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National Security

Illegal Bangladeshis in India

Dt:  28/11/16

Illegal Bangladeshis  in India

Dr T.H.Chowdary*


India’s is already teaming with our 125 core people. The increase is   about 18mln  per year.  As if this would  not create an impossible to solve unemployment problem,  some sections in India are playing host to illegal entrants, mainly Bangladeshi Muslims including  Rohingyas ,   who are  Bangladeshi  Muslim infiltrators’ into Myanmar and from where they had been expelled  by popular pressure.  These Rohingyas instead of going to Bangladesh, their country of origin, are  welcomed into India mainly into Hyderabad and Delhi by their co-religionists and are now adding to the furiously proliferating fundamentalist,divisive, separatists who are ideologically and religiously hostile to the main population of this country.

2. As long ago as in July 2004, the then UPA Minister of State for Home, Sri Prakash Jaiswal informed the Parliament  that there were more than 12 mln illegal  Bangladeshi  migrants in the country;  about 5 mln of them in Assam and  another  5. 7 mln in West Bengal.  It is common knowledge  that  the  Congress Party in Assam and the  CPM ( later on TMC) in West Bengal are using these facilitated infiltrators as vote banks by illegally, immorally  and treacherously giving them electoral  identity cards.  Now, in Nov 2016   in reply to a  written question in Rajya Sabha, the  current Minister for Home, Kiren Rijiju said that as per available  inputs, there are  around 20 mln illegal Bangladeshi migrants staying in India.  They, like maids, are covering up their identity by Hindu’s names deceptively assumed.  Many of them could be seen in Delhi and Hyderabad.  Due to the facilitated and patronised illegal influx of Bangladeshi Muslims, the 50 lakh Muslim population of Delhi in 1951, has      

by now swelled to 15 lakhs, a 30 times growth. Certain areas have  become  “No Go” to Hindus.  Like none but an MIM candidate can be elected  from the  old city of  Hyderabad, Muslims (s) alone can be elected from the “No Go” areas of  Delhi.   The Supreme Court of India   had on more than one occasion  observed that the Government of India  should be serious about identifying and  deporting these illegally staying foreigners.   Sri Narendra Modi had, during his election  campaign in 2014, said that after May 16,  2014 these Bangladeshis should be better prepared with their bags packed. That  is, his  government  would  expel these   illegal entrants.  Unfortunately,  no action has been taken.  The pronouncements of  the Supreme  Court  and the information given  by successive Home Ministers are  to no effect.

3. Donald Trump has won   the Presidential election in the USA with,  among others, the most important  promise that he  would expel more than 10 mln undocumented (that is, illegally staying) foreigners in the  USA soon after assuming office and that he would even build  a more than  4000 kmts long wall  along the US -Mexico border and that too, at the cost of Mexico from which  the  illegals are  entering  the  US .

4. Historically, China built the celebrated  more than 4000 kmt, long Great Wall of  China  to prevent  invaders as well as illegals from entering China.  In recent times, Israel built an impregnable wall to prevent the Palestinian terrorists to come into Israel and take out  the limb and life of Israelis. Even the  Communist  country  East Germany,  built the infamous  Berlin Wall  to prevent the crossing over of  East Germans under communist rule to West Germany,  the free democracy. These instances are being mentioned to show  that    national governments ought to prevent the infiltration of illegal immigrants from other countries threatening the stability and economic condition of the national territory.

5. India has been building fences along the borders of  Assam and  West Bengal with Bangla Desh since many years past.  Wire fences can be easily cut and  got over.  We must build 15 feet high, strong walls, whatever be the  cost and  time.  The Great Wall of China was built over a period of  centuries  ( had we  blocked the Khyber and Bolan passes in the  Himalayas in the north-west; the  invasions of Arabs, Afghans, Mongols and  Iranians could perhaps have been prevented).

6. It is not difficult to identify and  deport the foreigners if only  nationalists like those in the BJP and kindred  organisations task their cadres  to undertake  recorded identification of the illegally staying  foreigners and reporting them to  police as well as  to the  State governments and the Home Ministry of  the Government of India.  Patriotic organisations   like the   Viswa Hindu Parishad (VHP)  must undertake this   task of identifying and reporting the illegally staying Bangladeshis, Rohingyas and Pakistanis  (and of late Nigerians).  Unless they do this, our democracy and our nation’s identity and territorial integrity  will be  seriously compromised .(776 words)