Memoranda for Submission to the Chief Ministers of the Two Telugu States.


National Integration Council Meeting on the 13th of Oct 2008 in New Delhi.

Open  Memorandum  to the Members of National Integration Council


Dt :  6/6/2018



National Integration Council

Meeting on the 13th of Oct 2008 in New Delhi.


- Dr T.H.Chowdary*



I was not a little surprised to hear on the All India Radio on 06/06/08 that  the National Integration Council (NIC) is called to meet in Delhi on the 13th of  October.  The stated purposes of this is to discuss  the  violent incidents in Kandhamal district of Orissa and in Karnataka. In both places  Christians  and  Hindus  are involved. Besides  on   Sunday the 5th  of October, there was a riot between Muslims  and  Hindus  in Dhule, Maharastra. And of course we have been having a series of bombings by jihadis, almost unchecked in the city of their choice,  and at the time and place of their choice. It is obvious India  is  being  torn asunder by four  sets of  people.


  1. CPM Maoists, Peoples War Groups
  2. The home- grown jihadi terrorists, of course aided by  world jihadism and
  3.  The multinational Christian missionaries who are working to reap a  “harvest” (i.e converts) of Hindu  souls to Christianity and
  4. Outraged Hindus who are reacting to aggressive marketers of revolution and religions, both foreign sourced.
  5. Pakistan based jihadists  infiltrated into J&K
  6. De-mobilised I.S jihadi champions


It is necessary to consider each of  these separately but all in a connected perspective.

2. Let us first take  the jihadi terrorism and  bombing and killing and maiming of people.  The jihadis are  advertising and are proudly asserting that they are doing  these killings of non-believers in order to establish the supremacy of Islam. They further quote the  Ayats from  the holy Koran which are inspiring them to urge the jihad.  It is obvious that the inspiration to these jihadi terrorists is coming from  very mistakenly  but certainly from some Ayats from the holy Koran.  Thousands of Madrasas have come up after Independence and most of them are helped for their  establishment by Saudi  money. Here is what Ms. Madeline Albert has to say about Saudi financing of madrasas and  the wahabi version of  Islam . 


“King Fahd (who died in August 2005) was proud of precisely what makes me nervous ----the support his government has given to Islamic institutions overseas, including some 210 Islamic centers, more than 1,500 mosques, 200 colleges, and almost 2,000 schools.  The Saudis are confident that their faith is the true one and thus see no inconsistency in subsidizing their own religion abroad and at the same time prohibiting the practice of other religious at home......During my meetings before 9/11, the Saudis reacted indignantly to any suggestion that Muslim terror networks were gaining strength.  They viewed such allegations as an attempt to discredit Islam.” (Pages 208 & 209)   

These are excerpts from the book, “ The Mighty and the Almighty” by Madeline Albright



3. The true  and powerful sources of  instruction and inspiration for  Muslim masses are (a) madrasas where many  Muslims  in their childhood are taught and  indoctrinated and (b) speeches of  Imams  and other clerics after the prayers in mosques.  I suggest that we should have national monitoring committees consisting of  independent intellectuals drawn from Hindus, Moslems and Christians from the  district level onwards. Their job should be to monitor what is being taught in the madrasas, in the Christian  seminaries and Hindu Pathasalas. They should also   monitor the speeches made in the mosques, especially after Friday prayers.   This monitoring should be done  by their  unannounced visits. They should  be equipped with cam - corders to record   (both visual as well as audio)  in the madrasas, seminaries, churches, Pathasals, temples and  mosques.  Whatever is promoting intolerance or  hatred or denigration of other religions must be reported for correction, expulsion and punishment .  


