Memoranda for Submission to the Chief Ministers of the Two Telugu States.


Federation or Union

Dt:  8/5/2018

Federation or Union


Dr T.H.Chowdary*



Chief Minister Sri Chandra Sekhara Rao garu has been  talking   of a Federal Front of regional  parties. Sri Chandra Babu Naidu is  reviving the  NTR idea that  the states are real and the   center is Midhya ( fantasy).   The regional parties are  singing the  song that India is a Federation of Sates. This is totally wrong.   India is not a Federation. It is  a Union of States, the Indian Union. Before 1947, there were no States, they were  provinces under the direct rule of the  British and there were more than 500  native  princedoms ruled by  Nawabs, Rajas and Maharajas.   Some of them had legislatures , their  own postal systems and  even  Railways.  Under the India Independent Act of  1947, the British renounced their  Paramountcy over the 500 and odd States and almost all of them excepting the Nizam  and Maharaja of  Kashmir acceded to the  Indian Union or to Pakistan.   The accession was to the Indian  Union and not to the   Federal State of  India.  The provinces were re-designated as States in our Constitution.


2. Our constitution uses the word Indian  Union. There are certain subjects reserved for the Union, some to the States , (the new designation for the old Provinces) and some subjects are in the  concurrent list. In respect of them  both the States and the Union can legislate. The Union is paramount.  It has the  responsibility to keep the integrity and sovereignty  of the  country and its  defence against foreign aggressors. Minus the Indian union the states  will revert to the pre-18th century  situation  of  disorderly and disintegrating  princedoms and nawabis. 


3. Statesmanship is required  to preserve the Indian Union from disintegration. The inspiring speeches of Dr. B.R.Ambedkar and  Dr Rajendra Prasad at the concluding session of the Constituent Assembly on Nov 1949 are worth  recalling. Both of them  expressed grave concern. They said if regionalism, linguism, casteism and communalism are  what the leaders and political parties espouse the country would  lose its freedom which it lost several times before but was restored  by great fighters against foreign  aggression  but this time, if fissiparous tendencies  prevail, then our freedom would be lost forever Governments will do well to  include the  speeches of these two great people in the text books in all the  secondary schools. Dr Rajendra Prasad specially said that however noble our constitution is,  if the  people elected to the   Legislatures  are mean, the constitution cannot  save this  country. Today, the political leaders especially the  regional parties are  establishing  family rule and succession. They are using the power of the  state and its mechanism to create wealth for themselves  to ensure their    successive victories in  elections and   devolution of  leadership  and ministerships to members of their family.  One  Chief Minister (head of a regional party) is even talking of autonomy  to the States.  Such persons are seditious; are whipping up disaffection to the Union.  Patriotic people should silence them. (486 words)