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Israel at Seventy

Dt:  9/5/18

Israel at Seventy


Dr T.H.Chowdary*


Three score and ten years ago,  the state of Israel was proclaimed on 14 May 1948 (5, Iyar 5708 according to the  Hebrew calendar).  This is one of the  100 new Nation States that were created after the  second World War.  In 1897  the First  World   Zionist Congress was held in Basel  in Switzerland under the inspiring initiative of Theodore Herzl . It took 50 years for the  aspirations of that Congress to  recreate  the Nation State for Jews  to be gathered from all over the world.  Jews  had been  expelled  almost wholesale as punishment for repeated revolts  of Jews in  the Rome’s Province of Palestine.  As soon as the Nation State of  Israel was announced in May 1948,  Armies  from five  Arab counties,  (Egypt, Jordan , Iraq, Lebanon and Syria)   invaded the newly proclaimed  state.    They  declared to destroy the new state   and    exterminate every Jew in the land.  The different  guerrilla units which  the Jewish settlers,  the Yeshiva raised to defend themselves from the British and the  Arabs  both of  whom were opposing the immigration of Jews into Palestine came together as Israel Defence   Forces (IDF), defeated and drove back the Arab  armies.  In Jan  1949  there was an armistice  and cessation of  hostilities  between armies.  About 200,000 Palestinian   Arabs fled  from the  newly established  state.


2. Since founding,  Israel  was involved in  periodic  wars  in 1948,1956, 1967 and 1973 with Arab States and    with the   neighbouring armed bands  Palestinian terrorist armies of  Hijbullah in Lebanon  in 1982 and 2006 and  Hamas in Gaza in 2004. After the failure of the  second Arab war in 1973 to destroy Israel, Egypt and Jordan signed peace  treaties with  Israel and  established  diplomatic relations.  The Jewish-Arab conflict settled down to Israel-Palestinian conflict   “ No War, No Peace”. Despite the  Oslo Accords  of 1993 between  Israel and the  PLO; the accord remains a child who is  unloved by either parent.  Palestinian terrorists  had  taken  to suicide bombings  and the  Arabs within  Israel had twice staged  intifada, rebellions. Israel built a wall to separate it from the   Palestinian territory.   The wall  and electronic  surveillance  stopped terrorists bombings  within Israel. East Jerusalem which was under  Jordan’s occupation  was liberated in the  Six Day War of  1967 and integrated into  one city, the  capital of  Israel.



3. Israel ‘s population in 1948 was 600,000. Nearly 1.5 mln Jews  were uprooted from the Arab countries and  they had to settle in Israel.  About as many Arabs, fled from Israel to the West Bank (Jordan), Syria and a few other  Arab/ Muslim countries . None are given citizenship.  The king of  Jordan drove out all  Palestinians  from his kingdom, as they became a menace and a  law unto  themselves.  Millions of Jews left the  former USSR and the east European countries after the  collapse of  communist rule there .


Israel absorbed over 200,00 survivors of the  Nazi Honocaust.  In all Israel absorbd over 5 mln Jews from over 100 countris. Israel was an engineering and  human project since the 1930s.


There are about 400,000 Israelis as settlers in the Palestinian West Bank. There are   1.8 mln Arabs within Israel. Just as Muslims in India have  the Indian  Union Muslim League and  the  Majlis-Ittehadul-Muslameen (MIM), the Arab Muslims within Israel have a party of their own, Balad, and have one MP in Israel’s Parliament, Knesset. Israel with 8 mln people  ( of whom 20% are  Arab Muslims )  is a  David among 350 mln Arabs and 1500 mln Muslims.  Balad’s office is adorned by the photo of   Gamal Abdel Nasser, just as AMU’s student’s hall displays Jinnah’s photo. Nasser vowed to destroy Israel in 1967. 


4. Israel first exploded its atom bomb in 1966. The facility is  located in Dimona in the  Negev desert.  Israel follows the  Begin Doctrine.  No Arab or Islamic state  would be allowed to develop nuclear weapons and missiles. Those would be destroyed. Israel destroyed the  Iraqi nuclear facility coming up with  French assistance in June 1981. In Sept 2007 it  destroyed  the nuclear facility coming up with  North Korean assistance in Syria.  In 2006, Israel  injected a virus into the  Iranian  nuclear facility which resulted in the  self-destruction of the centrifuges separating U235 from U238. The Iranian nuclear programme suffered a huge delay.


5. Israel  is a military super power entirely  because of  science & technology  it has nurtured.  Can this   apparent invincibility last for  long?  Would  not   some Muslim States  (eg: Pakistan and Iran)  develop  nuclear weapons and missiles?  What would  Israel’s position be then ?  Israel’s superiority in technology  could not  destroy the Hizbullah  in Lebanon in the 33- day long war;  and it was not able to subdue the Hamas in Gaza which had broken off  from the Palestinian Authority and has become a second virtual Palestinian state in the  making.


