Memoranda for Submission to the Chief Ministers of the Two Telugu States.




Dt:  18/2/19



Dr T.H.Chowdary*


J’accuse was the  title of the  open letter written by the eminent French  writer, Emile Zole  on the 30th of  Jan 1898 and published in the newspaper El-Aurore . An army Captain, Alfred Dreyfus, a Jew of  France was unjustly accused of treason Emile Zole  accused the  President of  France,  Felix  Faure of anti- Semitism because of which  Dreyfus was, without  true evidence,   condemned to life  imprisonment. Ultimately, others also picked up the  case for f Dreyfus. France had to  release him. Since then the phrase  J-accuse has become famous and  is used to expose the untruths   of  powerful and guilty people.  In this letter,  under this   famous  heading  J’accuse, I am pointing out the sins, commissions and omissions of Sri Chandra Babu Naidu,  who  claiming to  be the  senior -most  politician in the country  is visiting several state capitals  and New Delhi to drum up opposition to  Sri  Narendra Modi, vowing to defeat the BJP and Modi in the coming elections to the Lok Sabha.


Here are the accusations:


1.      Polavaram project , a centrally funded   work not being   given  sufficient   funds by the  Central  government

·         The late T. Anajaiah, the then Chief Minister  of Andhra Pradesh  laid the   foundation stone for this historic project in the year 1980. Nothing happened afterwards.

·         Dr YS Rajasekhara Reddy  again laid the foundations stone in the  year  2005. Nothing happened since.

·         Si Kiran Kumar Reddy,  the then CM of AP  invited  tenders in the   year 2011    for the project which in that year was estimated to cost Rs. 16000cr.Nothing happened since.

·         Sri Chandra Babu Naidu laid the foundation stone in Dec 2015. And he desired to complete the project  before the general elections 2019.


·         It would be seen that    three Congress CMs  took up the  Polavam project to no effect. Sri Chandra Babu Naidu was CM  of AP from 1995 to 2004.  He  did  nothing of the Polavama  project. Now he is claiming  to be the   Champion for this  project. His idea is to take  total  credit for picking up the Polavaram project and completing it as a triumph of himself over the BJP,  for the  Lok Saba election 2019. It would be  right to   recall that  no project  of this   magnitude, whether it  was  Nagarjuna Sagar or    Bhakhra-Nangal or  Damodar Valley had   ever been   completed       within 5 years. These were  all central  government  projects.

2.      No funds  being released for the back ward Rayalaseema and north-AP. Sri Chandra Babu Naidu was the CM for 9 years  1995-20014. Nothing was done to specially develop Rayalaseema (from which  he hails) and north  Andhra. How would he explain his  9-year long  “neglect” of  Rayalaseema?

3.      Transparency and Responsiveness:   A 2000 sq yd  centrally located  site  in Gudivada Krishna Districts  of A.P  valued at Rs.10 cr given to Kaviraju  Sahitya   Viharamu in early 1960s by the  GOAP  had been under illegal possession and enjoyment of  a private person for the last 15 years . In the last  6 years,  31 letters  had been written by me and a literary and social organization which had been  wanting to revive the Viharamu, requesting the Collector,  Krishna; RDO Gudivada and Chief Minister, Sri Chandra Babu Naidu himself to re-possess this precious land and building there, for  public purpose,. Several MLAs also had written to  Sri Chandra Babu Naidu. But  he has done   nothing -no replies,  no response,   in respect of these 31  representations and letters. He claims that he went to Delhi on 29 occasions but could not  get a meeting with Sri Modi  - He and his government could ignore  31 letters  but accuse P.M for not giving  an audience  to him.


4.      Kanukalu ( free gifts) named after himself : As never before and unlike any in the history of the Indian Republic, Sri Chandra Babu Naidu has been showering  gifts from  government‘s money, naming every   gift after himself  under the  style  Chandranna Kanukalu. These include   give-aways ranging from Rs.40,000 to Rs. -75,000 each on the occasion of   girls  marriages,  on the   festivals of Christians and Muslims  and Hindus.


Welfare schemes and even development schemes are named after himself. The latest is  gift   Rs. 10,000 under Chandranna Pasupu Kumkumalu to 88 lakh women  members of  DWACRA (Development of Women and Children in Rural Areas )  with post -dated  cheques distributed  to these  women 


The period   for cashing extends from March 2019 to the conclusion of  elections to the  State  Legislature and  to the Lok Sabah  in 2019. This means  he is buying votes of  these  88 lakh women with government money  and the  money is being given as a gift from government in his name and not   from  Heritage Foods  and other companies   owned by himself or  his  family members.