4. When we are talking of integration we must  realise that decades of the   existence of the National Integration Council had contributed little for integration of minorities.   When we are  keeping the minorities, that is  Muslims all the while in thought and action away from  the rest by Minority Commissions at the Union and State level, Minority Finance Corporations, Muslim First Programs, Minority Colleges and Minority Welfare Departments, we are making the Muslim minority,  a permanent minority,  separate and distinct from the rest of the  people. On top of this, we have the Sachar committee, the facts in which report are disputed. Based upon this report, we have the Muslim First programs.  Obviously, the implementation of  these in 90 to 120 districts (excluding Assam, West Bengal & Kerala) and setting apart 15% of the  11th Plan funds for minority i.e Muslims, is “permanentification” of  Muslim  separateness from the  rest of the people.  This is promotion of disintegration and not integration at all. We have the  Human Rights Commission at the Union and the State level. Are  Muslims   not human beings?  Are  not Christians human beings  just  like non-Christians  and non-Muslims?  Why don’t we treat them as ordinary human beings like Hindus  and why not the National Human Rights Commission  itself deal with any infraction of human rights, irrespective of the religion of the  people? When once we have a separate  Commissions for Muslims  and  Christians,  we are  promoting not integration but the  permanentification” of  separatism and disintegration. 


5. As if  this Muslim  that is, Minority Commission  is not sufficient, we are now having BC Commissions and in states like  Andhra Pradesh, there are moves to have a separate Christian Minority Commission, Christians Minority Finance Corporation  etc. Besides, as if   the Rs. 350 cr  (and increasing) subsidy to Muslims performing Haj ( a subsidy which no other country, including Islamic countries in the  world gives  is not sufficient, to disintegrate the nation by discriminating against Hindus, now in the state of Andhra Pradesh the Chief Minister  has introduced the scheme of  giving subsidy to Christians  making pilgrimage to  Jerusalem. Hindus wanting to see their gods in temples are having to pay fees, and charges whereas Muslims  and Christians are being subsidized for making  their pilgrimages to foreign lands.  This is certainly a disintegrative move and not  an integrative move . Hindus are taxed;  that tax money  is utilized to finance the pilgrimages of  Muslims  and Christians, whose  religions  are  preying upon Hindus to convert them to their  respective religions.  This is  promotive of anger and hatred in  Hindus for  other  religions and this is promoted by actions of the government  itself. What then is the  meaning  in having the Integration Council?


6. Christian Missionaries  are assaulting and are committing  aggression on Hindus. This is   a plain fact. I draw your attention to the  copious correspondence and discussions that Mahatma Gandhi (some excerpts  are in Annexure#1) had with large number  of  missionaries in the 1930s. These discussions were reported   and recorded by Mahatma Gandhi himself in his  journal, Harijan.  I request that you may kindly obtain a copy of the book, “History of  Hindu-Christian  Encounters ( AD 304 to 1996)” by Sitaram Goel published by Voice of India, New Delhi and read it. The chapter  “Encounters with Gandhi” in that book maybe gone through. It will be quite evident that Mahatma Gandhi held that the Christian Missionaries  in India are doing  a great disservice to Christ himself. He held  that they are using  their service programs through hospitals and  educational institutions  with the  evil motive of converting Hindus and making them quarrel   -   mothers, fathers and relatives and neighbours to bear out what is in the Gospel according to Luke, Chapter 12, Verses 51, 52 & 53.


According  to the Apostle Luke Jesus Christ said,

51  “Do you suppose that I came to give peace on earth? I tell you, not at all, but rather division.

52  “For from now on five in one house will be divided: three against two, and two

New testament of Bible:  

53:  “Father will be divided against son and son against father, mother against daughter and daughter against mother.

-Ch 12: Gospel According to Luke


Gandhiji was so much opposed  to the work of the  missionaries that to a pointed question by a Missionary, he gave the answer that if he had the power, he would after  India gained independence, ask the Missionaries  to go away from India if they continue  to use their services for gaining converts. This is what  exactly  they are doing, now on a larger and unchecked   scale.


