Memoranda for Submission to the Chief Ministers of the Two Telugu States.

National Security

Sub: Contemplated 12% reservation for Muslims in Telangana– My submission.

Dt:  16/12/16



Dr T.H.Chowdary

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The Chairman

BC Commission

Government of  Telangana



(Kind Attn:  Sri B S Ramulu garu)





Sub: Contemplated 12% reservation for Muslims  in Telangana– My submission.



I am submitting herewith papers explaining in detail why Muslims, either as a minority or  as a religious community, should not be given any reservations for admission to educational institutions or for recruitment to jobs  in the government ( and its  corporations) of Telangana.  The papers annexed give detailed reasons in support of my objections to any reservation for Muslims  on the  basis of their  religion  and the false claim of their backwardness for  people whose religion is  Islam. The  main reasons are:

·         The Muslim community was the ruler community for  600 years  in Telangana until  17 Sept 1947 and also in several parts of the entire country.  The ruled, subjected, exploited and discriminated Hindu  community could not impose backwardness upon the  ruler  community. 

·         Did Muslims become backward only after Sept. 1947 and in what respects.

·          Islam is claimed to be a religion and a culture and history superior to every other religion and  in particular, what has come to be known  a s Hinduism that is , Sanatan Dharma. Will the Muslim community admit that they are backward religiously, culturally, civilisationally, intellectually  and socially also?



Maulana  Mohammed Ali whom Mahatma Gandhi  fraternised and the two together led the Khilafat movement ( 1919-22) for the glory  of  the Sultan of  Turkey and Islam’s Chalipha  after the  Khilafat movement had been given up due to  the Turks  deposing  the Sultan cum Caliph and  expelling him from Turkey ,  said this of Mahatma Gandhi:


“However pure Mr. Gandhi’s character may be, he must appear to be from the point of view of religion inferior to any Musalaman, even though he be without character”.


The Statement created a great stir. Many did not believe that Mr. Mohamed Ali, who testified to so much veneration for Mr. Gandhi was capable of entertaining such ungenerous and contemptuous sentiments about him.  When Mr. Mohamed Ali was speaking in a meeting held at Amina Baug  Park in Lucknow, he was asked whether the sentiments attributed to him were true.  Mr. Mohamed Ali without any hesitation or compunction replied.


Yes! According to my religion and creed, I do hold an adulterous and a fallen gentleman to be  better than Mr. Gandhi”



·         The reasons for Muslims  economic backwardness, that is poverty and  low presence in government jobs are  self imposed.  These are: 








Large family size



High fertility




and  preference for madrasa  and  not any modern education; love for Urdu  medium schools; when even English  medium educated are not getting jobs; low female participation in work outside home and  community ‘s neighbourhood.


·         In Telangana, until liberation from the  Nizam -Razakar rule on 17 Sept 1947,  the 12% Muslim population had 90% of the  jobs in government. Urdu as a  medium of instruction  and administration and court language to the exclusion of Telugu, Marathi and  Kannada in these respects .  Was it because of “forwardness” or despite backwardness ?

·         In Telangana, the  WAKF  meant for the welfare and development of Muslims has  over 77,000 acres of land . That asset may be used in a demonstrable  and effective manner to advance  Muslims in respect of modern education,  and economic  well-being. 

·         If the community  itself does not  help itself adequately  or bring about  reforms that are necessary to make  Muslims achieve prosperity and employability like others, why should  B.C  Hindus  be  asked to diminish the benefits ( 4% already in Telangana) that are due to them because of historic backwardness imposed on  sections ( SCs STs and some BCs) among them.

·         The Supreme Court has set a limit on the  percentage  of reservations. Why should  Constitution be amended to favour Muslims ? And deprive Hindus.

·         The makers of  the Constitution of the Republic of India considered  reservations and separate electorate for Muslims thoroughly and in great detail and concluded  that this poisonous provision introduced by the  colonial British led to the  evil consequence of two-nation theory, partition of  the country and ethnic cleansing of Hindus from their millennia  long home lands in what are now Pakistan and Bangladesh . They therefore did away with foreign imperial rule -provided separate electorate, weighted representation in legislatures and reservations for Muslims  ( for admission to educational institutions and government jobs eg. 16% in Madras Province) .