5.      Foundation Stones  are laid for projects  for which  neither land has been acquired nor  the cost is estimated, nor the executing agency and the investments are  known  . Some of these    are  a Steel Plant in Kadapa  district , the Machilipatnam Fort…,


6.      False Claims: Sri Chandra Babu Naidu  often asserts that he is the  senior most politician in the country. He got felicitated by the  AP Legislative Assembly itself on this score. However, the  fact is  he is not the  senior -most. The senior -most is Si Sarad Pawar  of  Maharastra. Sri Pawar  was elected as an MLA in 1967. He became the Chief Minister of Maharastra in 1978 and later, he held  several   cabinet rank ministerships  in the central  government of India. 


7.      Fostering Dynasty:  The late  Sri N T Rama  Rao founded the  Telugu Desam Party (TDP) to demolish the hereditary hold on the   Congress and the  Prime Ministership of   Nehru-Indira ….Sri Chandra Babu Naidu had often criticized the Dynasty politics of the Nehru-Gandhi  family.  But   he is   himself  fostering his dynasty.  His son was got elected to the Legislative Council and not to the Legislative Assembly where he would had to face the  public approval . Sri Chandra Babu Naidu himself is  the National President of the  TDP and his son, Lokesh is the  all -India Secretary of the TDP.  The Ministers know that  Lokesh is being   groomed to succeed Sri Chandra Babu Naidu. Posters  show both of them  everywhere.


Most offensively and unabashedly, Sri Chandra Babu Naidu,   sent his son,  a junior  minister as the leader of a   team of ministers of AP’s to the  Davos World Economic Forum in  Jan 2019, by- passing two Dy CMs and another senior important  Minister of Finance Yanamala Ramakrishnudu.  How is  love and elevation of his son different from the  family leadership and ownership of the Congress party by Nehru-Indira-Rajiv-Sonia  progeny?


8.      Promotion of Casteism:  Sri Naidu has been creating state-owned caste- wise  welfare corporations  He had created more than a score caste-wise welfare corporations.  .He is allotting money  for caste Bhavans. He is allotting different amounts   of money  to different  caste corporations, promoting caste warfare.


9.       Minority appeasement in the name of secularism:  While  the churches of Christians  and mosques  of Muslims are not administered or managed or interfered with by the government  or AP ,  all temples  which have  revenues  / incomes   above a certain limit are all administered and managed by the GOAP. The Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam (TTD) and   the Endowment Department are treated as Sri Naidu’s  fiefdom. Non-Hindus are  commissioners  and many in the other ranks are converts to Christianity . The   trust boards of temples are  filled up  with  financiers  of the  TDP.  Hardly any of them  is known  to be a distinguished  Hindu or a defender of  Hinduism                                               against the  internationally funded   conversion missions.    


·         He is  paying  from government treasuries to Imams and Muezzins whereas no archakas or employees in the  Endowment Department  or the TTD  are paid from government money.   They are paid only from the  kanukas  that Hindu devotees offer to their temples.


Naidu is giving government money for construction of hundreds of churches and Christian Bhavans;  he is giving money for Christians to go to  Jerusalem, increasing it from Rs.25,000 to 40,000 and now Rs. 75,000.  He increased  money for church construction from 3 to 5 lakhs. Since 2014 July to Dec2018, construction of over 600 churches at  Rs 5 lakhs each had been sanctioned by GOAP . In the  same period only 500 Ramalayas , each at a cost of Rs.5 lakhs were  contracture  in AP, all with  funds from TTD and not GOAP. Similarly, Hindu Dalits, girijans and fishermen and other  poor Hindus are  shown seven  temples  in  AP by TD money while  Christians are  given money by GOAP to go to  Jerusalem.



·         He is constructing  two Haj Houses with government  funds  at a cost of Rs. 80 cr in Vijayawada  and another  at a cost of Rs 10 cr in Kadapa. He  donated government’s money Rs. 10.5 cr to a Muslim international conference devoted to cleanse Islam of any  non-Islamic   beliefs or practices or rituals. He is  funding the construction of  Urdu  Ghars, and Shadi  Khanas  for  Muslims.  Not a single rupee of government  is spent on  employees or   arachakas  or other   functionaries in  temples . On the other hand, temple monies  are  diverted   for non-Hindu purposes.


