Memoranda for Submission to the Chief Ministers of the Two Telugu States.


We Feed; You Breed: State Borrows: A Few Become Opulent

Dt: 1/2/19

We Feed; You Breed:

State Borrows:  A Few Become Opulent

Dr T.H.Chowdary*

In all the  discourses about  poverty  alleviation, minimum income guarantee,  employment   creation and  inequality  reduction, two most  important  factors are not even  mentioned. These are   unchecked growth among those sections of  population to whom every politicians is promising some money transfer and why jobs for all cannot be created.  

2. India’s total population increased from 380 mln in 1951 to over 1300 mln by now. The increase has been about  18 mln per year since the  1980s.  Is it ever possible to create  gainful work for so many every year ? There is no growth; indeed there  is decline in the proportion of the  forward castes  population and a phenomenaly increase among the  rest.  One section increased its  proportion form 15% to 22%; a second from 7.5% to 12% ; a third from 9.8% to 16%. These are sections clamoring for more and yet more welfare and also political  power. Unless the population growth among those who cannot  afford and who look to and  are  promised government delivered incomes  and jobs. is controlled Indian politics will become uncontrollably populist to the  detriment  of India becoming a prosperous and powerful and intellectual nation.


3. For more than four decades China imposed one-child norm.  The  results are astounding. It is now the  second largest  economy . Its share in the world trade is  increasing and its power is getting projected everywhere.   Universal and  high class education, rapid industrialization moved  the rural population into   cities and manufacturing .  Education   and patriotism  are  enabling China to be in the front ranks of the world’s  greatest industrial and   military achievements.   It is tragic that  every political party in the  country, especially  the regional ones in their hunger for power and dynasty‘s inheritance of it are distributing  the wealth faster than  it is being  created .  The indebtedness  of governments that populist welfare and its distribution caste -and religion -wise will add  to our misery and of course to the  concentration of wealth in the fewer people who are  educated, motivated and organized. It is very apt to recall  Abraham Lincoln’s advise to his nation.


You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the  strong

You cannot  help the poor by destroying the rich

You cannot establish sound security on borrowed  money

You cannot keep out trouble by spending  more than you earn

You cannot build  character and courage by taking  away man’s initiative and  independence

You cannot  help men permanently by doing for them what they could do for themselves

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