·         A secular India  cannot have any state policy on the basis of religion of a person or a group of persons.


3.  It is  strange that the demand for reservations for Muslims is being  advocated more stridently, insistently and for a long period by  some regional parties and some  all India  parties which claim to be  secular . Their stridency and insistence appear  to be more intense than that of Muslims themselves. This indicates that for imagined  electoral gains the country’s and nation’s long term interests are being  jeopardised.


4. The poisonous provisions like separate electorate and reservations  for Muslims   which led to the vivisection of the country and seemingly permanent separatism of   Muslims  under the label of minority  after Independence should not be implemented in Telangana, especially in Bangaru Telangana a great vision held so dear by so many who have sacrificed so much to get the separate Telangana  state the need of which is integrating national development for all people as the  Supreme Court observed in the   context of Sachar Report.


5.  The suggestion of the  Sudhir  Committee for an Equal Opportunities Committee is non-useful.  Such a Commission which was constituted in the  UK in was subsequently wound up and merged with that country’s Human Rights Commission.  We have enough Commissions  at national & state levels: Human Rights, Minorities , Women, SCs/ STs.... They  can address ( and are  addressing)  the issue of  equal opportunities as well.


6.  There should neither 4% or 12% or any  other percent reservations for Muslims treating them as a separate people because their religion is Islam is subversive of  secularism, disintegrative of ht e nation and   revival of the  two-nation theory and Pakistaniat mentality.  


7. Sent herewith are :


          i.            A -  The Affidavit 

        ii.            B -  Detailed  submissions

      iii.            C -  Historic  background

      iv.            D - Special  issue of the journal, “Secularism Combat” of  April 2007  which gives 

      a  detailed analysis of the  Sachar  Committee Report

        v.            E - A copy of the   IPF Monograph-1 with the  title,  “Deceptive  Equality  -

      Deconstructing  the Equal  Opportunity Commission” written by Prof. Rakesh

      Sinha in the  year 2009 for  India Policy Foundation, New Delhi .

      vi.            F- Telugu Pamphlet



With Regards,

Yours Sincerely,

(Dr T.H.Chowdary)



B-Detailed Submission

Dt:  16/12/16


The Chairman

BC Commission

Government of  Telangana



(Kind Attn:  Sri B S Ramulu garu)




Sub: Contemplated 12% reservation for Muslims  in Telangna– My submission.



It is astounding that a community, namely the Muslims who ruled  several parts of India for several centuries and  Telangana from the middle of the  14th to the middle of the  20th century, for 600 years  are  claiming to be  backward and a democratically elected government  in the state with  over 85% Hindus who were  the ruled by   a 12% Muslims minority  is contemplating to concede such a claim and  grant them reservations for admission to educational institutions, recruitment for  government jobs and  so on.  


2. It is equally astounding that an oppressed community the Hindus  could  make a 600 year long ruler community backward within  50 to 70 years  in Telangana unless  the non-backwardness before 1947 of the   Muslim community was due to exploitation of  the community that was ruled, namely  Hindus and appropriation of their wealth and  tax revenues from them  for the  well -being  and “forwardness” of that community.    It may be recalled that  the 10% to 12%   Muslim community in Telangana  had 90% of the jobs for centuries  and had imposed their language  Urdu  on the  Telugus.  With their  record of such   rule by the  community which was ended only by military action of the  Government of India,  it is  audacious to claim that they are backward. 


Yet another astounding phenomenon is that regional and ‘secular” parties are  more vigorously asserting the backwardness  of Muslims and advocating 12% reservations for Muslims than Muslims themselves.