·         In the context of Krishna Purshkarams  in 2016, over  20 tamps in Vijayawada  were demolished for  beautification of the  city.  To the agitators he promised reconstruction but  simply ignored it, while continuing to fund  Muslim and Christian causes and interests .


·         He got the  Legislative  Assembly pass a resolution that  reservations  and other benefits   meant  for  Hindu SCs should be  extended to those   SC persons  who had abandoned Hinduism and converted to Christianity,  thus  enabling the   Hindu  SCs to  convert to  Christianity without loss of any privileges . 


10.  Buying votes  with  government  money:  Besides  Chandranna Kanukalu ( gifts) of over Rs. 400 per  family (about 1.5 cr families in AP ) on  Christmas, Ramzan and Sankranti for the last few years , in the final year of his  current Chief Ministership, for 85 lakh women in DWACRA groups he has given three post dated cheques,  together  amounting Rs. 10,000 as  Chandranna Pasupu Kumkumalu  (turmeric powder and vermilion) to his Telugu tallulu and  chellellu . Further, he is giving a smart phone  to each of  these  88 lakhs omen. This is in addition to Rs. 1 lakh outright grant for each of the DWACRA groups.  Earlier, he waived off the interest and loans  due from the  DWACRA groups  to the government. 


So far parties and  candidates have been  buying votes with their own (black) money. Now, the new practice of buying  votes with government money is initiated by Sri Chandra Babu Naidu in AP ( a similar thing was done in regard to farmers in the other  Telugu state  Telangana) . 


11.  Unscrupulous Alliances: Sri Naidu  started his  political career  as a Congressman. He was a Congress  MLA  and a minister in AP in 1978.  After marriage to a daughter of Sri N T Rama Rao he defected from the  Congress to  the victorious (1983) Telugu Desam Party (TDP)  of his father-in-law, NTR When the United  Front of some non-Congress, non-BJP regional parties was formed   (1988-89), Sri Naidu was the convener and an important functionary. When Sri I K Gjjral was the Prime Minister (1997) Sri Naidu demanded that the central government should  dismiss  Kalyan Singh’s BJP’s government in UP;  He told Gujaral that the forging of the  UF was primarily to keep  communal BJP out of  power.  Gujaral did not agree to this  unconstitutional act. . But  in 1999 elections  Sri Naidu’s TDP was part of the BJP-led NDA . As  BJP’s ally he  fought the  1999 and 2004 elections  to State Legislature and  Lok Sabha in alliance with  BJP.  In 2009 he parted with  BJP calling it  communal and fought and lost the elections to the state  legislature  in alliance with TRS and communists! In 2014, he abandoned the  communists  and TRS  and allied  with  BJP again.  Thus, he can be  seen to be a consummate partner of a variety of  parties  -  Congress,  Communists,  BJP and TRS. 


In 1995 he deposed Sri N T Rama  Rao, his  father- in-law from the Chief Ministership of AP,  Sri Rama  Rao did not recover from the  shock and died soon after . Since then,  Sri Naidu claims NTR’s legacy  to cash the Telugu people’s  veneration  for NTR and  named the Rs. 5/- food program for the poor as  Anna Canteens ( NTR was fondly called  brother by the Telugu people) 



Naidu’s  political Trajectory

1978         – Congress (I) MLA and Minister

1984         – Defected Congress and joined  his father-in-law’s TDP founded

   to  “destroy”  family –owned Congress

1988         -  to 1998 Convener of  13-party,  anti-Congress; anti-BJP

   United Font

1995         - Deposed  hs father-in-law NTR from CM; and took over as CM

1999 to

 2004        - Alliance with  BJP-NDA( against Congress & Communists

2009         - Against BJP & Congress; alliance with communists  and  TRS

              against  Congress

2014         – Alliance with  BJP against Congress and Communists

2018         – Break with BJP;  Alliance with  Congress and CPI ( against a

                  CPM-led 28 party Bahujana Left Front) in elections  to

  Telangana  Assembly  

2019         – Hopping all over  India  to  forge an all-India, anti-BJP Front

 (Mamata’s TMC, Lalloo’s RJD; Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi, Stalin’s

 DMK, Deve Gouda’s JD(S), Sarad Pawar’s NCP, Faroukh

 Abdulla’s Jammu & Kashmir National  Conference and Sonia

-Rahul-PRiyanka Vadra’s Congress

N.B: Naidu’s TDP won elections  only  when  in alliance  with either CPI/CPM or BJP. (TDP + Congress + CPI + some small parties  were crushed by TRS in Telangana   in Nov/Dec 2018 elections to TS Assembly.



