Memoranda for Submission to the Chief Ministers of the Two Telugu States.


Yagnas and Pujas

Dt: 10/1/18

Yagnas and Pujas


                                                           Dr T.H.Chowdary*                 


There is furore about the alleged special Rudrabhishekam  conducted surreptitiously  by  some tantriks in the  Kanaka Durga  temple , Vijayawada.  It would be interesting to note that such special pujas  had been common among the tallest in the Congress Party.   To recall a few,  when Dr N Chenna Reddy was   Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh (1978 -80) for unknown reason he fell foul with Sanjay Gandhi.  He came to know  that Sanjay Gandhi was about to get him dismissed . On the advice of a god man he retired  to Tirumala Hills unseen by  many and had a yagna conducted  secretly for days together  invoking god’s grace for continuance  of Dr Chenna Reddy as Chief Minister, saving him from the  wroth of Sanjay Gandhi.  In the event, Sanjay Gandhi  died while performing acrobatics in a plane in Delhi. Dr Chenna Reddy returned safe from his hide -out to continue   as Chief Minister.


2. Sri  M L Fotedar the Indira, Rajiv,  Sonia loyalist narrates such an  event in his  autobiographical  book, “The Chinar  Leaves”.  Amitabh Bachan has a special relationship with the Nehru- Indira  family.  He was in hospital after his  near  - fatal accident on a film set.  Indira was  extremely worried about Amitab. She  commissioned  Fotedar to get one  Harsukh Pandit to   perform some puja  for Amitab’s health and wellbeing.   She received an amulet wrapped in a white  cloth from a holy man  Deveraha Baba.   She gave that  amulet and prasadam  wrapped in a cloth , sealed it and  instructed  Fotedar to keep it near Amitab’s  pillow. The special  puja took 10 days to be completed .  Amitabh recovered gradually.  According to Indira  instruction as told by her Guru, all the puja dravyas were immersed in the  Arabian Sea. 


3. Sri P V Narasimha Rao had his  god men like  Chandra Swamy  who conducted special pujas for Sri Narasimha Rao to survive  the  conspiracies and the  no confidence motions against him.


4. Pt. Nehru who believed in scientific socialism and often criticised the Hindu rituals  had willed that his ashes should be immersed in the Ganga and  many other rivers in Bharat. 


7. There should  therefore be no surprise that  special  pujas and yagnas are conducted for  and  by politicians. (371 words)