3. The SC and ST  among the  Hindus  (85% population of Telangana)  were the  ones who were  for ages,  the oppressed and the deprived and the discriminated people .  They were so in other parts of India also . The historic guilt of the  Hindus  in regard to a section of  their people was openly acknowledged and the  Constitution of India,  after due  deliberation provided  for  reservations to them, for 10 years  in the first instance and since   then being extended from time to time as they still not got upto to   a fairly  good forward level.  



 The Constituent  Assembly discussed  reservations for Muslims  which  the British government  provided  from the Montagu - Chelmsford reforms since  the second decade of the  20th century.  In the  Central  Legislature in Delhi for 25% of undivided India’s Muslim population there was 33 and 1/3 rd representation and in the  legislatures of Muslim minority provinces  Muslims were  likewise given  50% more  representation than their population warranted. In Madras  Presidency,  the Muslims had 16% reservation for admission in educational institutions and for  jobs in government .   Such more than  due  representation  by way of reservation has not improved their  backwardness” as they assert now too.  Is this backwardness due to the imposition or discrimination by Hindus.


4. Among  Hindus, almost all castes  in Telangana (as elsewhere in India)  excepting Reddys, Kammas,  Velamas   and Brahmins  are claiming to be  backward . The Kapus  who are  not classified as BCs are agitating in the  neighbouring state to be  included in the  BC category.   Among Hindus there are backward ,  more backward and most backward  castes claiming as such and in some states like Bihar, the BCs  (like in Telangana) are  classified into ABCDE groups. Are  all Muslims  including the richest and nobles among them ( Skaikhs, Moguls, Pathans) to be  considered backward because of their  religion.   Islam is claimed to be  superior to all other religion in every respect.  How can Moslems as followers of Islam claim as a class or community to be  backward?


5. Muslims in Pakistan and Bangladesh  and Afghanistan etc., are  not ruled by any non-Muslim majority; they are not better off than Muslims in India. Is any Middle East Muslim country  more forward  than any European non-Muslim country? Turkey  had the  Ottoman   Empire  stretching from  the Atlantic to Afghanistan. Were the Muslims  in Turkey and Turkey- ruled imperial possessions forward and equal to the Europe’s Christians?   Just as imperial European   nations fattened themselves by exploitations of the people in countries  conquered  by them  and thereby attained superior economic  well being,  the Muslims in India had after conquering the Hindus,  exploited and expropriated the wealth  of the ruled  Hindus through various taxes and impositions like zezia in  some parts and for some time. The wealth of the Hindus   was expropriated for the  wellbeing and richness of the  ruling Muslim class.   In Telangana,  the Wakf   has  77,000 acres of land. All this was   snatched from the  defeated Hindu community  for the  enjoyment and benefit and wellbeing  of  Muslims.   While   India has done away with the  Princes  and their privy purses and had also done away with zamindirs  and Agraharams,  the Muslims are still left with the loot of Hindu properties  converted into  Wakf.


6. In Telangana  until Sept  1947  Muslims were the ruling class. That 12% population appropriated for itself 90%   of government jobs   including in law and  order, armed forces etc.   Were they then forward or backward ?


7. The question of reservation  for Muslims  was extensively debated in the Constituent  Assembly of India.   Some Muslim League  members    and   even nationalist Muslims   (the latter under advice  of Abul Kalam Azad)  did want to continue   the British –given   separate electorate  and  reservations  for Muslims  in independent republican India. But wise counsels  prevailed   (What some of the   enlightened  Muslim members of the  Constituent  Assembly said  is given in annexure)


8. After extensive  debate and discussion    reservations and separate  electorate for Muslims   granted by the  British  were done away with as  these  pernicious arrangements led to, the  two-nation theory and division   of this  country on religion-  basis with the attendant  ethnic cleansing   of almost all Hindu- Sikh population ( 18% in pre Aug 1947 west Pakistan is reduced to  2% and in Bangladesh, from 35% to 7%).  The calamity that befell   the Hindus in those  two Muslim -ruled   Islamic states  cannot be  forgotten.