12.  Government Funds for upkeep of Private Property: 


·         GOAP declared his/family’s Bunglow in Road No : 24 Jubilee Hills is declared as his  camp residence  cum mini-secretariat.   So is his/family’s bunglow on Rd No: 65 Jubilee Hills declared as camp residence  cum mini-secretariat. Both are  owned  by him/his family  (c) the Lakeview  Guest House in Somajiguda, Hyderabad   too is declared as camp residence /mini Secretariat.


·         When AP Bhavan is there in Delhi for  staying/working, a Bunglow for  him in Delhi, on which Rs.5 cr were  spent to spruce it up is  reckless misuse of  government money for  personal  grandeur. 


·         With several  residences  in Hyderabad paid by GOAP, the  Chief Minister, stayed in Hyatt hotel in Hyderabad  in  exclusive, expensive suites.  What morality or  dharma is evident from the   large-scale misuse of government money for  his properties s and grandeur?  


·         GOAP is paying for  all improvements, security, water, electricity & maintenance of all these  facilities .


·         Spending  government money on  family’s private properties in Hyderabad, Telangana declaring them as CM’s official  camp  residences /mini-secretariat is misapplication  of  government money.


·         5,59,000 sq.ft of office accommodation in the  Secretariat in Hyderabad was assigned to the Government of AP. All of this is unutilized and is under lock and key. Neither the  government of  Telangana  nor of AP is using  this. This is a waste of a public asset.


·         All these constitute moral turpitude and go ill with the dharma poratam being  waged by Sri Naidu.


13.  Unverified Expenses and Services:   In the present  AP state, for a  population of about  5 cr it is   understood that there are 1.47 cr white  ration cards entitling the holders to several subsidized  provisions. At 4 persons per card, the population of the poor as per  white  ration cards is  5.8 cr which is  more than the  entire  population  of  AP. It is obvious that  the supplies  under the  PDS are being misappropriated  to make money   


·         It is often asserted that lakhs of houses  for the poor had been built. From the  several announcements  made since 1956 in this regard and especially  after the bifurcation of the combined state, in the last 4.5 years, alone  more than  15 lakhs  houses are  claimed to have been built. The  houses for the poor in the present territory of AP could be  about a crore !   This means  that 4 cr out of 5 cr AP’s people are living in government houses. This is unbelievable.


I have been requesting the CM and others concerned with the PDS and  houses  for poor in A.P to bring out a white  paper giving details 

(a)    the total number of white  ration cards and the number of  persons  enrolled in


(b) the number of houses for the poor built  and   occupied, year after year ; 


Both district – wise and year-wise  so that these  could be  verified by independent investigators. There  has been no response.


There are periodic statements by ministers that more   white ration  cards will be issued and more houses for poor  will be built.  The claim of the  CM  that his  government is Moral, Responsive and Transparent is totally  belied  by the  GOAP  not  coming out with the white papers on these subjects while  several white papers  on different subjects are  issued.


14.  Claim for Special Status : Through various advertisements and   speeches in the last 4.5 years,   the  GOAP and the  CM have been claiming  that  the   rate of growth of the  state GSDP is more than  10% which is   50% more than  the  all -India  average;  that the per capita  income  in AP is about  20-30% more  than the average for the country ; MOUs for 17 lakhs   cr   investments had been signed up between GOAP and various  companies   in the  3 international  conferences   held in   Visakhapatnam in the last 4 years; that this  amount would create  35 lakh jobs .


No other state  in India has    similar figures GSDP or for  investment or job creation. The  rate of growth of   agricultural produce in A.P is about  4 times that of  India’s average. When such impressive figures are  there  without “special category status” for AP, could the demand  and continuous widespread agitation for  special category week after week, month after month justified? be justified ? States like Tamilnadu, Bihar are  claiming special category status An apparently  irrational emotion  is being whipped up  in the people of AP, setting the  state against the  Union government.


             Whatever  provisions  had been made  for new institutions etc., for AP are to be  implemented within 10 years and not necessarily within 4.5 to 5 years. The demand for full implementation within 5 years  is entirely with a view to reap political  advantage  at the cost.


