Memoranda for Submission to the Chief Ministers of the Two Telugu States.


Promoting Dependence


Dt: 8 /4/19

Promoting Dependence


Dr T H Chowdary*


Beginning  in 1952 in what is now  Andhra Pradesh, the election to the   State Assembly in 2014 is the  15th  . In the first three  elections 1952, 56 & 57 main contenders were the Congress and the  Communist Parties. The latter lost very heavily in 1956 and 1957 and by now with so many splits, there are 4 communist parties in AP. Communists are a totally spent force since 1967; they could be  characterized as statement parties of India . Excepting with the BJP, they have allied themselves with every other party in the state. So they could be  characterized as remnants of a failed ideology and party.   The Congress party has been characterized  with ever increasing  corruption.  From the  1960s onwards,   no Congress Chief Minister in AP was in power for a full term. Each one of them was undermined by a leader of a faction which found  favour with the  High Command,  mostly Indira  Gandhi  and Sonia  Gandhi. Sri N T Rama Rao  demolished the  Congress  hold on power for 31 years. He was sought to be  undermined through the governor  Ram Lal by Indira  Gandhi but as never before in the  history of   any State Assembly in this country,  the Chief Minster who was conspiratorially and illegally removed from Chief Minstership was restored by popular agitation.   Sri Rama Rao was  backstabbed a second  time but this  time, by his own  son-in-law Sri Chandra Babu Naidu in 1995. Since that time the politics in the Telugu states had become  thoroughly unprincipled,  with ever increasing role for black money in garnering  votes.  The amount of  money  spent  by the principal parties  the Telugu Desam and   Congress  had been  increasing  with  every election.  The  candidates of the principal parties  are  having  to spend upto  Rs. 40 cr  each to humor and attract the  votes. No wonder that the wealth  of MLAs seeking re-election   after  5 years had  gone up 5-10 times within the  5- year  period. They have to earn what  they  spent in this election;  and  much more has to be gain  for spending in the next election and also   for savings    as accumulated wealth .



In the previous  elections,  the candidates  were  spending  their out black money beyond the limits  prescribed by the Election Commission. It was their ill -gotten wealth. But in the  2014 elections, Sri Chandra Babu Naidu  has set  a new pattern .   He is spending  government money in the  name of  various  welfare schemes, each one named after  himself.  In the process  every canon of morality and  legality is sprouted and most evil ideas are introduced into the  election . Some of these  are obviously immoral and destructive of the work  ethic and promotive of the peoples’  dependence on government for living and enjoying. 



2. As example  of  brazen bribing of voters is the Chandranna Pasupu Kumkamuulu . Under this “welfare” scheme,  he credited government money to  about  90 lakh women members’ of DWACRA groups, Rs.20,000/- each into their bank accounts a few weeks before elections. That is  Rs.18,000cr spent to humor the   women  voters. In addition,  to these 90 lakh women he has  given smart phones . He has promised that if he is re- elected, during his  next 5 years tenure  he would    distribute  Chandranna  Pasupu Kumkamuu three  times. That is  he is going to give an additional Rs. 60,000 each to 90 lakh  women voter members of the DWACRA groups.   He distributed tools and implements for those in traditional  professions – rajaks (washermen), toddy- tappers, darjis, potters, barbers, weavers etc.  A few months before elections, he started giving Rs.1000 to every  “unemployed person” with intermediate and above educational qualifications . Actually these  became the ruling  TDP’s paid canvassers. He increased   the grant of government money for the construction of churches from Rs.3 lakhs to 5 lakhs each and  under this scheme,  over 600 government - funded churches were constructed in the last five years .  He increased  the grant of Rs. 25,000  for Christians for their pilgrimage to Jerusalem and the Holy Land  to  Rs.40,000 and a few  months before  elections Rs. 75,000 per perosn.  For the construction of  Christian Bhavan he gave Rs.10 cr and 3 acres of land in Amaravati, land acquired from farmers for the  capital. He started  paying Rs. 5000 per month   to Imams and Rs. 3000 per month  to Muezzins. He has now promised to increase them to  tr. 10,000 and   5,000  respectively. During his  tenure as CM of the undivided  state, he constructed a Haj House in Hyderabad on government  land (and a second one  near the new airport in Shamshabad).  This  by the  successor Congress government). In the   remnant AP he has funded  Rs. 80cr for the construction  of a  12  storeyed   Haj House and another RS.10 cr Haj House in Kadapa . He publicly  declared that he is the only CM in the country who has funded the construction of  three Haj Houses. He gave a grant of Rs. 10.5 cr to an international Islamic gathering   Alami Tabligi Ijtena  in Kurnool in Dec 2018. Besides he  funded the construction of Urdu Ghars and Shadi Khanas  exclusively for Muslims. He got organized a mammoth meeting of Muslims under the  slogan, Nara Hamara – TDP Hamara-  Nara is the  surname of  Sri Chandra Babu Naidu ;  in Hindi it means slogan .  He promised the   Muslim  gathering  that he would introduce especial  legislation to prevent atrocities  by Hindus on Muslims ! He has for the first time in the country  created  welfare corporations  caste and religion wise.  – kapus, Brahmins, Vysyas, , SCs, STs, Muslims, Christians .  Failing to get the kapus as BCs, he created a Kapu Welfare  Corporation  and  a Kapu Bhavan. When  the constitution was amended to provide 10% reservation for the  poor among the  FCs  he passed legislation to give them 5% reservation elevating kapus from BC to  FC poor.  He has been giving for women  Chandranna Pendli Kanukalu at the time of marriage. The amount depends upon the caste and  religion of the brides, a caste  as well as  communalism promoting practice .


