Memoranda for Submission to the Chief Ministers of the Two Telugu States.


Sanaatana Dharma That is, Hinduism - Attack And Defence






Sanaatana Dharma That  is, Hinduism  - 

Attack And Defence


Dr T.H.Chowdary*



Ø  Attack


·         Hinduism is under attack in India by the modern Dusta Chatustayam - evil quartet of  (i) Islamists (ii) Christian missionaries (iii)  Marxists and    de-Indianised  secularists   left liberal gangs  . The Islamists and the  Christian missionaries   get plenty of  money from foreign  sources.  Madrasas  are established and funded in large numbers.  So also    are    Churches planted in tens of thousands under the Project Joshua.  The Christian missions of different denominations planted 50,000 Churches in  the undivided  Andhra Pradesh most of them  are in the coastal districts.  None of them have any permission from the local  authorities.  The propaganda through loud speakers  and   house-to-house visiting   gangs distributing literature is leading to  civic strife.

·         Regional parties like for eg: the TDP and the  TRS  in A.P and  Telangana respectively woo  minorities for their votes   and have been showering   many  largesses like funding from the government budget,  pilgrimages of Muslims  and Christians to Mekka and Jerusalem respectively; construction of  Churches  and Mosques;  establishment of   Urdu  universities; building  of Haj Houses;   funding madrasas ,  paying  Imams  and  muezzins monthly salaries;  distributing gifts  on the  festive occasions like  Christmas and Ramadan; giving Iftar parties, distributing  sarees etc.,  all these  from the  tax payers money  without any countervailing  such benefits for  Hindus. For eg. Hindus wanting to see  Lord Venkateswara in Tirumala have  to pay their own travel charge and even have to buy ticket  to see and worship . There are  no facilitative Houses like Haj House  for Hindu  pilgrims  going to   Amarnath and  Manasarovar



·          The Congress party is no longer either Indian or national. Since 1998 it has been  taken  over by  a  Christian lady  of Italian origin and since then, she has been the President  and is grooming her son, an Anglo-Indian  rather   an Euro  - Indian   as her  successor.  The Congress party unabashedly says that votes for Congress are votes for  Christians ( JD Seelam, a Rajya Sabha  member   made this  statement  in Jangareddygudem  of  West Godavari District  at a large public meeting at which  the then Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy of Congress was Present) Dr Y.S.Rajasekhara Reddy  in Feb 2009 told in a public meeting that  his government is a government of minorities  that is  Christians and Muslims ! 

·         There is a  love and land  jihad   of Muslims  in states  like Kerala and West Bengal.   Love jihad involves  the inveigling of  Hindu girls into love by Muslim youth, converting them and marrying them.  Another practice is  that Muslim girls in Hyderabad  marry a Pakistani , they go to  Pakistan;  they beget children  4 to 5 of them and after that, the Pakistani  husband  throws out the mother . She comes  to India with her  5  Pak –sired children,  thus adding Muslims to India’s population.

The land jihad  consists of encroaching  public properties   and building upon them mazars and mosques. 

·         The collusion of the  regional parties  with the   “minorities”,  Muslims  has gone to  perilous  extent in  West Bengal where  Thrinamool Chief Minister has banned the immersion of  Durga  idols  on days when there is a Muslim festival.


Ø  How do we defend.


·         We need  political parties which promise  justice to Hindus.  This is the BJP. We also need a militant party which does not   hesitate to talk the truth  to Muslims and Christians  as breakers of the Indian unions, as  aggressors  on Hinduism  and that these people  are not loyal to India  but are simple residents .

·         Hindus  are reacting only as a caste community, not as  Hindu community.  We have to build  Hindu community. Muslims go to  a mosque on Friday  and come out fully charged with Islam. Christians go to Churches  of different denominations  on Sundays and come out fully charged with Christianity. We have to do  likewise . Hindus  of different castes should together  go to the temple of  their  Ishta devata on Sunday  which is the universal holiday.  It could be  either in the morning or in the evening . Just as in a  Church or Mosque;  there should be Pravachan,  community  bhajan followed by prasadam.  They, people of  different castes, but having a common devata like, Rama, Hanuma or Siva or Durga come out charged with  Hinduism.  This is the way that we can build  a Hindu community overarching  the  castes.

·         Pastors and the Imams are able to give  exposition or aspects of Christianity and Islam in a very scholarly manner.  We have to  convert  Archakas   into   Archaka cum dharma  prabhodhaks who could deliver  discourses like Imams and Pastors on  aspects of Hindu dharma.  This requires tremendous  new  effort.

·         Governments should be prevailed upon not to fund  madrasas  as    these are the  ones which  from child hood are instilling in Muslims  enmity towards Hindus  and inclination for terrorism and jihad.

·         The wakfs are  properties  confiscated priorities of Hindus  by invading, conquering  Muslim hordes. We abolished the  princes  and  zamindaris  and took away their properties  We should l nationalise  the wakf properties also. 

·         Foreign funds  should all come to one account  maintained by the  Ministry of Home  Affairs.  The donor should state the purpose and the organisation  to which he wants the money to be transferred. The Home Ministry must inquire into the activities  donee and donor of the donor before  transferring  the money to the donees   account .and insist upon auditing  both  monies as well as activities

·         Journalists and now a days writers and commentators   go on  using the word  South Asia  for  Bangladesh India and Pakistan  put together. The historic use was Indian Sub-continent. Now India is being obliterated to diminish the historic  importance of this  country India. Soon enough, they may remove the   word Indian  Ocean and call it by  some other name like  South Asian Ocean.

·         We should   use the word  Bharat  for India   and   the Indian subcontinent and   not the  word  South Asia.