9. Some people claim the  backwardness of  Muslims  is “historic burden”. It is totally false. The genocide and exploitative and discriminatory rule  of  foreign Muslims settled in India,  collaborated  by the converted by different  means,  and the fact of  destruction of  thousands of temples is the historic memory the  Hindus  are carrying.  The exploited  Afro- Americans who were taken as slaves and were liberated afterwards are asking  for reparations. Hindus are  not asking for reparation from the  Muslims, the   ex-ruler community resident in India.


10.  It is unfortunate that neither the  Sachar Committee for India nor  the Sudhir Committee for Telangana  has gone into  the basic question  of  Muslims  backwardness.  The Sudhir Committee’s observation that the growth of Muslim population has  come down is     misleading.  The rate of growth of  population of every community has come down but  the difference in  the relative growth of Hindu and  Muslim population persists.  The table below  gives  the figures:


11. The rate of Muslim population growth  is still significantly higher at about 50%  more than  that of Hindus.  Therefore, the   proportion of  Hindus  in the  total  population  has been  coming down and that of  Muslims  is increasing  as given in the  tables below

Growth Rates of  Hindu & Muslim Population in India


Decade ending














Population Growth in Telangana (like velocity)





Telangana  as a whole








(21.34% more than Hindus)


(25% more than Hindus )



Decline in Growth Rate ( like acceleration/deceleration)


In Telangana decline in growth rate


Hindu growth  declined  by


Muslims growth declined  by



Note: Muslim population growth was 21.34% & 25.0% more than Hindus in the  decades ending  2001 & 2011 respectively although the rate of  decline  in Muslim growth is more than that of Hindus.


Polygamy,  Family Size And Fertility In India








Large family size



High fertility




12. Globally, Muslims have the highest fertility rate, an average of 3.1 children per woman —well above replacement level (2.1) due to young age of Muslims (median age of 23) compared to other religious groups. Christians are second, at 2.7 children per woman. Hindu fertility (2.4) is similar to the global average (2.5).


13. The same disparity appears   also in the   fertility of   Muslim and Hindu  women. The fertility of Muslim women  is higher than that of  Hindu women.  These facts show that  the   large family size of Muslims is one of the important factors for their  economic    standing.  It is axiomatic that a large  family,  especially among the poor and the lower middle class will  continue to become poorer as more an more  children are born.


Fertility Rate ( all India)














*Below  replacement level of  211


14. Another  characteristic of the  Muslim community is  their indifference, if not  aversion to modern education especially for their women. When even the  English medium, educated young are not getting jobs, how will Urdu medium people get jobs? Urdu is the official   language in Pakistan,  not in India, not in, Bangladesh  even.  The insistence for more and more  Urdu  medium schools   is   Muslims deliberate courting of  the  diminution  of  chances for their employment.


15. The madrasa education tenaciously courted by the  leadership as well as  the laity is yet another reason  for the lower position of Muslims in the  modern economy. Muslim women’s participation  in the    work force outside the home and  in the  neighbourhood   is  yet another  reason for the   lower economic   well -being of Muslims .


16. The general aversion to modern  education  is exemplified by a popular fatwa which warns to the effect,  “the education in schools and   colleges is contrary and  antagonistic to Islamic  deeds  Islamic characteristic and Islamic  culture . If the Muslim   child  remains  deprived of  and weak in Islamic  education  (which they get from madrasas) they will certainly be affected by the  noxious education  of schools and  colleges and  antagonistic atmosphere and society with the result that they will become  averse to  Islamic  belief and characteristics”.   (IPF monogprah-1 Q page-37)


17.  Another fact is  till 1971 Muslims qualified in technical  education conveniently got visas for Pakistan .  Quite  a number  of them  are working  in the Gulf countries (Sachar Committee and ) Sudhir Committee seem to be thinking that there is deliberate discrimination against Muslims  even in matters of  recruitment of  government jobs.  This is another false  hood.  The  UPSC  had two Muslims as Chairmen. Both of them   had  denied any discrimination or bias   against Muslim candidates. There were more than a dozen Muslims as Members of the  UPSC over the years.  ( page 36 IPF Mongprah-1)


18. Due to various political compulsions among  Hindus, Muslim employees   are treated very lightly in respect of   performance of duties in the government   jobs is evident from the fact  of Muslim officials being let off for the  Friday prayers for hours together and  declaring   Prophet Mohammed birthday as a national holiday .

as nowhere  else in any Muslim country 


19. In conclusion  I submit that  :


·         A  600 year long Muslim community could not be kept  backward within  a  matter of  50 to 70 years by those who were ruled by them.


