Memoranda for Submission to the Chief Ministers of the Two Telugu States.


Friend of the Friendless Poor, BCs, SCs, STs, and Minorities !

Dt:  29/1/19

Friend of the Friendless Poor, BCs, SCs, STs, and Minorities !

Dr T H Chowdary*


Sri Chandra Babu Naidu garu,  Chief Minister of AP deserves to be congratulated  for day after day showering kanukalu (gifts) on various sections of the  population. These ranged from crediting thousands of rupees to lakhs to DWACRA women, doubling the pensions, creating caste-wise and religion-wise welfare  corporations and Community Bhavans;  giving away plots of government land  to the  poor, unverified lakhs of  2BHK houses for the  poor and waiver of   tens of  thousands of crores of rupees of loan for  farmers, free electricity, washing machinesfor washermen, sewing machines for tailors, shaving machines snd scissors for barbers, smart phones& laptops for varieties of peole and so on.   Some more kanukalu we can expect in the next few weeks until the elections to the  AP’s legislative assembly and the Lok Sabha are announced .   In the  meanwhile, he should set an example  of his personal concern for the poor .  Apart from what he is  giving out from the   government   treasury  he may do the  following:


2. Increase the salaries of the  employees in the Heritage  Company owned by his family in the following way:

·         100% for minorities and STs, 75%  for SCs and 50% for BCs. He may call upon the  private companies in AP to give such increase in their companies also with a promise that  he will reimburse whatever the private companies give to the  above  categories of their employees.

·         Promotion of inter-caste and inter-religious  marriages to offset  the evil that may  come out of  his creation of  caste-wise and religion-wise welfare corporations in AP leading to the permanentification of caste and religion-based separatism.  A gift of  Rs.5 lakhs  if a Hindu girl marries a Muslim boy; Rs. 2.5 lakhs  if a Muslim girl marries a Hindu boy; if the forward  caste boys marry  ST or minority girl Rs.5 lakhs; if he marries  an SC girl Rs. 4 lakhs; if he marries  BC girl Rs.3 lakhs.


·         Education certificates for the poor, minorities, SCs, STs and BCs: Reservation may be made in the award of distinctions, first class and pass for all the  above categories of students  to ensure 90% pass  for ST ,SC and minority students.

·         Langar that is  free food service for SCs, STs and minorities: Half rate for  BCs; and for all the above categories  even in   private  hotels with assurance that the  difference  will be  reimbursed  by government on production of receipts  from the  private  hotels.

3. With the above measures, it can be  expected  that the TDP will surely  get 25 MPs and  150 MLAs in the next  elections  so that the Dharma Poratam could  wrest  special category for  AP from whichever party  forms  government  at the  center and Sri Naidu ji can  decide who should be the PM of India.  (459 words)