Memoranda for Submission to the Chief Ministers of the Two Telugu States.


Where Artificial Intelligence Will Lead ?

Dt:  16/5/18



Where Artificial Intelligence Will Lead ?


Dr T.H.Chowdary*



The World Telecommunications and Information Society Day, 17th may  has its origins  in the International Telegraph  Union established in 1865; the first and the oldest international organisation  which with the development of   telephony and radio  morphed into the  International Telecommunications   Union (ITU)  and  with the developments of  computers and Internet it became  since 2004  the World Telecom & Information Society Day.  The theme to be deliberated upon by  professionals and public this year is Artificial Intelligence  (AI) and how it can serve  all sections of society.   Intelligence has been evolving in humans for  thousands of years. What is  captured by our senses  of sight, hearing , touch , smell and  taste is stored  in our brain as memory  and our mind  is what integrates the sensed  information into intelligence.  We continuously learn and utilise that learning to become  more and more intelligent.  Science and technology have enabled us  to invent various  kinds of machines which help us  to draw water and oil and gas from the  bowels of earth;  our  transportation across continents and into space and so on.    The latest generation of machines are robots.


2. If we put  some information  and logic into these  Robots, they perform   various  tasks which are a drudgery and danger for human beings.  Robots are  now patrolling  the dangerous  boundary between  Israel and Syria on the  Gola Heights ; Robots are  sent as soldiers into the   tunnels  that Palestinian  Hamas  has dug  between Gaza and Israel. Robots are substituting  human labour  in the  Toyota factory  near Tokyo where  there are 60 people whereas 360 Robots turn out  10,000 vehicles a day.



3. If robots  are made to learn  and use that  learning for thinking  and  reacting  and forecasting and  prescribing,  they will be substituting for human intelligence. This is what has been happening  in the past few decades. Robots are  learning and thinking besides storing  information. Learning leads  to logical thinking, just as human beings  do. What is stored in our brain through our senses is converted by mind into  actions and  ideas ; prescription and forecasts… Here are some achievement of  artificial intelligence from what robots learnt;  that is,  machines  learning and using their memory and react logically just as humans do. In 1998 the IBM’s computer Deep Blue  played  chess with  the then world champion,  Gary Casparov and defeated him over  six  rounds of contest to become  the  world’s Chess champion.  In 2011, the most prestigious quiz, Jeopardy of the USA  (just like  Kaun Banega Karoorpathy in India ) was won not by a human being    but by the computer Watson, an  IBM make.  Watson won the first prize of $77,147.  The next runner -up was  a man, Ken Jennings with $24,000. What a difference!  The famous Manipal hospital has  a Doctors  Board for  Oncology . A Computer, Watson is  one of the  Members.  In 85% out of  thousands  of  cancer prescriptions worldwide,  Watson gave the  same  prescription  as doctors and  on another  8%,  the  doctors agreed that Watson’s prescription  was perhaps  better.  It means  that if the about 130 tests that are taken for a cancer  patient are fed to a Watson, it will give the  correct prescription! No great doctor is necessary.


5. The world was stunned in the year 2016 when Saudi Arabia gave citizenship to Sophie,  a Robot infused with Artificial  Intelligence. Sophie   came to  India (Hyderabad) in Feb 2018   and  gave a lecture to an international audience of I.T experts !  It was asked to speak on a subject; it marshalled  all the  information  it has already got on that subject and delivered a  speech. By the year  2100, it is averred that the AI endowed robots  will surpass humans in intelligence.  Internationally renowned  scientists and philosophers are engaged now in discussing what ethics and morality and judgements,  Robots  should be taught  to pronounce (and act too)  on what is right and wrong;  kind and cruel; love and hate.  Should the  AI endowed  Robots be taught these emotional values and of  which religion or dharma ?


6. Some  IT experts cum philosophers  opine that  the AI endowed Robots humanoids   may decide that the species humans  are a burden to earth and don’t’ deserve to exist and therefore they may wage a war and put an end to them. The late philosopher -scientist  Stephen Hawkins warned  scientists  and   engineers that  AI is  going to  be malevolent. There had been many species of life that disappeared  ( eg:  Dinosaurs) before humans . Will humans also  meet the same fate because of the humanoids the Frankenstein’s they are creating?  (760 words)