·         The backwardness   may be in regard to  economic well being   but this is entirely due to  a self- inflicted  religious, social and cultural belief system. Would any Muslim accept that their community is culturally and spiritually and religiously backward compared to Hindus or Christians. 


·         They are  “backward” only in terms of  economic indices  like   per capita  income, and govt jobs which give some authority and prestige.   The economic well being of a person or community depends upon their partaking of modern education, observance of  family planning   and aspiration and exertion  for good performance in a competitive economy and in education  system. 


·         Reservations given to Muslims for decades by the  British rulers   had not resulted in their  economic forwardness. 


·         The Muslim First programs for 10 years  under the  UPA government   and the creation of Muslim majority districts  and 14 point minority development programs earlier  have not  put an end  to the reassertion of backwardness .


·         “Backwardness” solely  in economic terms  as between Muslims and non Muslims is all over the world including   countries which are   members of the  Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC).


·         The Muslim community should indulge in self -criticism and inquiry  into the reasons for their economic backwardness which appears to be an outcome of their  religious belief, cultural and life style.  


·         Muslims in Islamic countries  despite their lower economic well -being  compared to that of the people   in any  non –Islamic countries  for eg: Europe   do not consider that they are  backward


20.  It is our submission that   no  reservations   for Muslims   as an Islamic community should be given. This is subversive of   Constitution and  disintegrative of the  nation as such reservations and separate electorate were before 1947. 


21. Finally, it is necessary that we have a Truth and  Reconciliation Commission just as in South Africa and   later in Peru.  The former  invader  foreign rulers and their native converted  community who over a period of  600 years despoiled this country and their places of worship, imposed zezia, took away the lands and properties of the defeated Hindus and  constituted them into wakf,  imposed foreign languages  like Persian as the official  language and  Urdu over  90%  of the Hindus in Telangana have to acknowledge the guilt and repent for it and not go on inventing grievance after grievance just as before1947 to finally say that “we are not Indians, we are a separate nation” .


22.  A special issue  of  the  journal   Secularism Combat containing a critique regarding of the Sachar Committee   report and a Monograph brought out by the  India Policy Foundation   by Prof  Rakesh Sarma  in 2009 are appended herewith  for further  study by the  BC Commission of Telangana examining the  issue of  reservation for   Muslims on the  basis of their  religion prepared by the  Sudhir Committee. 




C - Historical Background


Dt:  16/12/16


The Chairman

BC Commission

Government of  Telangana



(Kind Attn:  Sri B S Ramulu garu)




Sub: Contemplated 12% reservation for Muslims  in Telangna– My submission.



Muslim’s Backwardness – Historic Background



In 1871 the (British) Government of India appointed the William Wilson Hunter  Commission to establish the backwardness of Muslims  in East Bengal in comparison to the  Hindus . The imputation was that  the Hindus were dominating  and  depriving  the Muslims.  This report  ultimately led to the division  of Bengal into Muslim majority East Bengal as  a separate province in October 1905. The division of Bengal on the  religious basis was resisted and agitated against  by Bengal Hindus and a few Bengali nationalist  Muslims  and the Indian National congress in other provision also.  The division was undone after 5 years  in 1911.  That Vandemataram and Swadeshi movement was historic.


2. In 1937   in the Hindu majority provinces and in the  Muslim majority North West  Frontier Province  (NWFP)   Indian National Congress (INC) formed the  ministries . Within one  year, the Muslim League charged that  these Congress ministries  were Hindu Raj and  they were discriminating against Muslims and suppressing them .  In 1938  the Muslim League‘s leader Raja Syedd Mohammed Mehdi  produced one report charging  the Congress government as Hindu Raj oppressing the Muslims .


