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Indian History Congress+

Dt:  11/1/18


Indian History Congress+


Dr T.H.Chowdary*

Once there was only one labour organisation in the  country, the  All India  Trade Union Congress (AITUC).  Great nationalists like V V Giri , N M Joshi and others were  its leaders. It had the  blessings of  Jawaharlal Nehru and such patriots. But soon it was infiltrated and  was taken over by the  Indian  Communists. Congress realised its folly very late and had to found a new trade union i.e the Indian  National  Trade Union Congress (INTUC) excluding the  Communists. Under the  communist control, the AITUC became intolerant and suppressive  of any but the  communist  political line. So the  socialists  also went out and so many  other trade  unions  came out of it.


2.  Once there was only  one student’s organisation, the  All India  Students Federation. Its first  session was presided over by Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru.  Persons like  I K Gujral, H N Bahuguna  ( and  I even ) were its  members. The  AISF was like the  AITUC, infiltrated and  taken over by Communists. Then the  nationalist-minded  had to come out and  found the  national  Students Union.


3. The Indian  History Congress was founded  (origin 1935) with good intentions  but was infiltrated in and by now, is totally communist -controlled just like the  AITUC and the AISF.  When in 1969  Indira  Gandhi split the  Indian  National  Congress hallowed by the leadership of  patriots like  Dadabhai Naoroji, Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Patel and Jawaharlal Nehru, she needed the support of the  rabble.   The Communists  decided that was the best opportunity for them to infiltrate and influence the Congress.  Former members  of the  Central  Committee of the  Communist Party and such high-ranking  leaders  ( eg: Mohan Kumara  Mangalam, Raghunath Reddy, H R Gokhale) joined the  Indira  Congress and became  Cabinet  Ministers.  In return for the  magnificent  street and media  support, the  communist  parties requested a dakshina (gift) a University from Indira Gandhi. 


+(Most of this paper was written in Dec 2001 and published in the journal Secularism Combat.  This is the updated  (Jan 2018) version)


The bill for JNU was introduced in 1965.  Com. Bhupesh Gupta speaking in the  Rajya  Sabha want the  government to introduce courses in scientific socialism, cover word  for Marxism-communism.  The  JNU  became functional, courtesy Indira Gandhi in 1969.  Nehru was during  1947-’51 denounced as a lackey of Anglo-American imperialism by the Communist Party of India, led by B T Ranadive, under guidance from COMINFORM (Communist  International Forum) directed by J.V.Stalin.  The CPI then took to arms (Telangana, West Bengal, Madas, Kerala..) to overthrow the  Nehru government.  That was ruthlessly suppressed by Sardar Patel, Dy P.M and Home Minster.  They managed to put fellow-travelling history lecturers and communist writers into Universities, especially in the  JNU and other  Central Universities. Romila Thapar, Irfan Habib, K N Panikar, RS Sharma, KL Srimali, Bipan Chandra  and  their  colleagues  are first and foremost Marxists and  communists, earmarked  to work in the  realm of  history.   They have  been calling one another  “eminent” historians. One of them writes a book; other colleagues  review it and  call  him  a great  author. 


4. It is just like what is  described in a fable. The camels invited donkeys for their  marriage  party. The donkeys said “aho roopam”, i.e how magnificently beautiful are   the camels.  The camels in turn praised the  donkeys by saying  “aho dhwani” i.e how magnificent is the  sound (braying) of the  donkeys.  The “eminent” historians have immensely benefitted by implementing  the  wisdom in the  fable. ICHR was taken over by them. They   ignored every truly objective historian like RC Majumdar and  others. They trashed all the   great historians like Sir Jadunath Sarkar and UN Ghoshal. They were  nominating  themselves  to participate  in international Congress of Historians.  That is how they went on building their  exclusive “eminence”. These  people are  intolerant and  serve the  cause of the communist party.  The communist ”historians”  have always been  fabricators of history to suit firstly their  Marxist ideology and secondly, the  communist  master who has  gained control of  the party and the  country.  In the former  Soviet Union, the  “eminent” communist historians  re-wrote the  history of the Communist Party of the  Soviet  Union  whenever  a new communist  ruler  took over the party and the  country.  They glorified the  current master of the  communist party and government .


5. Communists,  like some  propagandists  of  fundamentalist religions,  repudiate  truth if it  does not fit into their dogma. They present only such facts  as  support their  dogma.  That is  how the communist  Government of  West Bengal has ordered  its writers of text books to recast Indian history into whatever  their ideology  wants  it to be presented  as.


6. I presented  the following  papers at three  meets of the  Indian History Congress


India’s Nationhood Before & After 1947 (Cuttack 2013)

Secularism: Precept & Practice in Post-Independence India  (JNU, Delhi 2014)

Truth & Reconciliation Commission  of  India (Malda, West Bengal 2015)


I asked for a discussion. Romila Thapar was there and  so was Irfan Habib. They “killed” me by their  silence. A friend remarked  to me in private. “ You are  lucky; they did not  abuse or manhandle you”.  It is significant  that the  IHCs are now held in anti BJP Universities /states West Bengal, Kerala, Jamia Millia etc.


7. The Indian history Congress must be freed from the clutches of communists.  Governments should not give any money to this communist-dominated outfit. Just as the nationalists broke away from the communist-controlled AITUC and the AISF, the  nationalist and patriotic historians must break away  from the Indian History Congress  and found a new organisation.  If we are to build up a strong, self-confident and  self-respecting, nation, Indian history must be  presented with all its glorious  achievements  from times  immemorial to the  successful  resistance for 700 long years to a foreign  religious  imperialism  followed by a political  colonial imperialism.  The  correction of the distortions, the  excision of the  fabrications, the  righting of the negations  systematically practices by Communists and fellow-traveller  history –writers  would  involve many struggles and a long time.  It will be a very strong struggle. The beginning has been made. The communist historians must be advised to invent  and adopt a new country rather than wanting to hang onto a country, the majority  of whose people have no regard and have no faith in them. The HRD Ministry and all its  organs must withdraw their patronage to thee  resident non-Indians (RNI) Marxist Macaulayite fabricators of history.  (1021 words)END