Memoranda for Submission to the Chief Ministers of the Two Telugu States.


Christian Prayers for Change of Central Government in 2019

Dt:  28/5/18


Christian Prayers for Change of Central Government in 2019


Dr T.H.Chowdary*


The Arch bishop of  Delhi Rev. Anil Couto  issued (May 2010) a letter  to his congregation to pray,  in effect, for the change of the NDA government in the elections to the Parliament in the year 2019.  Earlier,   the Arch bishop of Gandhinagar (Gujarat) issued  a letter to his  congregation  exhorting them to vote, in effect against the  BJP in the  elections to the Gujarat Legislative Assembly . The Delhi  Archbishop’s  action  is supported by the Archbishop of Hyderabad  Rev. Tumma Bala, the Vikar General of  Hyderabad Arch Diocese Father Swarna Barnard,   the Chief of  Independent  Churches, Bishop Wilson  Singam, the Bishop A C. Solomon Raj the head of the churches  of South India and others. It is  clear  that the different  Christian Churches are  ranged  against the BJP-led NDA government and are  engaged  in a campaign  to disaffect Christians in India as well as inciting foreign Christian organisations which are  in several  ways  funding  the conversion activities of different proselytising Christian missions in India. 


2. From the  figures given bellow it would be clear that Christian conversion organisations are  engaged in a great  fraud. They are telling the converts to declare themselves for government records like  census government jobs, as Hindu SCs. 


Christian Population in Andhra Pradesh (undivided)









Total population  mln






Christians  mln






% of Christian population






Source:  Census of India


3. In the  two Telugu states A.P and Telangana  where tens of thousands of Churches, some of them funded by the governments, had come up, the Christian population as per census has been declining both in absolute  number  as well as  a proportion to the  total.  According to

the  censuses of India the  Christian population in India  was 2.3% in 1951 and 2.3% in 2011.  Is it believable that  hundreds of years of missionary activity and  the  rise and  rise of  Churches  by tens of thousands could produce only so little no rise at all.  Obviously, the fact of conversion is kept undeclared for government records to avail of  reservations and other benefits of  Indic (Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist) Dharmas.


4. Why can’t the Reverends of  Churches be honest and tell their flock to pray  for truthful conduct? The Christian organisations in India are also agitating that  the Dalit (that is, Hindu SCs) converts to Christianity should be treated  on par with  Hindu SC for the benefit of reservations.  It is clear that  the conversion  missions are  advising  the converts to take their  caste into  Christianity also, which again is a great  fraud on Christianity itself which claims that there are no castes among Christians .


5. Would Bishop Solomon Raj, the head of the Churches  of South India  who claims to  represent 60 Churches; 102 Bishops and 780 Clergies across Telangana  alone, let the  public know as to  what percentage  of the  102  Bishops and 780 clergies are Dalit Christians  and whether in their Churches,  there  are reservation  for  Dalits in the matter of promotions like Bishops and Arch Bishops in proportion to their castes?  It is understood that while the Hindu SC and  ST converts to  Christianity are about  85% of the  Christian population, their percentage  among  Bishops and  Archbishops and Cardinals  is perhaps not even  a single  digit figure. If the dalit and ST Christians  cannot get reservation in the  superior ranks of the  clergy, what rational have they got to demand that the  secular government should  give reservations for  dalit  Christians?  The Bishops and  Archbishops who are engaged in the campaign for  change of the  government in Delhi, should be honest enough to answer the questions  raised in this  communication .


6.   These Bishops, Arch-Bishops and  other Christian clergy, irrespective of their  sectarian denominations are saying  that there  is intolerance and  derogation of “minorities” on the parts of the  majority Hindus is menacingly on the  rise  and so they are feeling “insecure”.  Their charge is  utter false-hood.  Those who ae  guilty of  crimes committed in the  past ad  committing frauds now, but are not yet brought to  account nourish a sense of  insecurity. The proselytising groups are  pushing the dalit Christians into the  forefront of their  aggressive conversion propaganda, with the  idea of using the  Atrocities  Act to frighten the  Hindus who dare to object to and thwart the  calumny and fraudulent  conversion activities.  By the  false and  frequent  expression  of insecurity and  invocation of the  converts’ caste, they are aiming to get international intervention.  Their alienation in parts of  Christianised A.P has gone to the extent of  demanding  a separate Christian state to e  carved out with an area in proportion to their  population!  Dr Ambedkar had such a consequence I view when he advised the  dalits in 1956 not to convert to Christianity  or Islam but embrace only a Bharatiya  dharma, Buddhism. Governments in State and at the  Center and Hindus and  other  nationalists in particular must take note of  the  tendentious and  seditious activities of the  “wolves in sheep’s attire”, the fraudulent  subverters of Dharma in Bharat.  (805 words)