3. In 1939 there was another Muslim League report known as the  Pirpur Commission Report.  This  added some more  imaginary suppression of Muslims by the  Hindu Congress governments. 


4. The then President of the  Congress, Dr Rajendra Prasad proposed  that the truth of these  two reports should be gone into by a Commission headed by Js Sir  Maurice Guwyer  of the   Federal Court ( the  predecessor of Supreme Court of  India) . This offer was turned down by Md. Ali Jinnah the President of the Muslim League. Obviously, the  Raja Sayyed  Md.  Mehdis and Pirpur Reports were  not founded on truth .



5. In the  year 2005 the UPA government directed by Sonia Maino Gandhi appointed the Js. Sachar High Level Committee.   This committee   built upon all the previous three reports   -  The Hunter Cosmism of 1871;  The Raja Sayed Md. Mehdi Committee of 1938 and the Pirpur Committee  report o  f1939 . Very subtly it concluded that  Muslims in what remains as  India  are subjected to deliberate discrimination  and that is why they are backward.  It identified 92 Muslim  intense population districts . UPA government   launched the “Muslim First  (not SC or ST first) programs of  accelerated development for Muslims in these  districts. The carving out of  Muslim majority areas into separate  districts begun  under the community rule in  Kerala 1957-60 ( Malappuram out of Malabar)  was followed by the   division of Gurgaon district in Haryana to carve out the Muslim  majority  Mewat district. Here in Telangana the old city of  Hyderabad with overwhelming Muslim majority population was given the  separate  Quli Qutubsha  Development Authority.


6. Thus   Muslims are   being  confirmed  as  a distinct  sect of people separate from the rest of  Indians.  It was precisely  the policy of the  imperial colonial British rulers of India  and this led ultimately to the propounding of the  two-nation theory and the division of India  to carve out Muslim majority States  of Pakistan and later by separation from it, Bangladesh . 


7. Md. Ali Jinnah’s and the  Muslims League’s  stand was that Muslims are not Indians that they  are a separate nation by dint of their religion and there is nothing common between  Muslims and  Hindus ( Christians too but these are  People  of the Book and could live as dhimmis in an Islamic state)  .


8. While writing the Constriction of India the separate electorate for Muslims  and the  weighted representation  ( 50% more  than  what their population justified  ) in the  Muslim minority, Hindu majority provinces and in the  Central Legislation was discussed. A few Muslim members  pleaded for the  continuance of separate  electorates and reservations,  separate sharia courts. The Minorities Committee of the   Constituent  Assembly where this was intensely debated rejected this as a disintegrative measure introduced by the imperial  power and    should  not be continued in Secular Democratic Republic of India.   Just to mention the type of  opinions here are :


·         Tajamul Hussain warned against the institutionalisation of the  minority for Muslims   or any other religious  community.  He said, “We Muslims do not  want any concession, we do not  want safe guards, we are not weak.  This concession would do more harm than good to the Muslims ...... I  appeal to all the  minorities  to join the majority in creating a secular state.......I say that reservation would be suicidal to the minority”.

·         Tajamul Hussian opposed the comparison the  Muslims with  STs and  SCs because, “  unlike the SC  we are not  week, we are not uneducated, we are not uncultured and we can always support ourselves. ... the times have changed.  Adjust yourself .... I ask the  majority not to thrust reservation on the  Muslims . ... for god’s sake  do not give us reservations . ..  do not make us  the minority community, make us  equal  partner. There will be no majority  or minority community in India. (Page -48)

·         Dr H C Mukherjee, a Christian and Vice President of the Constituent  Assembly emphatically cautioned the nation that ,”if our idea is  to have a secular state, it follows inevitably that we cannot  afford to recognise minorities based  upon religion”.