 In the  officially undertaken agitation under the name dharna poratam, South vs  North is being  subtly  promoted . This is  disintegrative of our nation and the  Republic. In all the public speeches and publications of Sri Naidu’s  demand for special  category, the  advantages that  could accrue  to the state have never  been explained  to the public . There are  already some border states  like J&K and those in the North East that are having special  category for more than a decade or so. Did this  categorization help them to achieve  the prosperity that AP ‘s  CM hopes to deliver with  special category for AP?


15.  Amaravati the  Dream Capital: Much criticism, almost bordering on slander, is leveled on Sri Modi, the BJP and the government  led by him for allegedly  not giving all the money that  Sri Naidu has been demanding to build Amaravati as a AP’s capital city,  rivaling Singapore and many other splendid  capital cities in the  world.


·         Rome was not built in a day;  neither was new Delhi. The Act bifurcating AP  envisaged the use of  Hyderabad as capital of the AP state for  10 years K.Sivaramakrishnan Committee appointed by the Union  government to suggest  the place  for  capital  of the new state recommended Donakonda where  the land needed  for the  capital  is  available    with the  government  itself . Rejecting that recommendation, the CM chose  Amaravati  covering the fertile  agricultural land; not a little of it;  but as much as  30,000 acres of farmland . 


·         When Andhra districts were  separated  from Madras Province in 1954, did the  government in Delhi  or Madras  give any money to the new state?   The High Court for the new state was accommodated in Guntur itself in 1954-55;  the capital was in  Kurnool, to   begin with in tents. When Gujarat  was separated from Maharashtra in 1958, how much money  did the Government of India  or Maharashtra  give  to Gujarat for building its capital in Gandhinagar? And much earlier,  when Orissa was separated  from Bihar, who  gave, how much money for building Orissa’s capital in Bhuvaneswar? When Jharkhand, Uttarakhand and  Chattisgarh  were created    as new states  out of  Bihar, UP and MP  respectively  how much money was given for the capitals of the  new states?


·         A country like Australia  has    a beautiful  capital in Canberra,  incomparably smaller  than Sydney or  Melbourne . How does Washington DC compare with San Francisco or  New York?


·         What are the  state organs that should be located in a capital city.  How much  space do they require  and what would be the cost? They  would be  a fraction of   what  is sought by the  CM for Amaravati  -  more than a lakh  crores of rupees.  


·         If in Hyderabad, AP’s share  in the  Secretariat is 5,50,000 sq.ft and offices  share is about  2,00,000 sqft. a total of  7,00,000, sqft. The cost of building 7 lakhs and  furnishing  themcoudl cost  about  Rs. ( .7 X 3000) Rs. 2,100 crores! Even if ths  estimate is too small, Rs. 30,000 cr or Rs.100,000 cr is fantabulous. 


·         New Delhi’s private houses,  market places and several offices  and company offices, educational institutions  were   not built by government  but by private individuals and  companies. Even in Hyderabad   the combined area of all the buildings   for the  undivided  state of AP is a miniscule  fraction of the  building spaces  that were  built by  private companies and individuals. A city comes up not all with government money but as per a master  plan  made by government and the construction facilitated by policies that  attract private  capital from developers  of the  real estate.


·         Sri Chandra Babu Naidu is keeping  5.5 lakh square  feet of  AP’s share of the  government’s Secretariat in Hyderabad, unused by anybody, under lock& key –an unpardonable  waste of valuable  space . Not allowing Telangana  State  is an  unfriendly act.


·         Why the buildings now being built in Amaravati like that for the  High  Court should be  temporary?  When Indian Architects /builders  could design and  build the  world’s tallest tower in Dubai, why  is AP engaging Singapore’s companies to plan and build in Amaravati?  Is it right that even  without the  master plan finalized for Amaravati, to ask money from the government of India?  Does this not amount to political  blackmail of  the  central government, Modi & BJP? 


16.  Public Debt : In the last 4.5 years, A.Ps public debt  increased from Rs. 96,000 cr to nearly Rs. 2,50,000 cr. Servicing of this  debt is the single largest  expenditure at about Rs.15,000 cr per year now.