7. The missionaries’  activity is now a multinational conversion  (MNC) enterprise operating in India  just like any  MNC . They  have targets, they have budgets, they have fulltime  and part-time paid  employees who, remain in the villages to mobilize  people for   kootamis” that is,  conventions. They have mapped every district and have worked out what is the composition of  the population  caste- wise and they have fixed up  targets and  allocated budgets at   different rates, for each person  from different  areas in  different castes. While engaged in the huge, full- time conversion activity with tens of thousands of very well paid and equipped  propagandists, they are  denigrating Hindu gods, sages and  their rituals and their beliefs  and their  culture itself. This was all known to Gandhji and to Dr. Ambedkar both of whom  said that the  moment a Hindu was converted to Christianity,  he ceases  to be Indian.  That is why Dr. Ambedker rejected Christianity  (as well as  Islam) for Harijans. He advised them to take  to Buddhism.


8. Different sects of Christianity, (Methodists, Baptists, 7th Day Adventists, Lutherans, Presbyterians, Pentecoasts etc.,) are competing with one another to plant  churches in village after village. Quite  often, we see in one village   5 to  6 churches of different  denominations, even when the total  number of converts is no more than  100. Day in and day out, mounting loud speakers on the  churches, they are broadcasting all sorts of things  which are totally insulting, enraging and unsettling  Hindus; their tolerance is reaching unbearable limits, Hindus  are being provoked to resort to similar measures to defend, preserve  and protect their “religion”, exercising the same constitutional right as Christian propagators. 


9. This  insistent preying by missionaries on Hindus is  converting the normally docile and tolerant Hindus into as fanatical, as determined and as militant Christian Missionaries and their  minions.  It is this which is leading to disquiet and conflict and rioting between Hindus and Christians .


10. I will just give  one example  of the great fraud that is  committed in Andhra Pradesh  by Christians. The table  below gives the % of Christians population  to that of Andhra Pradesh ‘s in successive censuses.


Christian Population in Andhra Pradesh









 Total population  mln





Christians  mln






% of Christian population







11. Is it possible to believe that the Christian population is declining while village  after village   is having more than one  church, some times upto 10 even ? Here is the statistic with regard to the places of worship of Hindus, Muslims and  Christians   district- wise in Andhra Pradesh. This information is taken   from the  Endowment  department.






% of Population




Places of Worship

No&(%of total)

198,857 (38%)

147,991 (28%)

175,959 (34%)


One place of worship for

341 persons

47 persons

6.7 persons


Existing No. of Temples, Mosques and Churches in A.P

as on 31st March 2005.





















East Godavari








Hyderabad (Rangareddy)

























5,000  (Aprx)



































West Godavari

















(Source: Revenue and Endowment Board of Andhra Pradesh)



12. The staggering number of churches  ( 1 for 6.7 people) and the  declining proportion of  Christian  population in Andhra Pradesh as per GOIs  census reports are contradictory. This is a fraud   because Missionaries  and  conversion gangs are advising the converted not to disclose  the fact of conversion so that  reservations can be  availed of.


13. We have IAS, IPS and other  officers who  got into the  government service by declaring that they are Hindu SCs but  they  have all along been practising  Christians  and now after retirement,  they are becoming the militant attackers of  Hinduism and protagonists of conversions. The Christian church organizations and   associations  and societies  have been publicly asserting through press conferences and statements that  the Christian population in Andhra Pradesh is between 10% and 12%; they have been  demanding that every party should set up 10% to 12% Christians  as their candidates for elections to the   state  legislature  and Zilla Parishads  and others. 


14. It is necessary to investigate what is the total cost of all the churches  that have been built in the recent years; find  where from the money has come and ascertain how many full time,  part time  paid propagandists and  Christian Missionaries  are engaged in marketing Christianity in every state. We may make a beginning with Andhra Pradesh . What is happening now in  Orissa and Karnataka is going to happen in Andhra Pradesh with a great explosive force, in much larger area. This calamity must be   averted by timely action; by banning organized conversion activities by Missionaries, Churches and allied NGOs.