·         Begum Aizaz Rasul, a former Muslim League  leader in the  UP Assembly came out very strongly and spiritedly against reservations  and  separate  electorate. 

·         Another Muslim member of the Constituent  Assembly Z H Larri said, “  I am not one of those who believe that all the  supposed or  imagined grievances of a minority must be met.  They must be reasonable. Their  interests can be looked after so long as they are  consistent with the national interest. The moment there is  antagonism or conflict between the interest  of the minority and the interest of the  nation , the minority must go to the  wall.(page 22,23 of the monograph)

·         The Muslim scholar Md. Waheeduddin Khan observed that , “the major part of discrimination and  atrocities that Muslims are  facing  in this country are in actual  fact the consequence of  their own  backwardness which they misguidedly wish to blame on others (Hindus ).   

·         Sri S Nagappa an SC Member of the  Constituent  Assembly  justifying  the reservations for SCs and STs and rejecting them for Muslims  denied the Muslims attempt  to appropriate the exceptional reservation for STs and SCs by reminding them that they were not subject to any historical discrimination since  (page 48) . He said: “ you (Muslims) are the invaders, immigrants and do not have  as much interest as we  have been in this country and  we are the people that produce the whole  nation’s  wealth of this country either by agricultural labour or industrial  labour”.



9.  In  1950, in the  wake of the expulsion  of   millions of Hindus from East Pakistan, under  threat of  Sardar Patel that a portion  of East  Pakistan  will be liberated and created as a safe  zone for East Pakistan‘s Hindus, the then Prime Minister Liaqat Ali Khan came running to India. There was the Nehru-Liaqat Ali Pact in which among others,  the pact envisaged the provision of reservation for Muslims   in government jobs and even in the  defence services. When Nehru  brought it  for ratification by the   Cabinet, Sri N V.Gadgil,  Minister for Works  and  Housing vehemently objected to this provisos . There was very heated  argument wherein Nehru said that he was the Prime Minister  and he agreed for this  provision in the  pact with Liaqat Ali Khan and therefore  the Cabinet  must ratify.  Gadgil suggested that cabinet might as well be dismissed. The meeting was postponed  and    the next day    Sardar Patel’s draft of the pact omitting  reservations for Muslims   was put forward and ratified by the  cabinet.


10. In the  undivided Madras province during the British rule, 16% of government jobs were resurveyed for Muslims. Has it done any good to Muslims ? Muslims in Tamilnadu and Andhra and in Malabar and north Canara   districts  of Kerala and  Karnataka are also   asking reservations for Muslims . If the weighted reservations and representations  for decades before 1947 could not do any good for Muslims, would they do any good now?


11. In the  four decades  ending 2001  the total population of India grew by 134%; while that of the  Muslim has grown by 194%; (page 26). The observation of the  Sudheer Committee  that  the Muslim  growth  rate declined   more than that of Hindus  growth decline  during the period of  2001-11 is totally misleading.  


12. In Telangana  the average number of members in  a Hindu  family is 4.8 and in a Muslim family it is 5.2. Obviously  the Muslim fertility rate as well as   their  population growth are   20% to 50 % more than that of  Hindus.  In India  Muslim  population is now  about 170 mln. It is not going to stabilise  until  it goes upto 350 mln, at the current rates  of   relative population  increase.


13. The status of the Brahmins in many states is abysmal. In Andhra Pradesh, 44% of Brahmins in the  5 to 18 age group dropped out of school at the  primary level. According to a study by J Radhakrishnan ( page 45)


14. That is why recently in Andhra Pradesh  the government constituted Andhra Pradesh State  Brahmin welfare corporation.  There is already a Andhra Pradesh/Telangana State Minority (that is Muslims ) Finance Corporation to specially cater to Muslims . 


