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Speaking up for Rohingyas



Speaking up for Rohingyas


Dr T.H.Chowdary*


Sri Syed Munir Khasru (Chairman, The Institute for  Policy, Advocacy and Governance, Dhaka) writing in the  Hindu of  26th Dec lamented that India  is indifferent to the plight of Muslim Rohingyas being  expelled from Myanmar. He referred  to the  Universal Declaration of  Human Rights (UDHR) of  the United Nations  which is adopted by almost all  members  of the UN  including India   but that all nations are  unconcerned about the  Rohingya refugees.  He has not mentioned that in contrast  to the   UDHR, more than 50  Muslim countries in the Organisation of Islamic Conference  (OIC) had come out with an Islamic Declaration of Human Rights (IDHR) , obviously,  suggesting that Muslims are different from other humans. Islam is a transnational religion and Muslims belong to a borderless Umma. If  the  more than 50 Islamic countries with a separate Declaration of  Human Rights of their own and holding that Muslims belong to  a borderless worldwide Umma, cannot take  a few thousand Muslim  Rohingyas , how does he expect that India, which is  home to   30 mln Bangladeshi Muslim  illegals  and  another  tens of millions  of Hindus  & Sikhs expelled from  Pakistan,   in 1947 itself ; with thousands of  Hindus and Sikhs  of West Pakistan   taking refuge in the Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir  inspite of  seven  decades of living there are not even given  the citizenship of that state because it is a Muslim majority state,  why should India have to take care of  the  Rohingya  Muslims of Bangladeshi origin who had illegally infiltrated into Myanmar and proliferated to such an extent that the   local native Buddhists are overwhelmed by them and they are therefore expelled?  Like the Rakhine district in Arakan province of Myanmar is flooded by Bangla’s Muslim Rohingyas, some districts in Assam and West Bengal are  illegally entered into by Bangla’s Muslims and have become Muslim majority.


2. Sri Khasru  is  perhaps not aware that Muslim organisations  in Delhi and Hyderabad are playing host to thousands of these   Rohingya Muslims of Bangladeshi   origin and  helping them to fraudulently get identification and ration cards  and also   Indian citizenship by marrying them into local Muslim  families .



3. Sri Khasru is saying  that  the much touted pluralistic and secular  ideology  of India   is rather disappointing  to the extent that it is  not taking care of  the foreign origin Rohingya Muslims (who are  facilitated by their co-religionists to enter into India), India is actually a fake secular  state. India’s Governments at the  Center and States are indifferent to Hindus but are specially taking care of Muslims & Christians. For eg. though required  to be secular, the Government of India  is spending Rs. 1400 cr of rupees  ( increasing year after year) to subsidise Muslims’ pilgrimage to Mecca, while  Hindus  themselves have to not only pay the cost of their pilgrimages to places like Amarnath and Mansarovar and Tirumala but also  have to buy ticket to see their gods and offer pujas.   Muslims and Christians are given some rights and privileges not  available  to  Hindus (Article 30 of  the Constitution allows these  minorities to found any number of  colleges of any variety like engineering, computers, aeronautics and   medical and dental colleges  whose management is exempt from several regulations applicable  to such institutions founded by Hindus).  Besides, many state governments  fund the construction of Churches,  mosques,  Urdu Ghars and Shadi Khanas meant for  Christians & Muslims utilising  state funds  while  not a rupee is spent from the  government budgets for similar facilities for of Hindus .  


Some state governments pay salaries to Muezzins ad  Mullahs and  fund Madrassas of Muslims Hindu priests  in temples and teachers in Samskrit and Vedapathasalas are not funded by governments but by private persons, and Hindu devotees. So, India’s governments  at the center and in States spend budget monies (95% from Hindus) to promote Moslem and  Christian faiths.  That is  not secularism.


4. Is it not curious that Bangladesh, a Muslim country  from where the Hindu, Buddhist population has been reduced from 35%  in 1947 to 7%  by now by decades -long   discrimination and oppression, is itself least concerned for the  settlement of  Bangladesh-  origin Rohingya Muslims expelled  from Myanmar ?  Also, consider the fact that      Muslims  from Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and other Muslim countries, affected  by the  civil war between  Salafi Sunni ISIS and   a predominantly Shia  Syrian  government  are not going  to any Muslim countries,  to their Umma but are deliberately  (sometimes,  very hazardously) flooding  Christians’ Europe. Not  one country of the  OIC is inviting them,  despite  such refugees belonging to the   Islamic world -wide Umma.


5. It appears that  Muslims think that they have  a overriding right to enter and settle in any country and all non-Muslim  countries have the  obligation to  host them and look after them. This is entirely inadmissible.  It is  indicative of the  arrogant presumption  that Muslims  are a special species of humanity as announced  through the Islamic Declaration of Human rights. Some  Muslim organisations  are hosting   Rohingya  Muslims  in India while   totally ignoring the  plight of 400,000 Hindus  expelled from the  Muslim majority Kashmir Valley  of J&K state and so living  in refugee camps for the last nearly three decades.  


Tail Piece:  India (or for that matter any non-Muslim country) can’t afford to be a haven for those who have  been historically denigrating Hindus as idolaters and kaffirs and whose  community ruled and ruined the  people for six hundreds and  severed one-third of its territory from them. (906 words)