3. Bypassing all government  agencies and officers he launched  the Janmabhoomi (Motherland) program  for the  development of  rural  areas. The  janmabhoomi committees are   filled up with  TDP workers. Government gave to them funds executing the rural  “development”- programs.  There is absolutely  no talk of measures for   improvement of  public health and  education.  More than  50%  of the  children and young  are not in government  schools or  colleges but in private corporate educational institutions;. A person running the largest number colleges and corporate schools is a minister  and the second largest owner of corporate schools and colleges is the minister for education.  Those business men who funded  the TDP during its ten-year long existence as the opposition party are sent to  the Rajya Sabha as MPS.   After bifurcation, AP started with  a debt of  Rs 96,000 cr.  It has ballooned to Rs. 2,50,000cr. Besides, the state government has  giving guarantees  for loans  amounting into Rs. 98,000 cr taken by  several special purpose  vehicles   Chandra Babu Naidu  created  for various  works . The state’s debt has gone up from R.s 96, 000cr  effectively to  3,500,000 cr. in 5 years. One can imagine what a burden this is  ob the six crore  people of AP, each  person carrying  a debt burden of  Rs. 60,000.  Sri Chandra Babu Naidu ’s tune has totally changed  . He is now saying  , : “ I  have given you water ,  I  have given you  house,  I  have given you marriage gifts and I  have given you festival  gifs, I  have given you   free electricity, I  have given you roads, dowries.  I have given you implements and am delivering entertainment through optical fiber cables.  You must  therefore give your vote to me. I am  your elder son. Your future is in my hands.  “….this is the substance of his  election speeches.


4. There is not a single  party  in the   two Telugu states with which  Babu’s TDP has not been in alliance at  every election that he fought. He was with the BJP in 1999,2004 and 2014 with communist party in 2009 , and TRS and now he is cosying upto the Congress;  he  extensively campaigned for the Congress — TDP alliance in Telangana.  The TDP  was routed in Telangana;  got two seats and his  ally Congress  got 19 of  whom   10 already have defected to the TRS.  As he has  mesmerized the Telugu people in AP with the swan song of    that the  Modi government  has not  given   “special status”,  that it has not implemented   the provisions in the law dividing the  state to create Telangana .  He is calling Modi  a traitor .  He is now holding up the TRS in particular its supremo Sri K Chandra Sekhara Rao  as a conspirator, funding  the opposition parties in AP to defeat the TDP. He campaigned in the  company of Congress  in Telangana’s  elections to the  Legislative Assembly against the TRS. He has  the right and he was right to  campaign against the TRS in the company of the Congress but  the TRS has no right   to campaign  against him  or to assist the parties opposing him in AP. He calls himself  national president” of the  TDP. His son  is  national secretary” of the  TDP. It beats  one’s imagination as to how the TDP confined  the remnant  AP is a national party and what  following  his son and his party  have    across the nation.


