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Ananta Kumar is not Wrong - Constitution has to be Amended

Dt:  1/1/18

Ananta Kumar is not Wrong -

Constitution has to be Amended


Dr T.H.Chowdary*



The constitution of India had been  amended  more than 100 times so far.   Even fundamental words like secularism and socialism which were not in the  original  constitution   were introduced into the  constitution during the  Emergency (1975-’77).  There is no definition of socialism  or secularism  but  these are held to be  basic features  of the constitution  and   that these cannot be violated. Article -370 which is  supposed to be temporary,  has become permanently temporary.  Parties like the Indian Union Muslim League and All India Majlis Ithehadul Muslameen  which by their   very vocabulary are   for people of a particular  religion  are  claiming to be secular. The Communist Parties whose  ideology is dictatorship of the proletariat and  one party  rule that  is Communist Party’s rule,  swear by democracy for  recognition by the  Election Commission of India.  It is  necessary  that   socialism and secularism  should be defined and made part of the constitution by including  them in a  Shedule. Islam asserts that  sovereignty is with Allah and not with people and  that the whole  world  belongs to Allah ( and  as a corollary to Hijab-Allah, the  party of Allah, i.e Muslims).  The religion  denominating  parties and the Communist Party should be required to  repudiate and  give up their communal and dictatorial  ideologies so that secularism, socialism  and democracy have a meaning.


2. Article - 25  which gives the right to propagate religion has to be  relooked  because  propagation has  come  to mean the right to convert others. This is  totally adversarial and discriminatory to Hinduism because Hindu dharma does not indulge in propagation to convert.  Art 25 therefor empowers conversion outfits  to prey upon to  Hinduism by Islam and  Christianity    whose  followers  assert it is their god’s  injunction to convert others.  Actually,  Islam and  Christianity mutually antagonist and both together are antagonistic to Hinduism.  Hinduism, the dharma  of the large majority of India’s people is like a lamb  thrown as  prey to the lions of Islam and  Christianity . This is very unfair.


3. Article – 30  gives special right and privileges  to the  minorities  which are  not available to the  majority, that is  Hindus. The religious minorities principally, Muslims and Christians, can establish educational institutions “of their  choice” which has come to mean that they can establish unlimited number of  professional colleges for engineering, medicine, business


management, Information Technology, dentistry and  so on. None of these  subjects has  anything to do with  any religion,  in fact, this Article  is  abundantly misused and abused by the religious minority  educational institutions  which are selling 75% to 80% or even  more of the  seats in those  colleges to the majority community. They are free from many  the  stipulations governing  the educational institutions established by  Hindus.   Therefore this invidious distinction  against  Hindus must be  removed either  by deleting Art-30 or  by amending it to mean that  that every caste in Hinduism also being a minority, is free to establish   educational institutions of  its  choice or  removing the words  of their  choice” and instead substituting “relating to  their” theology and their history” .


4. Nation building and  the attainment of  the goals of  reducing  social and economic inequalities  is always be a work in progress. That is why  the constitution is being amended from time to time.  You may recall  that  Dr. Ambedkar, the guiding  light of the constitution was prepared to burn the constitution. It is also wise to remember the following:



Vasamsi jirnani yatha vihaya

navani grhnati naro 'parani

tatha sarirani vihaya jirnany

anyani samyati navani dehi

                                                                                    -Bhagawad Gita  Ch.2.22


Just as one discards ill-fitting and worn out clothes and takes on well-fitting new ones  the soul also discards an aged and diseased body and takes up a new body  .


And Lord Tennyson wrote ,  The  old  order chanegth yielding place to  new lest one  good custom should corrupt the entire world”.


5. It is  as well  that  Sri Ananta Kumar has raised an issue that should be debated especially secularism,  socialism which have lost  their shape and meaning just as a  cap that is worn by too many people loses its shape and even function.  Except Muslims, almost all politicians and political parties profess socialism and  communist parties  peddle “scientific” socialism. Islam  knows no democracy    it goes by its  unalterable sharia  and  hadiths as interpreted by its  clergy and  implemented by fatwas.


6. It is well that the  task of  definition and  explanation of the  words socialism and secularism  are  committed to  a specially constituted  commission of genuine secularists and political pundits. The draft of their  report should be  open to  wide public discussion and a final  version incorporated in the constitution. Perhaps  as schedules  ; one for secularism  and another for socialism.


7. Sri Ananta Kumar should not have apologised.  He should  have  silenced the Congress by asking why they made  fundamental changes in the  Constitution During  Indira’s Emergency ( which  fortunately were undone and  sanitised).  The Janata government had a definition of  secularism passed by the  Lok Sabha. The Congress majority  Rajya Sabha rejected it and  the  definition died.  Janata  dare d not define socialism because it is  undefinable, like the    weather and is  interesting  to talk about) (854 words)