Memoranda for Submission to the Chief Ministers of the Two Telugu States.


Gaza Tragedy

Dt:  18/5/18

Gaza Tragedy


Dr T.H.Chowdary*



Gaza is once again in the news.  This is a small strip of land on the  eastern edge of  Sinai  desert of Egypt but projecting into the western edge of the Negev desert of  Israel. Its area  is just 362 sq. kmts.   It is inhabited by  Arab Palestinians.  In the  Arab Israel 6-day war of 1967,  this piece  of Palestinian territory  under  occupation of Egypt, came to be occupied by Israel, the victor. Its  population then was 3,50,000.   In  the 1990/93  OSLO Accords  between Israel and the Palestinian  Liberation Organisation (PLO) of Arafat, the Palestinian Authority (PA)was created  to administer the Palestinian territories so far occupied by Israel.  This agreement was opposed by the  Gazan Palestinian Arabs . They went under the leadership  of the most violent and terrorist   organisation, Hamas.  Hamas openly stands for  destruction of Israel. Defying  the PA  Hamas started administering  the  area.   Ever since  it has been launching  suicide as well as  other terrorist  attacks on Israel.  Its population has swelled  to   21 lakhs; 6 times within  the last 50 years.  Hamas says that while Israel has  bombs, Gaza has   wombs; that is, producing  children making them suicide bombers and  terrorists.  It has  the  world’s highest people density at 5479 per sq. kmts.  


2. The Hamas dug about 300 tunnels  into Egypt  through which it has been smuggling ammunition,  guns missiles and other weaponry.   Smuggling id because Egypt and Jordan had signed peace treaties with Israel recognising  that country’s   right to exist and have  diplomatic relations  which  require that  Egypt does not  allow smuggling of  arms and  weapons and ammunition and  other contraband  into Gaza.  The Gazans  have dug over 30 tunnels,  some of them  2.5 kmts long ; 1.8 mtrs  high  through which  they would  sneak into Israel, abduct its  people and carryout murderous destruction. 


3. Gaza under Israeli occupation was supplied water,  electricity and even food by Israel.  Persistent terrorism by Hamas    led  to unsustainable  military occupation by Israel. It pulled out its  settlements.  There were two   uprisings, (intifadas) against  Israel. The 2014 uprising could be put down by Israel only after a 38-days long war; whereas no Arab –Israeli war (1956, 1967 and 1973) lasted  even for half that number of days.


4. There is a terrible crisis because of  increasing   population, diminishing water resource,  and food  to sustain this population. It has been  largely living on  United Nations  contribution of about  $ 355 mln  per year   - money that Indians also  contribute to the UN.   The latest (may 14, 2018) its uprising  is to protest against the  USA (followed by Guatemala and very soon other   countries)  shifting  its embassy from Tel Aviv to Israeli’s capital  Jerusalem. While the PA, the legitimate government of Palestine  resents this   but does not take to any violence, Gazans alone have taken to violence. Tens of thousands are  trying to forcibly enter into Israel, staging violent  demonstrations and pelting stones and  attacking  Israel’s security forces. Is it not legitimate for Israel to stop them from coming ? If lakhs of  Bangladeshi Muslims  or Pakistanis enter into India in a organised and violent  manner,  will  not India  prevent them from  entering our country by every means?


5. It is  said that 700,000 Palestinian Arabs had to flee from Israel during the  1948 Israel  Arab war. But ten lakh Jews from different Arab and Muslims countries, from Iran to Morocco,  had to flee  and take  shelter in Israel. 


6. Now Hamas and to some extent  PA and  Arab and Muslim countries demand that Israel allow the  return of over  2 mln  Palestinians   ( the 700,000 multiplying to more than 2 mln  by now).  From the   Muslim majority Kashmir valley of  India’s J&K, 400,000 Hindus had to flee  the terror of the  Islamists and since  1991  they are  living as refugees   in other parts of India.  The secularists,  the left liberal intellectuals and   communists  and of course,  Muslims living in India have no words  about this  dismal fate  of  the expelled Hindus,   but have bleeding hearts for the Palestinian Arab Muslims. 


7. Gaza under Hamas rule  is  a rebel territory of the  PA.   It is an outlaw in Palestine itself.  The furious growth of population  and  feeding the people on hatred for Israel and love for suicide bombing, amounts to inviting disaster by themselves.  Instead of counselling the Gazans and  Hamas to join the main stream  in the   PA,   do-gooder and bleeding hearts are exacerbating  the misery of Gazans and driving them towards mass suicide by explosive  growth of   population  with consequent  unavailability of  enough drinking water and electricity and food stuffs and  health facilities   including medicines. India   should remember the plight of its own  Hindus driven away from its own territory  of Kashmir as well as the tens of  millions of  who had to flee Pakistan in 1947 and many more millions  still fleeing Bangladesh (in addition to about 30mln Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators  into India who settled down in Bengal, Assam, Bihar and now in Kerala too. (828 words)