15. The number of  minority colleges  in Andhra Pradesh  for professional  courses like engineering, medicine,  B.Ed, MBA, MCA, B.Tech etc.,  is  totally out of proportion to the  population of  each variety of minority and much more out of  proportion to the number of  minority  students appearing  in the entrance examination and much more to those  who qualify. There are years when the  total Muslim (and Christian) candidates  appearing for EAMCET  is les than the  admission  capacity of the Muslim (and Christian) engineering colleges.  SCs & STs are by all counts admitted to be backward. And therefore  irrespective of the  marks  that   they get  in the entrance exam to   professional  colleges, they are  admitted to the  extent of  15% and 7.5%.  Muslims are now claiming to be backward. Why don’t they fill up all the seats in the Muslim minority colleges with only Muslims  irrespective of the score in the EAMCET? Without doing that and selling seats to Hindus to the extent of  70%; they are now asking for reservations in the non-Muslim, non-Christian colleges;  that is,  in the  colleges of Hindus and  government. This is  another reason for  animus  between Muslims and Hindus and this is  facilitated by  actions of the  government itself.


16. Finally I submit that it appears that the  government is encouraging the  permanentification” of  minorities  and not their integration in the Indian nation. The latest evidence  of  this  is the  Government of Andhra Pradesh’s subsidies for Christian  pilgrimages to Jerusalem and performance of Moslems’ and Christians’ marriages from the budgets of the secular government (  The TTD administered, unlike money that Hindu devotees give to Balaji for its Kalyanamastu programme of poor Hindus’ marriages.  No tax monies are involved). 


17. What I request  in summary is :


a) Government should  desist from taking actions which make the minorities  unintegratable.  These are  minority   commissions, minority  corporations,  minority  colleges,  minority special programs etc.

b) Constitute joint monitoring committees to keep a watch on  what is being  taught in the religious schools; whether they  promote tolerance, respect for all religions or violence and actions in order to gain superiority  for one religion over the rest.

c) Investigate the work of   Christian Missionaries and converting agencies in Andhra Pradesh  and elsewhere in relation  to their  population and churches and their methods of marketing Christianity  and where  from they are getting  funds.


18. I request  that this note be circulated among  all persons  attending   the meeting of the National Integration Council and among concerned departments of the Government of India.





Here are excerpts from what Mahatma Gandhi said and wrote.


Ø  Mahatma Gandhi had tried to put the Christian missions in a tight spot by proclaiming that proselytization was morally wrong and spiritually sterile, if not counter-productive (History of Hindu Christian Encounters, Page 241).

Ø  Mahatma Gandhi advised the missionaries to serve the spirit of Christianity better by dropping the goal of proselytizing but continuing their philanthropic work.

Ø  …” Although the missionary  went to the foreign fields to win souls for Jesus, the results of his labours  also meant the extension of commerce.  Trade would follow the banner of the Cross, as readily as it would the Union Jack, the Stars and Stripes, or any of the other national emblems and usually it cost a good deal less.”…. (Young India of February 8, 1923)

Ø  The Harijan dated May 11, 1935 published an interview given by Gandhiji to a missionary nurse before that date.  The nurse asked him, “would you prevent missionaries coming to India in order to baptize? Gandhiji replied, “If I had power and could legislate, I should certainly stop all proselytizing.  It is the cause of much avoidable conflict between classes and unnecessary heart-burning among the missionaries”.


Ø  In Hindu households the advent of a missionary has meant the disruption of the family coming in the wake of change of dress, manners, language, food and drink”.  The nurse commented, “Is it not the old conception you are referring to? No such is now associated with proselytisation”.  Gandhiji was well-informed about the missionary methods.  He said, “The outward condition has perhaps changed but the inward mostly remains the same.  Vilification of Hindu religion, though subdued, is there……”


Ø  About the humanitarian work Gandhiji  had this to say. , “ the other day a missionary descended  on a famine area with money in his pocket, distributed it among the famine-stricken, converted them to his fold, took charge of their temple and demolished it.  This is outrageous.  The temple could not belong to the converted, and it could not belong to the Christian missionary.  But this friend goes and gets it demolished at the hands of the very men who only a little while ago believed that God was there.”