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M L Foredar’s Revelations

Dt:  9/1/18

M L Foredar’s Revelations


Dr T.H.Chowdary*



M L (Makhan Lal) Fotedar  (  b. 5/3/1932  d. 28/9/2017)  is a flattering, abject and servile admirer and foot soldier of  Indira- Rajiv- Sonia line.  In 2015  he  penned a book with the  title, “Chinar Leaves” ( A Political Memoir)  full of  adulatory  narratives about Indira Gandhi, Rajiv and Sonia .   He is a Kashmiri Pundit.   It contains  his  version of  some  events  in which  he claims himself  as  a prime actor and benefactor of  Indira- Rajiv- Sonia  and  Priyanka.  Here are a few interesting revelations:


·         Indira  Gandhi dictated her WILL to Fotedar,  a part of which he has reproduced  in the  book. Indira desired  that her political legacy should belong to  Priyanka and not to  Rahul.   This portion was read out  by Fotedar to Rajiv. Rajiv was pleasantly surprised.  Rajiv accordingly was grooming Priyanka  in politics and  statecraft and not Rahul”. 

·         Indira Gandhi advised  Rajiv Gandhi that if ever he became Prime Minister, he should not make  Madhav Rao Scindhia a Minister in his  cabinet and that  he should not  bring Amitabh Bachan into politics.  Fotedar regrets that Rajiv did not respect Indira’s advice in regard to Priyanka, Madhav Rao and  Bachan.

·         Sonia  Gandhi went with a  list of  272 supporting  MPs to the  President in 1999 immediately  after Vajpayee’s  government was pulled down by one vote.   Madhava Rao Scindhia wanted to prevent Sonia  from becoming the Prime Minister.  He contacted Amar Singh, the purse and conscience keeper  of Mulayam Singh and  prevailed upon him to withdraw his party’s support to Sonia  Gandhi.  That did it .  Sonia  had no majority MPs on her  side and so she could not be invited to form the  government.   Madhav Rao Scindhia died in a mysterious areophane accident on 30 Sept 2001.


·         Fotedar told by Indira  to take  some instruction from Sanjay Gandhi.  Fotedar was treated very rudely. He observed , “ Sanjay sounded rude and dismissive. I had nothing but contempt for him for the  way he briefed me….”.

·         Fotedar claims that he helped  Narasimha Rao to become the  Prime Minister but that Narasimha Rao  proved to be underserving and ungrateful.  He suggests that Narasimha Rao  was responsible for the destruction of the   Babri structure. 

·         The autobiographies  from people in politics are  mainly meant for projecting their self- assumed importance. Fotedar  estimates of the   personalities  of Sarad Pawar, Narasimha Rao, Arjun Singh , N D Tiwari,  Sitaram Kesari, Sheela Dixit, Karan Singh shown almost all of them in bad light.  Karan Singh who voluntarily deposed before the  Shah Commission about  Emergency Excesses shamelessly canvassed to become President  after his capitulation to Indira, post-1980.

·         Fotedar for all his  services to Indira, Rajiv and Sonia was not given his due in the government, he said. He was bitter that Narasimha Rao dropped him from his  cabinet because of his  (Fotedar’s) suggestive words that Narasimha Rao was responsible for the destruction of the  Babri structure.  He split the Congress ( the 4th time) and  formed, together with Arjun Singh, Congress (T)  (T-standing for  Narayan Dutt Tiwari). Later, like all other    break –aways, [except Sarad Pawars National Congress(P)] it merged with Sonia’s Congress(I).

·          Rajiv Gandhi was to fight the  by- election to the Lok Sabha from Amethi caused by the  death of Sanjay Gandhi. Money was required. Indira Gandhi had a  selective  approach. She accepted Rs. 1 lakhs from Oberai (the hotel  king) and Rs. 2 lakhs from JRD Tata .  A R Antulay, the Chief Minister of  Maharashtra sent Rs. 5 lakhs. Indira  rejected it. Sheila Kaul, Education  Minister  sent Rs. 3 lakhs through her PA. Indira Gandhi  asked Fotedar to ascertain from Sheela Kaul from where  she got that money, the name and address of the person. Sheela Kaul did not   disclose.  She sent her PA and took the suitcase of money back. Indira explained to Fotedar her approach  to accepting  money. Indira would   accept only from her true  friends and who did not expect any quid pro quo  favours. 

·          Fotedar alleges that  P.V. Narasimha Rao  conspired to get T Anjaiah dismissed as Chief Minister  presumably  because he was of low birth and was becoming  popular among the masses.   (686 words)