schools and  polygamy are self  -invited disablers of “forwardness” and promoters of  backwardness . Is backwardness in economic terms or religious and cultural  terms?




Maulana Abul Kalam Azad to Muslims in India


""Do you remember?  I hailed you, you cut off my tongue. I picked up my pen, you severed my hand. I wanted to move forward, you cut my legs. I tried to turn over, and you injured me in the back. When the bitter political games of the last seven years were at their peak, I tried to wake you up at every danger signal... I warned you that the two-nation theory was the death-knell to a meaningful and dignified life, forsake it. To all this you turned a deaf ear. And now you have discovered that the anchors of your faith have set you adrift. The debacle of Indian Muslims is the result of the colossal blunders committed by the Muslim League's misguided leadership."

(Syed Saiyidin Hameed's translation of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad's talk in Urdu at Jama Masjid .dt. 23 -10- 1947)



6. Spain’s Solution to Muslim Problem:


6.1 An important historic fact that must be recalled is that  while  every country that was conquered by Islamic invader-rulers had suffered the  humiliation of almost all its people converted to Islam  within  about fifty years of  conquest,  India  stands out as a proud and  singular exception in that  hundreds of years’ of Muslim rule could not convert more than about 20% of its Hindu population of undivided India by the  time they lost power (mid 18th century) .  Thereafter it was only by furious child-production that by 1947 their proportion went upto 25%.  Child-production is the  reason for their population to  increase from 9.8% to16% in India  after 1947.  Spain is a peculiar exception.  IT was conquered buy Moors, Moslems form Morocco in  711 AD. 90% of the population was converted to Islam during their  eight hundred years rule.  Almost  all churches  were converted  into mosques .  But an alliance of Christian rulers of  Europe defeated the  Moors in 1492 .  The population was given a choice – “come back to Christianity or quit Spain”.  90% Moslems reconverted to Christianity and stayed on in Spain.  The last unconverted were expelled by 1609.  If only, at partition in 1947, there was an exchange  of minorities, India would not be  left with the Moslem problem.


6.2 Actually, Sir C P Ramaswamy Iyer ( and to a muted extent, Dr Rajendra Prasad) proposed that all Moslems who  voted for the division of India and creation of Pakistan be declared as foreigners  -  they should not acquire  any more properties; they should not have the right to vote.  If this was accepted and implemented, the  Pakistan -creator  Muslims of India would not have proliferated and  continue to create the divisionist minority problem.  Like Anglo-Indians, they would have emigrated to lands ruled by their co-religionists.  Most leaders of Muslim parties in India and  Pakistanis can’t swallow the  twin facts of  Islamists’ failure to  convert the whole  of Hindu population to Islam -  a singular undigestible  inglory in their history of conquest and  conversions .




Islam : A religion of Peace?


Islam is said to be a religion of peace.  How then was it that the  first properly guided caliphs       ( Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman, Ali) each embarked on wars of conquest of till then Christian ( and Avestan Iran) and Buddhist lands and   converted the  conquered peoples to Islam? Excepting Indonesia, Malaysia and  Brunei, every Muslim country became so only by conquest and  enforced conversion.


Hindus shall remember:


“If you will not fight for the  right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory will be  sure  and not too costly; you may come to the  moment when you will have to fight with all the  odds against you and  only a small chance of survival.  There may even be a worse case: you may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as  slaves”.

-          Winston Churchill



India and Hinduism are one


After a study of some forty years and more of the great religions of the world, I find none so perfect none so scientific none so philosophical and none so spiritual than the great religion known by the name of Hinduism.


Make no mistake, without Hinduism, India has no future.  Hinduism is the soil into which India’s roots are stuck and torn out of that she will inevitably wither as a tree torn out from its place.  And if Hindus do not maintain Hinduism, who shall save it? If India’s own children do not cling to her faith, who shall guard it? India alone can save India and India and Hinduism are one.

- Annie Besant






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