6. Turkey is a non-Arabic Muslim country. So is Iran. In    initial   years of Israel’s existence  both these were  friends of Israel. After the 1979 revolution, Iran  has become the deadliest enemy of Israel  publicly declaring  that   it aims to annihilate  Israel.  Till a few years  back Saudi Arabia, the Sunni Muslim state was also the  deadliest enemy of   Israel. In fact, in 1967  a few weeks before the   Six- Day war, the Saudi ambassador to the  UN who later became the Chairman of the PLO declared  that “not a single Jew would survive  and  Egypt’s Nasser declared that its intention was to destroy Israel and drown the  Jews in the  Meditarian  Sea . The defeat in 1973   of the combined  forces  of  Egypt,  Syria and Jordan  convinced the  Arab states  that they would not be able to   defeat  Israel in war.    That realisation led  Egypt and Jordon to sign  peace-treaties with Israel.  The intense enmity between Sunni- Saudi Arabia and  Shia -Iran  is leading to    covert  friendship between Saudi Arabia and  Israel . The  Saudi’s may seek  Israel’s nuclear shield against  Iran.


7. The OSLO accord of  1993  between the  Palestrina Liberation Organisation  and  Israel   is   like a  child  who is not loved by both the  parents. After Egypt and Jordan signed peace treaties with Israel  the problem has ceased to be between Israel and Arabs. It is now between Israel  and  Palestinian people . How  would the   Palestinian state    deal with the 400,000 (and increasing) Jewish  settlers in Palestine  area?  Will the Jewish settlers  in Palestine and  Arabs in Israel be treated  as reciprocal  hostages?


8. Israelis are introspecting  intensively about   the security of their state  in the  long run. Israel’s Ashkenazi Jews of European origin  are the  well -to -do class and  are not   committed to   Judaism.  The  Jews that had come from the  Arab lands and Africa  ( mainly Ethiopia)  Sephardim, are poorer  compared to the Western origin    Ashkenazi. By now, they have become the majority. There is cleavage between these two economically and religiocity- wise differentiated   sections    of the Jewish population in Israel.  Also, the ultra-religious, orthodox Jews who are  increasing, refuse to be  drafted  into the  Israel’s armed  forces. The Arabs  within Israel are growing  furiously just as Muslims  in India.  These Arabs staged twice staged  revolts against the  State.  For how long,  can Israel remain a Jewish  majority state?   Would it become a bi-nation  (Jew and Arab) state  and not a uni-nation Jewish state ? In India   Muslims  have the  memory  of creating  Pakistan by asserting that they are a  different nation apart from  Hindus , Sikhs and Buddhists . Would Israel’s Arab Muslims do likewise?  There is also a Peace Now moment in Israel espoused by communists, ultra liberals and  Arab residents, just as in India we have  the secularists,   communists  and  left liberals  who dream of  peace with Pakistan .



9. Israel’s National Water carrier: 


Israel is a continuing engineering project from the   times of the Jewish  immigration in the 19th century.  One of  the  greatest accomplishments of Israel is water management.

Even  before the establishment of the State of Israel, the Yishuv that is, the  Jewish  settlements in Palestine  drew up a plan for water supply for  all the  areas it wanted to settle in and ultimately for the state of  Israel. In 1939  the mandatory power,  England wanting to  restrict the immigration of  Jews  from all over the world into Palestine  (present day Israel plus whole of the  West Bank under the Palestinian  Authority-  PA) estimated   that  it would support only  2 mln inhabitants  because of the limitation  of all sources of water   and so it wanted to restrict the immigration of Jews at 15,000 per year.  Today,  the total population  of Israel ( 8 mln)  and  Palestine  ( 4 mln) is 6 times more than  what the  scientists and  engineers of   developed Great Britain said could  be supported. Israel  established  the Israel National  Water Carrier in June 1964.  Whole of Israel and areas under the   Palestinian Authority are  served  by it. The National water carrier can support a population of 20 mln!


       From Lake Galilee in the north to  Beersheba in the   Negev desert in the  south a National Water Grid has been  constructed  all underground, for security and prevention of  loss of water by evaporation, if distributed through surface canals. 12,000 crore gallons per day ae  pumped through the  network .  62% of the  water   is manufactured    27% by de-salination; 21%  by reclaiming and refining the sewage  water and 11% brackish water; 38% of the water comes  from natural sources  -     28% from aquifers and 10% from the Sea of  Galilee ( an Inland lake).  55% of  Israeli’s water is used  for agriculture ; 33% for households ; 6% for industry and 5% is exported to the areas under Palestinian Authority and the kingdom of Jordan. The country is crisscrossed by this water carrier and distribution system which extends into the Negev desert which  constitutes  60% of the area of  Israel.  At the  peak of construction 7.14 % of the population was engaged in digging, laying   pipes, putting the barriers and so on. They spent 5% of the  GDP on the  national water carrier  project. This should be a lesson for us.   The GDP spent was 5 %. Israel is now the model for the rest of the world  for water production, storage and distribution.  Israel is the only  country  in the  world  where  forests are expanding  and  deserts are receding .


10.  A few days ago, Israel’s cabinet took a decision authorising the  Prime Minister and the   Defence Minister together to take a decision  for Israel to go to war. Prime Minister  Netanyahu gave a live power point presentation  of the  evidence Israel has gathered about the  nuclear  bomb program of Iran. The US President Trump terminated  the  “no sanctions” agreement with Iran on the  7th May.  On the 14th of  May, the USA  is scheduled to move its  Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem .   Put these developments together and let us wait as to what would  happen as in 1967, 1981, 2007  or when?


The sword will devour forever


-          Moshe Dayan

Of the 1967 Six  Day War fame


“….given our history and  geography peace is hardly likely.


-          Yossi Sarid, a socialistic labour leader & intellectual



The quotes remind us of India-Pakistan relations.



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