15. Js. Ahmadi  of the  Supreme Court  in the nine - Judge case  of  Bommai vs. Union of  India  a.1994s.c.1918 explained, “ since it was felt that separate electorates for minorities were  responsible for communal and  separatist tendency, the Advisory Committee (for the Constituent Assembly) resolved that the system of reservations  for minorities excluding SC/ST should be done away with “. –page 45/46


16. That there is no discrimination against Muslims in the selection  for government jobs either by the  UPSC or the state PSCs  is attested by the  fact  two Muslims  became  the Chairman of the UPSC – A.R  Kidwai 1973-79 and  J M Quraishi 1998 -2001. There have been more  than dozen  Muslims who became the  members of the Commission. They uniformly rejected the theory of discrimination  in  recruitment or promotion directed only against Muslims.  The Muslim members of the UPSC  largely supported the theory of  Muslims lag  in education . Muslims  hold visible and top positions in the railways such as Md. Shafi of the Railway Recruitment Board, Chairman of the Election Commission of India, (CEC), even Director General of the  Intelligence  Bureau, Home Minister of India, Foreign Minister of India , Chief Justices of the Supermen Court and High Courts; Chiefs of Indian Air Force etc.


17. On 10th Jan 1937 Jawaharlal Nehru issued a press statement  : “ in what way the interest of Muslim peasants are  different from those of  the Hindu peasants or those of Muslim labourers, artisans, merchants, landlords, manufacturers is different from those of their  Hindu counter -parts.  


18. A division bench of Js T.S Thakur and Js Siddharth Mrudul  too questioned the rationale of the Sachar Committee which held that Muslims are being discriminated  so they are  backward.  They observed “ poverty is a common enemy ( page 60), it doe s not   come to one  community in particular.  It should fight against poverty rather than saying  that you would fight against poverty  for one community only.  This is  where  rot lies. You are saying  that more money needs to be spent for one minority community. Should it not cut across the caste  and religion?”


As the Sachar Committee (and now  the Sudheer Committee) say that  facilities are available to other communities ? Does it mean that drinking  water  facilities are available to the majority community and no person  from it lives in slums?  Under the Constitution can any welfare state say that it would focus on a particular area  (Muslim First 92 Sachar districts)  because the minority community resides there. Can it say that it would spend more money in that area?  ( this is what precisely  the UPA  - I & II governments did during their rule 2004-14)


19. At the time of partition altogether  “ 10,427 Muslim officers and other ranks opted for India. Whereas only 2,987 non-Muslim officers and other ranks opted for Pakistan .  .... most of the non-Muslims who had opted for Pakistan have returned to India  leaving only about  200 non-Muslims in Pakistan most of them Christians and  Anglo -Indians. Indeed,  goodly number of Muslims   who had opted for Pakistan have also come back to India. ... 18,000 Muslim Railway  men who had originally opted for Pakistan, finally changed their decision and elected to serve in Indian  dominion. 


20. The term minority has not been defined in eh  Constitution.  But generally that is the  term used for Muslims .  There are  minority commission in States where  Muslims are  in minority but none where Hindus are a minority as in J&K.


21. When  there are National and  State Human Rights Commissions,  Minority Commissions,  Women’s  Commissions, SCs & STs Commissions , why should  there be yet another  by the  name  Equal Opportunities Commission as suggested by Sudhir Committee.  A Racial Equal Opportunities Committee was one’s constituted in the   U.K and it has been abandoned  sometime there after  entrusting its functions to the Human Rights Commission. Minorities are  also humans and therefore their interest like equal  opportunities could be looked after by the  Human Rights  Commissions.

It appears that the  demand for reservations for Muslims is the first of a series   are strident Muslim demands  as before 1947 in India and elsewhere in the  world.  For eg. the following would be  of interest:


 Dr. Kalin Siddiqui founding   President of the  British Muslim Parliament  speaking at the  sixth Conference of  European Muslims ( 18-19 April 1992)  said : “ when we men walk down in the  street, we are  just a face in the  crowd.  But when a woman wears the hijab, she is  carrying the  flag of  Islam.  She is making a statement  that, “this European  civilisation is unacceptable to us , that it is a decease , a pestilence on mankind “. (source :  Woman in Islam by Sri Ram Swarup, a Voice of India publication, New Delhi, Year 2000)