Besides this  debt, the State of AP has been giving guarantees for the  debts  being  incurred by state  enterprises  and SPVs. Inspite of this  mounting debt and deficit  budgets, the various  give -aways and write offs are staggering . They, like Chandranna Kanukalu  had  never been demanded by the  people . The CM is using government  money to promote his own popularity in the hope of  getting the votes and perpetuating rule by himself through the TDP . Sinking a state and its people in  increasing debt  is not indicative of responsible   leadership.

17.   Spending  Public (tax and debt) money to buy votes: Apart from Chandranna Kanukalu for brides ( amounts depending on caste and religion), for all on Christians, Ramzan and Sankranti (never asked by public) , the  latest give-aways are  Chndranna Pasupu Kumkalu  to 8 8lakh DWAKRA women and lakh outright grant to each  group; and these  beside loan  and interest  for them.


The  Chief  Minister  /and/  or his  family own an increasingly  prosperous  company Heritage. The Chief Minster is not  considerate  and gracious  to make that company give Kanukalu ( for brides and women; SC; ST employees; but he is  freely distributing  other  ( ie  govt’s) people’s money to buy popularity and  votes. He/his family owns  Heritage Foods  company.  He has not  given Pasupu Kumkalu and smart phones to  ladies working in the  company nor has he increased wages or given gifts to his  company employees.  He lives  upto the  Telugu  idiom,” Attagari sommu allude  danam chesadu” –meaning,  the  son-in-law is gifting away  mother-in-law’s  (not his) wealth.  Is this  dharma to uphold  which he has  dragged  AP’s people  into  costly poratam, (agitation and struggle) ? (I have  written to him to please distribute  Chndranna  Kanukalu to employees of his/family’s companies from his, his family’s companies  monies )





18.   My anguish and prayer: It is very unfortunate and distressing that so capable a CM and  politician is whipping up emotional antagonism of Telugu people of AP against the  Central government,  the BJP and  Sri Modi. Even  as it is, AP is doing far better than so many  other states in the rate of growth of its gross state product and industrialization and in the number  of  educational  institutions  etc.  Setting the people of the  state  against the   Union government  the ruling party  that  is the  BJP -led NDA and  personally targeting Sri Modi is unbecoming of any  leader who  looks to  a better future for the  State and for himself.


19.  This long narration , J’accuse is written in great  distress for  I reckon that Sri Naidu  is 

Himself besmirching   the reputation that he earned as a forward -looking, hardworking,  intelligent  and capable political leader of the  people, capable of  growing  to   national stature. 


One’s quality and character are  known by the  company he keeps. Bank loan defaulters, contractors, industrialists  with no record  of public  service, owners of chains of  educational  shops, clever  manipulators of justice, party-hoppers  seem to be in the  influential company of the Chief Minister.


Whom the  Gods  want to  destroy, are  endowed with immense power.  Power breeds ego and also  fear ( of  losing power).  To fear is added jealousy (my junior as P.M). 

Sri Naidu always  uses  the word, ”I” and never the  word ”we” or our government  or our party.  That shows intoxication with  power.  The intoxicated lose viveka, (intellectual power of discrimination);  loss o f viveka leads to krodha ( anger). That leads to downfall, not only of oneself  but also  his  companions .  May all these vices   not  seize the once  great Naidu  garu!












Critics ask me as to why I don’t write critically about Sri K Chandra  Sekhar Rao , Chief Minister of  Telangana as he also  gives  Kanukalu ( gifts) like KCR kits, sheep, cows/buffalos, capital inputs to farmers and Bathukamma Cheeralu, Iftar and Christmas parties, all at State  government expense.  The  simple  reason I don’t write about him accusingly is  a) he is not waging  any dharma  poratam against the  Union government  or  personally against Sri  Narendra  Modi  b) he is not whipping up mass frenzy among people invoking  Telugu  pride c) he is not  claiming  to be  National  President of what is  essentially a regional party proprietarised by a father-son  duo, son the as the  National  Secretary of the regional  party and d) he is not in the  company of anarchists like Delhi’s Kejriwal, West Bengal’s Susri Mamata Banerji and another father-son duo party JD(U) of  Gowdas in Karnataka. Recklessly gifting away government’s tax and debt money to promote  loyalty to oneself goes ill with Dharma  to people and country.  Also, the  present activities of  Sri Naidu clearly indicate his  descent into  reprehensible  populism at the  cost of  the  States’ and people’s long term well being,  from  his nine -year (1995-2004) noble performance as Chief Minister of AP. This decline and fall surprises and saddens me like many other millions.




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