5 It appears that power has gone  to his head . During his tenure as the CM of the undivided  state in 1994-2004, he was a different  man devoted to  true economic and moral development of the state. He exhorted people to   work hard and telling them that wealth can be  created only out of  entrepreneurship, education and  hard work.  He promoted two child-norm.  How he is  exhorting people to have more children.  At that time, his son was only a boy. By now  his son is grownup . He is  made the   national   Secretary of the TDP and he is got into the Legislative Council and made a minister and leader of AP’s team to the  World Economic Forum in Davos in 2018. Sri Chandra Babu  wants to anoint him as his successor but  the son  does not seem to measure up to  be a wise or capable  politician. The love for the son Duryodhana  had made the father, Dhrutarashtra  an accomplice to every evil  act of the son, and that lead to the   destruction of the clan. In the process, he has resorted to  unbridled populism combined with the  evil practice of spending government  money to buy votes, he demands that in return for the gifts he is showering (from borrowed money) they should love him and his  party and return him to power. He is naming welfare schemes and  gifts, after himself . No other politician  (except to some extent his counterpart in Telangana) has ever done in any state in this  country since  Independence. There is  a Public Interest Litigation(PIL) in the Supreme  Court demanding  that   the amount  that Mayawati spent as the CM of UP  in installing  her statues and the  statues   of    elephant, her party’s symbol,  should be recovered  from her  as that was misappropriation of people’s money  for an individuals’ glorification . Sri Chandra Babu Naidu  has also   various  schemes and give -aways named after himself;  he has spent  the borrowed  money to build up his own image by investing that money as kanukas that is, gifts  among women, the  unemployed and the  traditional  professionals and so on. There is already a petition to the  Election Commission in this regard. May be,  this will be followed by  a PIL in the  Supreme Court.


6. Finally,  it is tragic that  a person who was held up and hails as the exemplar politician committed to the   true economic and ethical development of people,  exhorting them to  work hard,  promoting work ethic, and planned families and denouncing dependence  upon  government for give-aways and do has descended to the  despicable  depths f   distribution of government money to buy votes.

AP is Ananda Pradesh

(Progressing towards Brahmananda Pradesh)


The  “senior most” politician, Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Sri N Chandra Babu Naidu has miraculously  transformed  the AP state  into  Ananda  Pradesh within  the historically  short period of  five years 2004-‘19. The life  of two young  persons  from the  poorest  Samajika Varga ( current fashionable  name for kulam or caste) illustrates /testifies to this  transformation.  


    Suresh and  Bhavana  completed their  B.Tech  at no cost  -  what with  fee-reimbursement and the  parents  getting several social  welfare benefits with their white  ration card , Aarogysree health card ……


·         Like lakhs of  young persons,  these two are  unemployed. So, each  one is getting Rs. 2000 per month as unemployment  dole .

·         They got married .Under Chandranna Kalyanamastu program, the girl got Rs. 50,000 as marriage gift.

·         They applied for and got a 2BHK house, free, one of the  19 lakh  such houses built within the record period of  4.5 years(2014-19) .

·         Each applied and got a MUDRA loan of Rs. 15 laksh each without any surety, a gift from the central  government.

·         The lady very thoughtfully  enrolled herself into a  DWACRA group. Her group got an outright   Chandranna gift of Rupees one lakh. 

·         Also, to her bank account   are  credited  Rs. 10,000 as Chandranna Pasupu Kumkumalu .

·         Chandranna has promised, that in his next term (2019-2024) as C.M, would gift three Pasupu Kumkamulu (Rs. 60,000).

·         She got a smart phone   free.   (90,000 of them were imported at a declared price of Rs. 4000 each while the imported   Chinese smart phone was paid for by the  GOAP at Rs. 1000 per piece.  Rs. 3000  per piece; or Rs. 270 cr went to the  cash chest of  the party  running the government ).

·         For food  the couple has to spend almost nothing. They go to the Rs. 5 /-per meal Anna Canteens.

·         They have the Chandranna health insurance policies for accident and life.  

·         As they are   poor and unemployed  couple they, will get per month  100 units of free electricity.

·         Thrice in a year they get festival kanukalu  worth about Rs. 450 per occasion . Sankranti, Ramzan and Christmas.

·         When Bhavana gets pregnant , government  of AP celebrates  her Seemantham in a  group activity and she gets  nutritious food so that she delivers a healthy robust baby ( a future voter)

·          With so much, so graciously bestowed on the poor by the pioneering  Chief Minister, life for the poor  is  so cheerful, so painless as the visionary Chief Minister  had transformed Andhra  Pradesh  into Ananda  Pradesh.

·         On the way for realizations are the targets : within three  years the per capita  income in Ananda  Pradesh will be double that of   the  all India  average;  the state will become Paramananda  Pradesh .

·         In another 5 years,  it will be equal to that in the USA or Singapore and AP will become Brahmananda Pradesh .

The slogan for the 2014 election was

Babu vaste, job vastundi” –

if Babu wins, jobs will come.


But better than  job and work

Is life with all-free in Andhra Pradesh



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