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BJP Is Right To Bring Up The Ram Temple Issue

Dt:  2/2/17

BJP Is Right  To Bring Up  The Ram Temple Issue

Dr T.H.Chowdary*

Many countries  in Africa and Asia  had been  subjugated, looted and humiliated  by foreign  invaders and  imperial ruler-powers . The struggle for  freedom has been long  and painful but  it triumphed in the end. Those who have thrown off the yoke of foreign invader  imperial  rule have  demonstrated  their self-respect , their love  for their  country and their  history  and their heritage.  The most unkind infliction of the   invader imperialists  is the change in   the names of the  lands and cities therein that they conquered.  After independence, the free countries  have been recapturing  their  past and asserting  their   self-respect.  The names the imperialists  gave to their  countries and towns are  discarded. 

2. Gold Coast has become Ghana; Rhodesia has become Zimbabve; Madagascar  had   become  Malagasy; Burma has become  Myanmar;  Ceylon has become Sri Lanka and so on. Unfortunately, India  has not yet  become Bharat .  It is due to the colonisation of the  mind  of English –medium, foreign educated  aristocrats who had taken over this country  after independence and established a Dynasty of presumptive rulers.

3. The former Soviet Union was ravished by Joseph Stalin in  the   name of the  dictatorship of the  proletariat, the Marxist concept of democracy. Millions were put to death by the cruel  ruler .  Whosoever was not liked or could become  rival to the  leader and his  dictatorship were  called enemies of the  people, foreign spies and agents of imperialists and so on  and shot. Historic names of cities had been changed but after the end of communist rule these names were discarded by the proud people of  Russia.  They  restored  their  former names .  St. Petersburg ( Petrograd) has replaced  Leningrad. Volgograd has come  up in place of Stalingrad.

4. Christian Spain was conquered by the Islamist Arabs from Morocco in the 7th century. The country’s’ name was changed to Andalucía. Many Churches were razed to  ground and mosques were raised in their places. The majority of the population was, by  force and

inducement  converted to Islam. Nine hundred  years later, a combination of  Christian kings in Christian Europe defeated  the Muslim invader -rulers and  drove them out from Spain. The imposed name of   Andalucía was given  up. The mosques  were pulled down and the Churches were restored .   Those who were converted to Islam were given the  option – come back to Christianity or go to Morocco along with  the Arabs. 90%  came back to their original,  religion Christianity and those who did not, followed the invader -rulers back to the country of their  ancestors.

5. Poland was conquered by Russia  and ruled by the Czar. The chief catholic  Churche in the  capital,  Warsaw was replaced by  the Russian  Orthodox Church. When Poland gained independence  after the  first world war, it  pulled down  the foreign  imposed Church and restored their own brand of Church.

6. China  under Mao Tse Tung was inflicted with foreign ideology, Marxism and glorification  of  Marx –Engles- Lenin. After Mao Tse Tung’s   death in 1976,  Deng Tsio Ping    harked back to  China’s  historic  heritage   of work ethic and family values.  Now  China is building  Confucius Centres (not Mao or Marx)  in foreign countries telling them that China has a culture and   philosophy propounded by Confucius and it is  the values  that  the sage propounded  and preached are the virtues that Chinese are cultivating.  Germany builds Maxmuller Bhavans. China builds  Confucius Centers.

7. In  light of   the  newly freed  nations’  record of self-respect and   recapture of their own history, India  must not forget  the ravages  that its Hindu people had been  inflicted upon by the   iconoclastic Islamic invaders  and   imperialists from central  Asia.  Scores of Bharat’s cities had their  traditional names replaced by Islamisst name – Prayaga became Allahabad, Induru- Nizamabad; Palamuru- Mahaboobnagar, Manukota- Mahmoobabad and so on. Thousands of temples had been razed to the ground.  In the places of  many,  mosques had   come up. The  Hindu people   were imposed the zezia tax that is,  if  they did not  convert, they had  to pay  a tax.   The trinity of  Sanatan Dharma  that is, Hinduism’s gods are  Brahma, Vishnu and  Shiva . Rama and Krishna are  avatars  of    Vishnu . The temples dedicated to them in Ayodhya and  Mathura  and Kasi had been pulled down and  mosques   were constructed in their place. Not that  there was not enough  space in those towns  for mosques  to come  up elsewhere; not that  there were so many Muslims   who had to have   a mosque  only  where    Hindu temples are,  but in order to inflict the  shame of defeat upon the  conquered  people   were the mosques built. In Kasi that  is,  Varanasi  just on part of the site and  adjacent  to Shiva’s temple is a mosque.   Similar  ones are there   in Ujjain and so many other places.  

8. Hindus, like Spanish Christians  are not wanting to  convert all the mosques back into temples. They ask for the release of these  three sites  in Mathura, Kasi and  Ayodhya. The  Allahabad High Court based upon  scientifically conducted tests  which revealed the existence of a Hindu temple below the Babri structure  gave the verdict  assigning   one third of the  disputed   site  in Ayodhya for   those who want to build Rama  temple. Yet,  some sections of  Muslims  incited by the    traditionally anti-Hindu “eminent” historians of Jawaharlal Nehru University,  incited Muslims to oppose it and appeal to the  Supreme Court.  

9. The Hindu aatma will not have peace  until  the  Rama temple is restored in Ayodhya.  The righting of historic  wrongs by the people freed from  imperialist, especially  iconoclastic aggressors and invader rulers is  just and  moral, and a duty of the people  striving to  be a free nation. Those minds  which are colonised  by imperialism have to be purged of the poison injected into their  anti-Hindu thinking.  Therefore  the inclusion of the construction of  Rama temple  in Ayodhya by legislation, if the BJP  comes to power, is a just and  right issue in the manifesto of  BJP   in its electoral battles with many a de-Indianised  elements  in the population.  (999 words)