Memoranda for Submission to the Chief Ministers of the Two Telugu States.


Government Incentives to Conversion – Hindus Must Resist

Dt:  2/2/17

Government Incentives to Conversion – Hindus Must Resist

Dr T.H.Chowdary*

On the occasion of the  Christmas celebrations  the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh announced that he has decided to increase the subsidy to Christians making pilgrimages to Jerusalem from Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 40,000 per person and  the government’s grant (through the A.P State Christian  Minority  Finance  Corporation) for the construction of Churches would be increased by  three times .

2. In his  own name  as Chandranna Kanulakalu, clothes and other gifts were distributed to Christians.   For the Muslims he promised the construction of  Haj House (Rs. 10 cr plus)  and   two Urdu Universities besides  Shadi Khanas and Urdu Ghars  and a grant of Rs. 50 lakhs for a mosque .   All these monies are  from the   tax revenues of the people of  Andhra Pradesh . 96% of GOAP’s  revenues come from Hindus  .

3. There are as yet no Telugu University and  no Telugu Academy in Andhra Pradesh as both of them had  accrued  to Telangana.  But there would be Urdu Universities and  Haj Houses.  

4. There are thousands of temples which are  closed. Many are   crumbling but all temples with incomes above  certain limit only are  under the management & administration of the Government  of Andhra Pradesh.  The offerings that  Hindus make to their gods and goddesses  in those  temples  are treated as the revenue of the  government and administered by it . The trustees for these temples are the  party men and financiers   of the parties which run the  government. No qualifications seem to  be set .  They are chosen  entirely by the will of the   single  person, the Chief Minister. There  is no verification of antecedents of these

people.  Persons who  like those  in whose  homes were found  90 kgs of  gold and  Rs. 100 cr worth of  cash   become trustees to the prestigious  TTD Board.  Those who run   wine shops and finance   the Chief Ministers   have become chairpersons of the  TTD.    The Common Good Fund  from out of the temple monies is administered in the sole  discretion of the  Chief Minister. Some of them were Christians. Non- Hindus with false  certificates of  SC are appointed as Executive Officers of  temples.   About 25%   of those working in Endowment Department  not as pujaris but as assistants , clerks, inspectors  etc., are  converts to Christianity but  who have managed to  get the caste certificates as SC and  ST Hindus . These are acting as sappers and miners of  the conversion gangs /missionaries,   conspiring and  assisting the alienation of  temple properties  and wealth  and   the allotments of shops on the temple  lands to non-Hindus .

5. There is no  publication in the  nature of  annual report  about the  activities and  achievements  of the   Endowment Department  and TTD and  the temples  under their  management.  In short, the Hindu temples and resources and their  wealth are ravaged by the party chiefs  who gain  power  and run the  government . All this  is in contrast to the Churches and Mosques of  Christians and  Muslims which are  left entirely free to do whatever they  want including  the issuance of  fatwas and encyclicals that the men of their  faiths should not vote for  so  and so party and should  vote for such  and such parties and candidates. This freedom  is denied  to the functionaries  the Archakas and the E.Os and other staff  of  Hindus temples .  It means  that while  the predatory  religions can flourish from  grants from government  from the taxes that  Hindus pay,  the Hindus in the  functioning and management of temples  (EOs and Archakas ) are gagged .

6. The situation is no better in Telangana either. That Chief Minister had promised  Rs.40 cr for an International Islamic Center ;  a Rs. 20 cr  Welfare Center for poor Muslims ; a Rs. 5 cr Rubath (Guest House) for Muslims visiting  Ajmir   (  the Nizam built  such  Guest House in  Mecca for the Nizam’s States’ Muslims going  on Haj to Mecca); Rs. 1500 per month for Mullahs and Muezzins and   salaries for teachers in Muslim religious schools madrasas, which teache  Quran and Arabic;  hundreds of  Gurukulas for Muslims ; a separate  Selection Board for Muslims ;  a Christian  House  and so on.  Telangana also subsidises Christians’ pilgrimages and construction of Churches from the state budget.

7. It is clear that by all these  gifts  from  the tax monies of  Hindus  to Christians’ & Muslims’ institutions and persons, there are  government’s incentives to Hindus to convert to non-Hindu religions and get more and more welfare,  reservations, foreign feasts ,  priests, kanukalu, foreign studies, clothes.

8. Hindus shall not suffer this exploitation of the temples and their wealth  for gaining political power through  minority votes. We should  demand :

·         A White  Paper  from the  government’s Endowment Department regarding the   temple properties,   their  wealth,  staff, the annual  income,  expenditure,   how trustees are selected, how and for what the CGF is utilised, and how non-Hindus  are   patronised  and  fed and remunerated out of Hindus monies and so on.

·         Just as the minorities are organising  and offering their votes only for those  who support their  religion- based  demands,  Hindus must vote for those  people  who will not   misuse their monies and their temples  to gain votes, get power  and  defalcate the  temple wealth.

8. The Bharatiya Dharma Rakshana Samakhya has been highlighting the injustice  done to Hindus,  their  temples  and their  monies   by politicians  seeking  the minorities’ votes,  always in violation of the constitution’s  requirement that governments have to be secular,  not  favouring  some  religions  which are predatory  upon Hinduism  and being indifferent to and exploitative of Hindus to humour the minorities.  

9. We compliment the Government  of Andhra Pradesh   for allowing the  Endowment Department  to take every year  a hundred thousand   Dalits,  Girijans and poor Hindus to seven  temples on a  conducted expense -met tour and from Darshans.    While  government   promotes  and funds the  pilgrimages of Christians & Muslims ,  why should   the  Divya Darshan expense  be met only from Hindu  temples’ resources ? Government  of Andhra Pradesh must fully reimburse the expenses incurred by the  TTD & Endowment department on Divya Darshan.  (1006 words)