Memoranda for Submission to the Chief Ministers of the Two Telugu States.


Decline and Death of the Dissolute West


Dt:  18/10/18


Decline and Death of the Dissolute West


Dr T.H.Chowdary*



Great civilisations, Greek, Persian, Egyptian and Babylonian,  flourished in their time and today  they don’t exist.  They are subjects of history  only.  Another set of civilisations, the Maya, Inca and Aztec  in Central and South America were  destroyed by the  plundering,  colonising  European powers  -  Spanish, Portuguese and the British.   There is  hardly any trace of them.  In a  seminal essay,  Power and Morality: Who Shall Guard the Guardians?” authored  by Pitirim Alexandrovich Sorokin,  American sociologist and political activist (published by the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan) examined the history of  famed rulers like the Mughals, the Romans, the  Czars  (and of course we may and the Stalinist, Maoist and Hitlerite rulers).  The immorality and  criminality of the  rulers was in direct proportion to the  power that they exercised. Usually, power and criminality go with the degrees of  prosperity too, which can  be graded as well -to -do, rich,  affluent  and finally opulent.  As the well -to -do -ness among people increases, morality  and ethics become  causality.  The dissoluteness is  aided by declining faith   in   religions and the   values they impart. This brief introduction is given to state what is happening  in the  West ( Europe and America) and what is just emerging in India among  its “educated” and “modern” men and  women .


2. The  great Chinese intellectual and  prolific writer, Zhang Wie Wie in his book, “The China  Wave : Rise of a Civilizational State  makes   distinction between the rise of the West and that of  China currently . For about  500 years, beginning in the  middle of the  15th century, the Western powers , Portugal, Spain , England , France, Netherlands, Belgium  and latter  Germany and Italy, traded, conquered and ruled and looted the rest of the world’s  wealth in  Africa, Asia,  Americas and  Australia. The natural resources of those  countries


and product of  their  labours were appropriated by cruel, extortionist exercise of power.   This loot was  justified and helped by the  task given to them by the  Pope and  other Preachers ,  to spread Christianity.   The conquered peoples were de-cultured  and their  penury  was utilised by the power of the rulers  to convert them.    Those “educated”  by the  colonisers got de-nationalised; that is,  they turned against their  own heritage and  culture and faith and their view of  nature and  the Universe. The prosperity of the West sometimes declined due to    deadly  wars among themselves ( the 30 Year War, the 7 -Year  War and World Wars -I & II).  The decline has been steep with the   loss of their colonies and the  rise of the newly independent countries. Zhang Wie Wie makes the  most telling point that the rise of China (and to some extent,  India) is not by conquest, colonisation and imperial rule  like that exercised by the  West but by indigenous effort and utilisation of the  countries natural resources and  international trade .   China sinicized the  West’s science and technology and  India’s Buddhism  for development  with Chinese characteristics.


3. American author, Patrick J Buchanan,  in his  excellent book, “The Death of the  West(How Dying Populations and Immigrant Invasions Imperil  the West and its Civilisation) raises alarm based on facts as to how the West  has become dissolute and  is therefore declining  to its  final death;  that is, its civilisation and  culture and power would perish.  Both in European countries and in the  United States, family as an institution started crumbling.  40% of the population have given up church going and   belief in the church organisation and the preachings of  Pastors and Bishops and such clergy is going down.  Living together outside marriage, divorces,  children out of wedlock;  avoidance of  pregnancies by taking pills; abortions becoming legal and also facilitated at home itself by taking another pill;  40% single  parent  families,  hedonist indulgence and  personal gratification have all led to the women’s fertility rate  (number of children per woman) dropping to 1.4  whereas 2.1   only can ensure  the stand –still; that is, no increase, no decline in population. But with 1.4 fertility  rate,  the population of the  white  Christian Europeans and Americans is precipitately declining. The percentage of the old is going up.  In order to work and also render services to the old, immigration both legal and illegal has increased.  For eg: today, London  is a non-white, non-British majority city; Germany is getting flooded with Muslims not only from Turkey but from Iraq and  Syria; France and Italy are  getting flooded with  Africans who are mostly  Muslims.  Towns and cities are  becoming non-white  immigrant majorities . By the year 2100, the European nations  including  Russia would experience a decline of  about 40% of the  white  Christians. With the decline of populations,  the so called Christian or Western civilisation and culture would be on the  wane. This is what  Buchanan calls the Death of the West and the rise of non- Christian, mostly Muslim population, culture and faith.  Marriage is no longer  necessary. Many white  Christian women in Europe and America  like to have children without  marriage ; consider that marriage and husbands are not necessary  to have  children. Artificial insemination (just as for cows and buffalos) can produce  progeny. It is  this destruction of   marriage and  family,  that   leads to loss of faith in religion. Affluence brings about amorality .


4. What is happening in the West as described by Buchanan is now in its incipient  stage in India. The recent judgements of the  Supreme Court like the progeny of  couples living together outside  marriage  can inherit properties; adultery is not a crime, same  sex marriages are not an offence or  a crime  and that ages -old tradition of not allowing  women during  certain period of  life into Sabarimalai temple, the growth of  surrogate motherhood, increased divorces,   all  tend to  facilitate the same phenomenon of the decline of the  West, in India  also,  especially among the  so called  forward, educated , affluent  castes. We can already see that mong the  forward castes, especially in the two Telugu States, the  fertility rate is less than two.  And all over India the proportion of the forward castes  population has declined from about 30% to less than between 15 & 20%. There is  clandestine conversion of  Hindus not only among  SCs & STs but even among the  BCs and  FCs because of de-Indianised, dharma-ignorant  education. 


5. When once the limits  imposed by religion or dharma are breached with impunity and the  judiciary tends to promote  the breaches  in the  name of fundamental  rights, equality of sexes,  social  justice, concepts instilled into the  young de-Indianised leading to the  rise of “left, liberal, secular, progressive”  persons, many of them inducted into the  judiciary from Indira Gandhi time  onwards in the name of “committed  judges”. Increasing  surrogacy and  populism of   politicians are leading to   the  denigration of  Hindu Dharma and devaluation  of  work  ethic and  glorification of the  welfare ethic. Unless we de-colonise the mind of the  so called “educated” and stop the sale in India of the  Christian religions being discarded in the  west, we can be sure that the Hindu society which has been able to  withstand  centuries-long murderous  assaults by intolerant, invading  hordes and colonising and proselytising West, we may go the way of the  declining and dying  West.  Just as the  West is flooded by immigrants  of  alien cultures and  faith, Indi a is getting  flooded by millions  of Bangladeshis and  now, lakhs of Rohingyas  who are being accommodated by certain sections of our people in certain areas. The historic Bharatiya  resistance to conversions as well as to foreign over -lordship may crumble unless  patriotic sections of our people  and their parties   prevail to decolonise the Indian mind and de-toxify it from  Western culture and  strive to preserve  Hindu Dharma, family and culture. As philosopher George Santayana had said, “those who don’t learn from the mistakes of the past are condemned to repeat them”.            (1,307 words)