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What is Congress?

Dt:  23/5/18


What is Congress?


Dr T.H.Chowdary*



What goes by the  name of  Congress(I) is totally different  from the pre-independence body, since Indira  Gandhi take-over of it in 1969 and more so since Sonia of Italian origin made it her and her son’s fiefdom since 1998-since when the presidency of Congress  has remained hers unbroken  - the longest and unique in the  history of multi-party democracies in the  world.  What the intelligentsia of India and England thought of it can be seen from the following quotes.


2. Sri Aurobindo wrote:  The Congress……..what is it but a fascist organisation? Gandhi is the dictator like Stalin….what Gandhi says they accept and even the working Committee follows him; then it goes to the All India Congress Committee which adopts it, and then the Congress. There is no scope for any difference of opinion.   ( India’s Rebirth, P.213)


3. Dr B.R Ambedkar on Gandhiji’s Death wrote: "Mr. Gandhi had become a positive danger to his country.  He had choked all the thoughts.  He was holding together the Congress which is a combination of all the bad and self-seeking elements in society who agreed on no social or moral principle governing the life of society except the one of praising and  flattering Mr Gandhi.  Such a body is unfit to govern the country".

(Source: A Reporter At Large ( page 238/239) by M V Kamat)


4. Winston Churchill  speaking on the  Indian Independence Act;   1947 in the House of Commence said,  We are handing (India) the brightest jewel in the crown over  to  a band  of  rogues, rascals and freebooters.  Those who aspire to rule India are men of straw.  They will sell their brethren into penury, the Congress will drive the rupee down to mingle with the dust” .


5. On the occasion of the  centenary (1985) celebration of  Congress, Rajiv Gandhi  said: “Congress is infested with  time servers….the party had once again been infiltrated by vested interests.  Patronage and graft had affected the  national institutional  framework  ..nothing is considered  illegitimate if one marches under the right flag.  Power without  responsibility, right without  duties have  come to be their prerogative….(Congressmen ) are handicapped for, on their backs  ride brokers of  power and influence who dispense patronage  to convert  the (party) into a  feudal oligarchy.. They are  self -perpetuating cliques who thrive  by invoking the slogans of  caste and religion … Congress is their  den of  avarice.  They are   reducing the Congress organisation  to a shell from which the spirit of service and sacrifice has been  emptied.  corruption is not only tolerated but even regarded as the hallmark of leadership;  fragrant contradiction between what we say and what we do has become our way of  life. At every step our aims and actions conflict.  At every stage, our private self-crushes our social commitment. The ideology of the  Congress has acquired the status of  an heirloom. ….” (leadership inherited).


 Elsewhere in the  speech he said ( in regard to the  regional parties like the  TDP, the JDS, RJD , SP.  “Those who campaign for a  week center (now the TRS, the TDP and the  communist parties)..” campaign against the unity and integrity of India; their slogans of welfare are spurious because true welfare comes from growth (  and not from kanukalu, debt waivers) ….which they have been destroying.


6. Gandhiji said now that independence has been achieved; Congress should dissolve itself  and convert itself into a  social service organisation. Modi’s call for Congress-mukt  Bharat is elaboration of what Gandhiji desired but could not realise.


7.  The Congress  of pre-independence  India   does not  exist anymore.   It is  converted into the  family property of  Indira Gandhi  since 1969; it has indeed  passed into the  hands of  the family of  foreign origin.  True Indians must deeply think whether  they should support such an organisation,  especially in view of  it serving the special interests of “minorities” and  its willingness  to be manipulated by the  congenitally India thodo- fodo communist parties.  (653 words)