Memoranda for Submission to the Chief Ministers of the Two Telugu States.


Arrest of Seven “Activists”

Dt:  3/9/18


Arrest of Seven “Activists”


Dr T.H.Chowdary*


Several organisations and their chief functionaries, almost all very well -known for drawing  inspiration from  and activism for  various communist parties,   progressivism , leftism, social justice, democratic freedoms, civil rights, human  rights, freedom of  expression etc.,   are loudly denouncing  the arrest of the  seven  activists allegedly engaged   in support of various underground groups waging war  for several  decades  against the state of India. These worthies never spoke against the externment of Swami Paripurnananda from Hyderabad by the Government of  Telangana.


2. No underground groups  especially armed  like  the Peoples  War Groups  of the Maoist Communist Parties can sustain   their  war   for more than  three decades without an above  ground infrastructure  to collect funds, arms and ammunition, provide intellectual  support through academia  and the  media. These constitute the, Urban Naxalites in   universities. They are also infiltrated  into  several government organisations .   Some of these have  links with international  groups with similar ideology and methodology of work. 


3. I am  very well conversant  with the  activities and organisations of the  above -ground infrastructure and how it functions  because as a  student, I was part of the Communist   effort   to pull down   the  Nehru government which was characterised  by the  international  communist ideologues (Stalin, Rajni Palmi Dutt among others)  that the Nehru government  is a lackey  of  Anglo-American  imperialist powers and therefore requires to be  pulled down through an armed revolution led by the Communist Party of India. B T Ranadeve  replaced the moderate and popular   P C Joshi as the Secretary of the  CPI.  Their armed actions were



largely evident  in Telangana, adjacent Andhra  districts, Kerala, West Bengal and a few places in Maharashtara. Sardar Patel was the Home Minister of the central government and  Rajaji   was the  Premier of the Madras Province.  Those wise men  realised that  in order to put an end  to the  communist insurgency the above ground infrastructure should be  disabled,  Preventive Detention Act was enacted.    Under that Act,   hundreds of  Communists and  fellow travellers were preventively detained. And the  armed gangs were  largely eliminated  though armed  strikes .


4. It is a philosophy  of the Communist Parties  that   the legal procedures and  laws of the  bourgeois  capitalist, comprador state should be  fully exploited to save  the  above ground infrastructure  and  the captured underground    armed persons.  As a student in the  college of Engineering, Guindy (Chennai) during 1948-’52, I was drawn to  the  communist ideology.  I was indoctrinated.  I was hiding  underground communists in my hostel room and circulating their pamphlets and news-sheets about  communist  guerrillas’ victories  over  Razakars and Nizam’s armed police in Telangana.  Elimination of class enemies by any means ( like “informers” being summarily, publicly shot without any trial) came to be morally justified  in the  interest of  people’s war against the  capitalist regime(s).


5. No civilised, multi-party democratic  State can give  quarter to the ideologically inebriated persons whether  they be in the academia or media or in  trade unions or other organisations. The  fundamental rights that are  guaranteed to the citizen  of Bharat are  for those  who have  faith in and commitment  to a multi-party democratic  state and  not  to the    votaries of  dictatorship of the proletariat. Several persons  are outraged  very  sincerely   about the injustice and  inequality that prevails  in our society.  Most of them  are wedded to a peaceful resolution of the  problems through discussion, debate and  laws made in the legislatures.  A minority of ideologically inebriated persons are however bent upon  destroying  civility in society and orderly government  of laws. 


6. It is astounding  that communists who supported  Indira Gandhi’s Emergency rule in which some compliant  Judges  ruled  that   a citizens’  life can be forfeited by any action of  the  government  and  that he  has no legal   remedy are  accusing the present  government  as  being  worse than the  Emergency. In no communist -ruled state like former USSR and currently China, North Korea,  Vietnam or are parties other than the communist party and newspapers other than those  run by the government  and the  ruling communist party were allowed.  True lovers of  genuine  democracy should  not be  cowed down  by the cacophony being  raised  by the  Urban Naxalites in various  professions   and  institutions.     (688 words)